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After the gig

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Dru , stefan and ash are all sweaty but i still can't wait to give Dru a hug , And i'm sure that Anna wants to give Stefan a hug and the same for Alex , They rush off the stage , Drus eyes glued to mine , he smiles and i hug him and tell him it was awesome and that i saw him smiling at me from the stage he blushed and said you know earlier i appoligize for touching you by accident in that place that begins with a B and ends with s I said no problem i accidentle touched your thing when i fell,i ran away in embarresment,Anna and alex were to busy mesmorised to run after me,i was in tears why the hell did i say that,i could here dru yelling Lauren come back,It'ss not a problem i kind of erm liked it if you know what i mean,i walked round the corner with tears still trickling down my cheeks,dru gave me a comforting hug and said it's fine , it's fine,here come into my dressing room , i smiled and followed him in .He felt my head and said wow your cold,here i'll get you a coat , so he got me his coat,it was to big but i liked it.He had a conversation with me , he said Lauren,i realy really like you,And i mean like like,Do you feel the same way i nodded , he smiled and hugged me tightly asif he never wanted to let go,he said wait are you another crazed fan,i said no im a normal girl who loves you ver much.And this is it in alexs eyes , right so ash picked me up and span me round,I had to tell him to stop but he took it offensivly as if i didn't wan't to be with him i told him i was just feeling a little sick,he understood me now and i Told him that i loved him and that he was the best thing that had ever happened to me,Ashley smiled and said i love you too,I was very happy,We went to his dressing room and had some fun like kissing and other stuff,CRAP im getting as Kinky as anna and stefan,and as for them heres the story in Annas Eyes;Right so stefan said back to dressing room i agreed and grasped his hand and hugged him at the same time,yeah multi-tasking,Yus.So we Talked and admited we had feelings for each other and hey what do you know were now going out,Me and stefan abingdon Boyfriend and girlfriend it's a dream come true,We kissed hugged and Talked and snogged and what not,I'm not going into detail so now we are going back to stefan and ashs flat all of us,Tonight the best night ever.
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