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Chapter 2

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"I wanted to tell you, but having Kobra know was enough, not even Fun or Jet knew about what we were going to do"

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Chapter 2
“How do you think she’ll handle it?” Helena asked, as she now threw her cigarette on the floor, and blew the smoke out of her mouth quickly.

“I think she’ll be alright about it” Fun answered softly, his eyes never moving from Diamond as her and Party talked on the other side of the room.

He had missed her so much since she had been asleep. Spending the last 3 weeks watching over her, not wanting to show off to Party how much he was thinking about Diamond. He would make sure that she was warm enough, that she was receiving enough water, and obviously this was all whilst Party was out.

“Party will explain so it wont shock her so much. I think she would of freaked out if it was me who had told her” Kobra answered, and they all nodded in agreement.


“What do you mean where we are and what we do now? Party, what the fuck is going on?” Diamond shouted, throwing the Dracs mask on the floor next to them.

“Diamond, calm down. I need you to be thinking normally whilst I explain all of this to you” Party soothingly spoke to her, and Diamond nodded, taking a deep breath and felt herself instantly calm while Party stroked his fingers up and down her arms.

“Right, okay… I’m thinking rationally” She told him, and Party smirked at her, which caused Diamond’s heart to ache as she realised she never thought she would see it again.

“Okay, right, you should know Diamond… That I never meant to keep you out of the loop in this. I wanted to tell you, but having Kobra know was enough, not even Fun or Jet knew about what we were going to do’ Party looked intently into Diamond’s eyes as she gazed back at him, and she nodded her head. ‘We didn’t technically die” Party told her, and Diamond’s eyes widened.

“What? What do you mean we didn’t technically die? I’m pretty sure the last thing I remember was Korse holding a gun to the side of my head” Diamond told him, not really understanding what Party was saying to her.

“Yeah… I mean, you did die… You got’ Diamond saw Party eyes flash over with sadness, and he took a deep breath. ‘You got shot in the head by Korse. And then he shot me, and then the others. But, what you didn’t know was, when we were at the diner, whilst you were sleeping. I injected you with something”

Diamond looked shocked for a moment as she heard Party tell her she had been shot, and then she frowned when he told her quietly that he had injected her with something.

“Injected me with what?” Diamond slowly asked, and she felt Party’s hand grip her slightly tighter.

“Its called Silver Serum. Its from the black market, and if I’m honest with you, me and Kobra didn’t even know if it worked” He answered her, and Diamond continued to frown at him.

“And what exactly is it suppose to do?”

“It keeps your body alive and working, and heals any wound inside your body, but it does it slyly so that if, like we had, been killed. The person who did it would not be able to see that your wound was healing. It keeps your heart beating, without been able to feel your pulse. To look at, and to get checked medically, you’d be dead. But really, your just sleeping” Party slowly explained to her, and Diamond just stared at him.

“So, we didn’t die?”

“No, we didn’t. But of course, Better Living thought that we did. And they took us into the desert, not that far out from Battery City. Kept our bodies there. And that’s where we all woke up, except from you” Party explained, and Diamond let out a deep breath.

“I can’t believe this. And you didn’t tell me?” She said, a slight hurt tone to her voice.

“We didn’t tell anybody. Not even Fun and Jet. Kobra injected them when they slept as well. You have to think Diamond, we didn’t know if it would actually work” He told her, his eyes begged her to believe him.

“What about Toxic, and Dr Death. Did they know?” She asked in a small voice, and Party shook his head.

“No. And they still don’t know that we’re alive now” Party told her, and Diamond pulled her hand away from his softly.

“What do you mean they still don’t know were alive?”

“We can’t let anyone know we’re alive. Better Living think our bodies were stolen by killjoys, they don’t even know we are alive” He explained, and Diamond let out a small whimper without even realising it.

“This is unbelievable…” She moaned, and Party pulled her to his body, holding her closely to him.

“We’re alright though Diamond, we’re somewhere safe with some killjoys. And we’re killing more Dracs each day. Which is why I’m dressed like this” Party whispered to her hair, and Diamond nodded.

“Why are you dressed like that?” She asked, her head still against Party’s chest.

“We go out dressed as Dracs, and then join a group of them been sent into the desert. Kill them before they can reach the zones” Party answered her, and Diamond tightened her hold on him.

“That’s so dangerous” She whispered.

“But they don’t even know… We have killed upto 150 Dracs in the last 3 weeks. And Korse doesn’t have a clue what is going on”

Diamond let out a deep breath into Party’s chest, and pulled her head back, gazing up at his face.

“When did you find out I was pregnant?” She asked him, her bright blue eyes staring up at his intense hazel ones.

“When I woke up. You had a bit of a bump and we managed to get a newspaper from Battery City that was boasting about how they had killed us, and that you were pregnant. If I had of known you were pregnant, you wouldn’t of come with us to get Grace” He told her, and Diamond nodded.

“I didn’t even know I was pregnant” She honestly answered him, and Party nodded, and then pushed some of Diamonds hair behind her ear.

“But you are. And we’re going to have a baby” Party smiled at her, and then pecked her on the nose.

“We are” She smiled back to him, and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Lets go get you changed” He grinned, pulling her up from the bed, and over towards where the other killjoys were.

“Nice to see your awake Diamond” Fun smiled widely at her, and Diamond instantly ran forward and into Fun’s arms, hugging him tightly.

“Fun…” She whispered into his ear, and Fun had to stop his self from shivering at the touch from Diamond, it didn’t help that small nightdress she was wearing either.

“Missed you” He told her, and then they both slowly separated.

“I’ll introduce you to the others when you’ve got showered and changed” Party told her, taking her hand.

“I’ll see you all in a bit” Diamond waved to them, and let Party pull her from the room.
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