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What happened in the flat?

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Yeah so now were all at the flat Me,alex,anna,stefan,Dru and Ashley all crammed into a little flat.Me and Dru have the Living room , Stefan and Anna have Stefans bedroom and Alex and Ashley have Ashs bedroom,So they have beds , yet me and Dru have a sofa WTF! Dru was telling me to turn the TV up so we couldn't and wouldn't hear any disturbing noises that would be emerging from the two rooms that surrounded us,Lovely.So me and Dru sit and snuggle while watching a film , Yeah and anna and Alex are doing something , i can tell,NOT TOGETHER,DON'T WORRY THEY ARE NOT LEZBEEYANS!I started to fall asleep on drus lap,but he go up before i could,i told him that i was comfy there , he apoligized and went to make me a cup of tea,He actually came back with nothing,because he was horrified by the noises he had just wittnessed , I said i told you , that you shouldn't have moved and giggled , He told me to shut up in a joking way!I said come back here and be my pillow again?He said no,grrr,he laid down and said it's abit squishy ain't it , shall i sleep on the floor,i said of course not,I'll just snuggle into you and hug you if that's okay with you...I had a feeling that he was smiling at this point but i couldn't see his face.
Okay so enough about me and Dru here's how Annas night in the flat was;Right so i get in and i tell stefan i have nothing to wear for bed and i need these clothes to like go home in so he says what your going home tomorrow?So i say well only if you want me to! so stefan said i don't want you to leave my side , never mind here...So i say aw that's so sweet,i'll stay,only if there relationships are working out though,Deal?So he said Deal,I was very happy he even let me wear some of his pyjamas , PRIVLAGED!Yeah so as you have probably noticed i seem to be a kinky Biach so yeah you can probably guess the rest of my night!So now to hear about alexs night in the flat;So me and ash in the same room in the same bed,well actually it does we had a really nice conversation!CONVERSATION;Ashley;So um How are you now?Alex;Im abit better i guess!Ashley;oh i was wondering if you wanted to go to the shop and get some sweets and shit and like snuggle and watch a film.Alex;Oh erm Yeah that would be nice,shall we go to the shop then?Ashley;No lets just order pizza or something.Alex;Okay then,I love you,tonight will be nice.Ashley;i love you,I know just us too alone,Anyway i'm starving , can we get some chicken with our pizza?Alex;Of course,your obsessed with chicken.Ashley;I know...So we ordered the food and rented a film,it was about monkeys for ashleys liking,Aw it was so lovely our snuggle i ended up asleep on ashleys lap,i woke up with his hand on my bum though...quite wierd actually aw well it was ashley i don't care!
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