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This Is How I Disappear

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Mikey and Mel have been best friends since they were toddlers. What happens when high school starts?

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"Melanie! Say hi to the new neighbors!" My mom said, holding my hand. There was a woman, a man, and two boys standing around with my parents. My two brothers were throwing soccer balls at each other. I shyly waved my small hand, and the two boys sort of waved back. "Why don't you three play?" They're mom suggested. I hid behind my mom's leg until she convinced me that they wouldn't bite. The two boys walked over to the swing set, and I followed. "I'm Gerard." The older one said. "Mikey." The smaller one squeaked. "I'm Mel... Meluh, Melah..." I fumbled with my name. I felt weird, stupid. I couldn't even pronounce my own name. "How about Mel? That sounds easier." Mikey said, seeing I was having trouble with my words. I smiled and tryed again. "I'm Mel. Hey! That was easier!" I laughed, for once I could tell people who I was. I liked them! "Do you want to be my best friend?" I said to Mikey, after Gerard had to go to the little boys room. "Yeah!" He squeaked. He smiled and I smiled back.
Well, I was 3 at that time. Now, Mikey and I were 14, and still best friends. Things tend to change after you turn 4, you grow a few inches, you're style flip-flops, and without warning boom you're 14 and going into high school. Gerard told stories of Belleville High, but they sounded more like horror stories. He was going into his 3rd year, and knew the in's and out's of the school. But, I tried to put those thoughts aside to enjoy the last day of Summer Vacation.
"Whoa, Mel! Help!" Mikey squeaked, and I turned my head to look. He was balancing beach chairs, an umbrella, and towels. I rushed over from where I was standing to him, and took the umbrella and towels from him before he dropped it all. "Phew, Thanks!" He sighed, and stuck the chairs in the back of Gee's car. "No problem! Hold on, I thought you hated the beach." I said placing the contents of my arms on top of the chairs. The air was surprisingly cool today, and the sun was shining almost painfully. I rolled down the sleeves of my 'New Jersey' sweat shirt, and folded my arms. "I was hoping you'd like to stay with me on the boardwalk." He said, shutting the car door. "Yeah, sure, but we can't just ditch your brother!" I laughed. Gee walked out, holding his keys. "Mikey won't go in the water anyways! Remember: 'Ah! It's Jaws' Revenge!!' and freaking everyone out?" He teased. I laughed at the memory of Summer '2003. "And the next week, there were two shark attacks!" he protested. "Yes. You must be psychic!" I teased. He smiled, and I felt his arm wrap around my neck, in a headlock. "C'mon! Let go!" I said trying to pull my head out, but he had a firm grip. "Gee! Ack! Help!" Mikey tightened his grip, and his brother came over, and tried to pry his arm loose. I got my left arm around Mikey, and started tickling his side. He dropped his grip, and let me go. "No fair!" He whined. I smiled at him, then hopped into Gee's car. Gee was a pretty reckless driver, but Mikey and I had gotten used to it over the years. When we got to the beach, it was almost four. The sun was already starting to drop, but not by a lot. Mikey hated the sand, and I couldn't blame him. It got everywhere, and it scratched my glasses. So, completely avoiding the sand, we walked around at the boardwalk. Gerard sat on the beach, finishing his Summer reading list. "So, do you like Ferris Wheels?" He asked me. "Uh, I don't know! I've never been on one!" I replied, with butterflies filling my stomach as I gazed up at the gigantic wheel, that was turning slowly. We walked around the seaside stores that sold things like seashells, beach junk, and laughed at people lying in the sun. It grew dark almost too soon, and Mikey was dying to go on the Ferris Wheel, I gave in, and we stood in line for half an hour. Once we got in a seat, and it started to move. I tensed up as we got further away from the ground. "Here." Mikey said, holding out his hand. I grabbed it in mine, and held on for the entire time.

It might suck, but it's late, and I was hoping to get this in today. Sorry I haven't updated the Killjoy fic, I'm pretty much stuck for now, but I'll keep writing! And if you have any pointers to writing better, I would love it if you told me! :) Please be nice though!
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