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Chapter Four

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Purple cresents, ladders & hell holes

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Chapter Four

'Fine.' Gerards voice turned hard as his eyes narrowed. He turned to the window and swung his leg over the frame. 'I was only trying to help you Frank.' His voice was filled with accusation. 'Next time someone offers you help, maybe you should be a bit more grateful.' And with that he swung his other leg over the frame and dissapeared from the window. Frank waited a minute before getting up and turning to the window. Small rungs were screwed to the wall to the right of his window which could be used as ladders. Frank followed these rungs down to to the ground with his eyes and then watched the figure of the boy, Gerard, walking off down the street, hands in pockets and shoulders hunched together. A disheartening feeling came over Frank as he watched Gerard dissapear from view and he sat down slowly onto his matress feeling dazed. Frank drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms securely around them, taking in a deep breath. as he turned, he caught sight of himself in the mirror again. Gerards voice echoed in his head 'I'll get you through this. Just trust me.' Frank broke down.

He cried more than he could ever remember, screamed, yelled, hit the floor, dragged his nails along it, smashed his kneecaps against it. He wanted to stop, but he couldnt: all of the hate, all of the pain, all of the bad times he had endured in those past few years welled up inside of him and tore out in angry fits and series' of yelling. He screamed abuse to the empty room, shouting everything he had ever wanted to say to those who had upset him, but was too afraid too, Screamed his throat raw until he felt as if someone had taken it and ran it through a paper shredder.

Once the physical stage was out of the way, Frank relaxed his position to a sobbing and snuffling damp mess on the floor. He lay there unmoving for a few minutes, trying to stop crying, and when he felt more confident, he raised his head and propped himself up on his arm, wiping away the tears on the cuff of his hoodie. 'Why didn't I let him help me?' he whispered to himself staring at his bloody arms before burying his head back into the haven of blankets and crying himself to sleep.

Frank woke up early the next morning to the sound of his phone alarm going off. He grumbled to himself unconciously as his arm freed itself from the blankets pit and fumbled for the button to turn it off. He turned over and opened his eyes slightly, squinting at the daylight which filtered through his open window. He must have forgotten to close it last night after... It all came flooding back. The memories of yesterday came crashing down on Frank and a fresh feeling of despair washed over him. It was school again today and last night hadn't put him in a great mood either. He now had sore eyes coupled with a sore head. Moaning quietly, he flung the blankets back and proceeded to stumble out of bed and get ready for the new day. Whilst putting on a shirt he considered whether just to go to the park for the whole day this time and save himself the bother of going to that hell hole. But what if Gerard was at the park too? He was obviously there yesterday as he had seen Frank there, maybe thats where Gerard went when he was meant to be at school too? Frank didnt think he could face him if he saw him again, narrowing him down to one choice: going to school.

After dimissing another run in with his pleading mother, Frank left the house and and trudged his way up the road to the hell hole, his head kept turning so he could look back over his shoulder every few seconds in case Gerard snuck up on him. If Frank saw him at school he would pretend to be ill. It wouldn't be that difficult, he mused as he walked along the littered street, kicking a can out of his way and into the gutter as he went, he pretty much always looked ill nowadays, pale complexion, diminishing appearance and purple crescents under his eyes from sleep deprivation. Who would tell the difference? Still walking, Frank dug his phone out of his jeans pockets to check the time and luckily for him, he was still ten minutes early. Frank didnt think he could face a day with his teachers on his back as well as the students. At least the teachers tried to put a stop to the name calling and pencil throwing every now and again.

Frank stopped on the corner of the sidewalk and took the packet of squashed cigarettes out of his pocket. He could smell the faint scent of tobacco on the box which made him crave it instantly. Mouth watering slightly with hunger and longing, he popped open the lid of the box and took one out and holding it between his teeth as he carefully closed the box and put it back in his pocket, his other hand groping around in the depths of his schoolbag for his lighter. He couldnt find it. Frank groaned in annoyance as he realised he must have left it at home. He didnt have time to run back for it now, he'd just have to wait until later. Visibly irratated, he cursed under his breath as he put the cigarette back into its box and slouched around the corner to the school gates. He heard the bell ringing as he approached the metal fencing and quickened his pace to make sure he wasnt late again this time. The first day was excusable but he was sure the teachers wouldnt be as happy to let him off this time. 'Best not make too much trouble on the first day eh Iero?' Frank muttered to himself.
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