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Chapter Five

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Ducks, Books & Lockers

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Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Five

A/N: good news from the zones tumbleweeds, I've uploaded chapter five :) enjoy! and if you would take the time to review it, even just a sentence, then I would be most grateful. Thanks XO

Frank found himself in the park again that afternoon. His morning had been going fairly okay for a change; everybody had ignored him apart from a few snide sneers from what seemed to be the 'popular' guys who sat at the back of his maths class, and even in biology, he had managed to get almost half of the questions right on the pop quiz which the teacher was extremely surprised at, least of all himself. In fact he had almost felt like a small pressure had been lifted off his shoulders and he might actually be able to cope here. He knew he shouldn't have thought too soon.

The bell for break rang throughout the school at the end of second lesson and everyone exited the classroom, going to put their textbooks from previous lessons into their lockers or going outside to meet their friends for twenty minutes. Frank hung back longer than the others trying to waste as much as possible of this free time without it looking too obvious to his teacher. Pretty soon though, he had to leave the room and the teacher held the door open for him so she could lock it once he was out.

He was shunned into the busy corridors which were full of chaos; boys throwing footballs along the length of the halls to their friends at the opposite side, paper planes being thrown around, people laughing and jostling each other in big groups. Frank figured he would try and put some of his books in his locker whilst he had the time, and which were making his bag heavier by the lesson, considering he had only arrived yesterday and didn't own any of these previously, In addition to the fact that he also skipped half of yesterdays lessons too.

He made his way with much difficulty to his locker which unfortunatley for Frank, was concealed behind where a group of 'popular' guys were throwing a ball to each other. His first feeble attempt at an excuse me were drowned out by their laughs at a joke one of them had just told. They hadn't even noticed him. He took a deep breath and looked up at them as he said repeated himself in a louder voice. A few of them looked around at the source of the noise and stared at Frank for a few seconds, nudging and whispering to each other until they were all paying attention to him. Frank flushed scarlet and muttered incoherently about his locker again, trying to edge his way around them, indicating to them them what he was trying to get to but one of them pulled him back by his bag strap and grabbed his arm, turning Frank to face the group who were all stood behind the other boy.

'What did you say to me?' the boy asked threateningly, letting go of Franks arm as the group surrounded him, shying him away from any teachers passing by. The boy was fairly tall with light brown hair, blue eyes and an irritating face. His arms were muscled and looked like he worked out and obviously liked to show them off because he wore a tight blue training t-shirt. 'Nothing' Frank replied hurriedly in a small voice as he tried to turn around and leave. But the boy reached out and grabbed the collar of Franks shirt, holding him back. An appreciative laugh rang around the group and Frank ducked his head down so they wouldn't see the hurt in his expression and the red flush which was creeping up his neck.

'Why you over here then?' asked the boy who was smirking at Frank evilly as though he'd just thought of a good taunt to say to him. 'What you doing brushing up behind me then? You a faggot or something? Wanted a bit of male contact to make you feel good did you?' Every question the boy asked brought a fresh wave of laughs from the group who stood around him, acting like a cell, preventing Frank from escape. Each taunt made Franks heart sink a little lower in his chest and made his shoulders seemed weighed down with with misery. His mouthed opened a little and he gave out a shuddery breath. His eyes began to fill with tears, blurring his vision as the boys around him started to shout insults.

The one who had grabbed Frank by the collar suddenly let go of him and pushed him out of the circle with a dramatic sound of disgust. 'Eurgh I don't want that emo touching me' For the second time in two days, Frank fell to the floor, but this time he scrambled up quickly clutching his bag which had just fallen from around his shoulders. He ran the length of the corridor, skidding slightly on the tiled floor and burst out of the doors, insults and jeers chasing him all the way to the school gates.

Frank didn't slow down until he had reached the street where he lived. He stopped on the corner for a few minutes, bent over with his hands clutching a stitch in his side, concentrating on catching his breath, wheezing slightly with the strain. Only after that did he straighten up, wiping his face on the sleeve of his shirt. His initial idea was to go home and pretend to his mom that he wasn't feeling very well but that plan was soon banished after ten minutes of Frank banging on his front door. His mom had obviously gone out and Frank didn't have his key. He had no alternative but to go to the park again.

Slowly, he walked over to the park entrance, head down, not watching where he was going and almost getting hit by a car with an angry driver as he crossed the road who swore at him as he drove past. Frank didn't even notice, he was too preoccupied by the voices of the jocks which clouded his mind with hurtful thoughts and evil laughs.

He slumped moodily onto a swing and wrapped one arm around the chain, his sleeve cuff over his hand to stop the metal links from burning him in the suns heat. He sat there for a long while, his foot scuffing the floor as he swung ever so slightly in a soothing rhythm. Frank didn't know how long he sat there, only faintly recognising the sounds of the school bell as it rang to signal the start of lunch break. He could feel his legs getting numb from staying in the same position too long and gently dismounted from the swing, walking slowly over to the pond partially shaded by the mass of trees which shrouded the further half of it like a cape.

For a few seconds he stood still staring at a set of ducks swimming along the pond, quacking at each other mischeivously and splashing around. Frank watched them, mesmerised as a young duckling swam over towards him, making him look down as it splashed about in the reeds before darting away again. Frank caught sight of his reflection in the rippling water and scowled, his dark eyebrows knitting together in displeasure, shoulders hunched and hands in his pockets, His discoloured hair lifting in the slight breeze.

'Didn't think i'd see you again so soon.' A quiet voice uttered behind Frank. Frank craned his neck ever so slightly in the direction of the noise, his head and eyes down looking at the floor, eyelashes brushing his cheeks, but didn't turn around to face the boy who had just spoken to him. Frank took a few seconds to respond to the question but when he did, he spoke in a voice even quieter than the boy behind him 'same here.' He whispered.

He heard the boy behind him sigh softly and the barest sound of shoes scuffing on the concrete floor mixed with the slight crunching of brittle leaves as the boy stepped towards him. Frank could feel his presence where he stood on his right but he wouldn't look at him. 'Had a good day?' The boy asked in a toneless voice. Again Frank took a few seconds beofre saying in a voice just as toneless 'Not really.'

'Ahh thought it might be that way.' replied the boy in a sad voice. Frank took a deep breath before looking back into the pond, he could see the boys reflection shimmering in the water as he rummaged around in his back pocket before producing a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. He placed the stick in his mouth, lit it and inhaled deeply, breathing a plume of smoke out through his mouth. Franks mouth watered slightly as he saw this.

They stood in silence for several minutes as Frank watched the reflections in the water of trees and the sun, his eyes chasing ripples across the stretch of pond whilst the boy inhaled and exhaled smoke. The only sounds were that of leaves rustling in the breeze, ducks quacking and the laughing of children in the distance. An acorn fell from a hanging tree and fell into the water with a slight 'plop'.

Frank peeked out from under his eyelashes into the shimmering pool at the same time as the boy and their gaze met briefly for a second. The boy's eyes were full of pity as Frank's were full of angst. They stared into one anothers eyes as the boys lips parted, and he sighed, sadly this time. He blinked and looked away. Frank copied him, his ears turning red. The boy gestured motionlessly with his arm as though formulating a question before sighing to himself once more in defeat. 'Would you like a cigarette?' he muttered, glancing shiftily in Franks direction. There was a tensional silence between the two for a moment before Frank turned his head to look at Gerard.'I thought you'd never ask.' He answered, a faint ghost of a sad smile flitting briefly across his face.
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