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Chapter Three

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Tears, speeches & a helping hand

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Chapter Three

Frank took Gerard's hand in his and shook it slowly in greeting. 'Do I know you?' Frank asked nervously to the still stranger. 'Nope' Gerard smirked. 'But I know you' he carried on, his face turning serious and getting straight to the point. 'Oh?' Frank asked nervously, thinking where Gerard might have seen him before. He could've been from the school, Frank thought. But then, everyone hated him there and he hadn't even been at school that afternoon so no one could have followed him from there. But he had only been here a week and hadn't been anywhere else so it must.. Frank froze. 'What if it was the boy who I walked past at the park this morning?' he panicked inwardly. That would explain it. especially if the boy had been in the park all day. Frank could have easily been followed home. 'Yeah, you were at the park earlier this morning weren't you?' Gerard asked, as if he had read Franks mind. Frank gulped and nodded. There was a pause. 'I know what you were doing' Gerard said in his deadly serious tone as he looked towards the floor, eyebrows furrowed, arms folded. A moment passed then Gerard brought his gaze up to meet Franks who looked down quickly, blushing. Another moment passed. Frank looked up. Red in the face and shaking slightly with anger, he spat 'What do you care anyway?! Get out of my house!'

Gerard raised his hands in mock surrender, a look of mock puzzlement on his face. Frank didn't find it funny. What if this Gerard person did go to his school. What if the news that Frank self harmed got out? He would only be bullied more. Bullied for being a weak pathetic loser. 'I'm not going to tell anybody' Gerard said softly, bending down to Franks level and looking him in the eye once more. 'I want to help you' he added. Frank blinked. 'Why would you want to help me?' He asked, surprise betraying the anger in his tone. 'Because you need someone to be there for you' Gerard stated simply as if were the most obvious thing in the world. 'You need someone to teach you to be strong and that you don't need to self harm to make yourself feel better. I've been through this before and I got through it. I want you to be able to as well.' Gerards gaze fell down again as he watched his feet scuff the floor. 'I don't even know you' Frank accused. 'Why should I trust you?' he tacked on as an afterthought. 'Because..' Gerard paused 'I'm the only person who knows and so the only person who cares. It isn't anyone elses fault Frank for not helping you if you don't tell them, you can't blame someone for not helping you if they don't know.' He accused in return. Frank took a few moments to think of how to word his reply. 'I.. don't want people to know..I like what i'm doing..a..and i'll do what I want, now please leave!' Frank tried to force some authority in his tone but Gerard nostrils flared in anger, his eyes glinted and he straightened up so suddenly, Frank recoiled in fear he would strike him.

He did.

Frank fell onto the floor heavily as Gerard slapped him hard across the face. Frank scrambled away. 'You didn't like that did you?' Gerard asked loudly. Frank shook his head as tears sprung from his eyes, his hand protecting the cheek which stung sharply from Gerards slap. 'Then why do you like harming yourself. If other people put you through pain, why put yourself through more?' He enquired, the soft tone back in his voice, a look of care on his face. 'Wouldn't it be better to just ignore what they say and carry on with your life? Why do you believe everything the bullies say to you Frank? That's what they want you to do. They want you to believe you're nothing. They want you to believe that you'll never achieve anything. They want to make you seem weak to make themselves look better. Just because they say certain things, it doesn't make them true. Do you really believe what they say Frank? You're acting as if you're nothing because you choose to believe what they say. They call you names, but you choose to take them as an insult and so they upset you. Frank, nothing is worth harming yourself over, especially when others try so hard to do so already. Why are you taking your anger out on yourself when you should be taking it out on them? After all, its them that have made you angry. I'm not promoting physical violence here in any way but you don't need to hurt yourself over this. You've changed, haven't you? You've changed because of them. You can't be yourself anymore because you feel you won't be accepted. But why do you need to be accepted by the people who taunt you? There are six billion people in the world and you've changed because just two hundred of those six billion won't accept you? something doesn't sound right there Frank. How can you expect others to accept you if you can't even accept who you are?'

Gerard breathed deeply inwards as he finished his speech. Franks expression turned into a watery frown of puzzlement as he looked at Gerard. 'You, hit me because I said I self harm?' He asked timidly. Gerard shook his head. 'Because you said you like to self harm.' Franks eyes unfocused as if he was staring into some unforseen place as he thought about Gerards questions.
'Why do you want to help me?'
'Because you want me to help you'
'I never said that'
'You said you needed to sort your life out. You said it yourself. I'm offering you a hand. Please dont deny my help Frank. I'll get you through this. Just trust me.' they both stared at each other silently, tears verging on the brim of Franks eyes and Gerards soft pleading expression. A minute passed. 'I'm sorry.' Frank turned his face away from the boy stood over him, a lone tear dribbling from his reddened cheek. 'I can't.'
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