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The following morning!

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Right so it's the next morning and Me,dru,stefan and Anna , decide to go on a walk,Alex and ashley are being lazy heads and staying in bed,So were walking in the park,EW DOG SHIT!So theres this girl with like a massive nose and annas in the loo,she has started to talk to stefan,and now she is trying to hold his hand,This bitch is in trouble when anna is out of the loo!Oooh look , here's Anna now!I'm not very good at influencing people to do the right thing so i decide to shout, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!So there goes anna she pushes sefan a side and punched the girl i the face , me , stef and dru just stand and watch quietly.When stefan thinks that anna has beaten her up enough he decides to drag her back to the to have some tets just say "fun".Leaving me and Dru alone walking in the park,we decide to head back to the flat to watch more films,Ash and Alex are awake now , they seem to be getting on really well , i can spot a few love bites around alexs neck area i wonder if she has noticed yet,i think ashley has,he is blushing like a tomato , anyway were all going out on dates tonight woo!
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