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Chapter Six

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Sunsets & Psychics

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Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Six

A/N: Hey tumbleweeds :D I'll admit I was completely stuck writing this chapter and I only did it today so sorry if it sucks. To be honest it is pretty much a filler chapter for the next one where we get into the storyline a bit more. Enjoy! And please review; it would mean olot to me, even just a sentence to say you liked it/didn't like it and maybe how I could improve :) thanks XO

The sun moved steadily lower in the sky as the two boys sat in the park, their sneakers scuffing the the surface of the silver water occasionally as they sat on the rocks by the side of the pond. Gerard made small talk and Frank gave short answers to his questions. Mostly they sat in silence, Gerard occasionaly offering a cigarette and Frank accepting shyly, now over his initial nicotine withdrawal, but the silence was a comfortable one. Gerard didn't feel the need to ask awkward questions about Frank and Frank didn't feel the need to provide unspoken answers either. For once, he felt relaxed.

Soon enough though, the sun began to slip past the horizon and Frank decided that he had better head off home. The least thing he wanted right now was an argument with his parents, not after a fairly acceptable afternoon. Within the past few years, this afternoon had to be one of the best ones, Frank admitted to himself, as he realised just how miserable he actually was when he had no one to talk to or just to sit with.

'It's getting kinda late, don't you think?' Gerard asked, looking across the water and starting the conversation. Automatically, Frank began to haul himself up as if he had been waiting for this signal to leave. Gerard stayed silent as Frank ducked down and scooped up his bag from behind him, and stood there awkwardly for a few seconds swaying on the spot. Gerard copied Frank actions whilst Frank stood clicking his fingers and looking down at the reflections in the water, which were rapidly fading and blurring in the darkening light.

'Well, I guess we better get going then huh?' Frank asked after Gerard had picked up his bag too. 'Yeah' another silence. 'Listen Frank do me a favour?' Gerard asked as they both looked at the water again. Frank looked at Gerard with an inquisitive look in his eye but stayed quiet. Gerard continued anyway 'Just, go to school tomorrow okay, you haven't even been there a full day, maybe you'll make some friends if you give it half a chance?' Gerard said in a hopeful tone, opening his mouth as if to continue his speech. But he was cut off as he saw the horrorstruck look on Franks face. 'I can't!' he blurted loudly, his eyes round and fearful. 'Everyone hates me there! No one wants to be friends with me, i'll only end up being bullied and bunking off again, so there's..there's no point anyway' Frank concluded weakly.
Gerard took this to his advantage and pressed on with the persuasion

'Please? Jus..'
'No' Frank cut across.
'Just give it a chance, maybe you'll like it if you just try it' Gerard said quickly
'It won't be any different from any other school i've been to'
'You never gave anyone a chance there!'
'Why are you doing this?'
'You wanted me to help you'
'Help me?! I'll be slaughtered! and I never asked you to help me'
'But you've thought about it haven't you?'

It was as though the scene had frozen; Frank stopped abruptly through forming his next comeback, his hand curled in the air with one finger raised as if to tell someone off. An old woman sat on a bench several meters away stopped halfway through delving through her purse as she watched this scene, giving Frank a startled look, and even the wildlife in the park seemed to have gone silent for a few seconds. Frank mentally pressed the play button in his mind and started to talk again, this time in a hushed whisper casting a furtive glance over to the woman on the bench 'How do you know i've thought that? you're not psychic'

'Aha, so you admit you need help?' Gerard stated, a triumphant glint in his eye.
Frank faltered 'Well..maybe..But thats not the point,how did you know i've been thinking that?' He asked, picking up his words again.
'It's obvious'
'It is?' Frank asked in a surprised tone, clearly this wasn't the answer he had expected.
'I can't be the only one who's noticed you're like this. Put it this way, if I do help you and you get happier, more confident, everybody would notice.' Gerard said matter of factly
Frank seemed to falter again for a few moments, thinking about what Gerard has just said, his gaze wondering into a far away land, before bringing his mind back to the present and shaking himself out of his reverie. Gerard was grinning as though he thought he had won the arguement and was looking quite pleased with himself.

A minute passed as Frank mentally listed the pro's and con's.

'Im not going' Frank decided with a tone of finality, as the grin slid off Gerards face to be replaced by a grumpy frown. 'Fine. Do whatever. I don't have time for this I have to go.' He grumbled with another significant glance at the sky which was now darkening rapidly as though someone was filling it with navy smoke which would grow steadily denser. 'Next time, I won't bother.See you round' and with that Gerard abruptly turned around and started to head off in the direction of the exit.

Frank felt frustrated now. Gerards parting line was bubbling in his head, filling him with guilt that he could neither reason nor understand. This guilt spilled out of him in a shout of anger aimed at the rapidly retreating back of the teenager. 'Who the hell would want to be friends with me anyway?!' His voice echoed around the almost silent park, only accompanied by the sounds of heavy breathing which Frank slowly realised were issuing out of his own mouth. His eyes were narrowed in anger and his eyebrows came low over his eyes, hooding them. Gerards footsteps stopped several meters away, his back turned to Frank. Frank sensed him turn his head to look back at him but didn't turn round, and instead stood rooted to the spot, his fists curled by his sides, knuckles white and his ears reddening.

'I did.' Gerard replied softly.

The tears spilled down Frank's cheeks.
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