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Heaven Help Us

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Hear the sound, the angels come screaming down..

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Soo what does everyone think so far?

I gasped in horror. It had only been a couple of hours since I was beaten, but my face was hideously grotesque. My left cheek was purple and blue and swollen, my right eye was also purple and blue, and both of my eyes were red and puffy from crying. I took one last look and shuddered before getting in the shower. I let the warm water cascade down my back, erasing the tension and relieving the knotted muscles. After I got out and got dressed, I went back downstairs to find Nicole. She took one look at me and shuddered and told me to look at my arms. There were bruises covering my arms in the shape of handprints-my mother's to be exact- and there were even some scratches. "Weird, I didn't even feel them" I thought.

"She deserves to go below Hell. Hell is too GOOD for her!" Nicole growled.

"I know, but I have nowhere else to go! They wouldn't let me leave for good anyways. I'll just have to go buy makeup to cover the bruises. There is NO WAY I am missing this concert. Besides, maybe they will go away before the concert." I replied, getting my hopes up.

Nicole just looked at me and sighed "Sweetie, I love you, but get real. Bruises like that aren't going to go away in a day or two. It'll at LEAST be a week before they start to heal."

"I know...but I don't want to meet the band looking like this!" I wailed like a baby.

"That's what Merle Norman is for. We'll go tomorrow when we wake up. Thank goodness its summer vacation eh?" Nicole grinned at me.
A smile crept across my face. "You suck at Canadian accents, y'know."
Instead of replying, she started tickling me until I screamed for mercy. Giggling, we made our way upstairs to bed and I fell asleep before a single hair touched my pillow. The next morning, I got up and started getting ready. I pulled a long sleeve shirt on over my head and some skinnies. I plugged the straightener in and started on my eye makeup while waiting on it to heat up. I was putting the finishing touches on my eye liner when Nicole got up. “Look alive sunshine!” she grinned.

“109 in the sky where the pigs won’t quit, you’re here with me, Dr. Death Defying. I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter!” I sang back.
“Pumpin’ out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you live. A system failure for the masses, anti-matter for the master plan! Louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny.” she screeched.
“This one’s for all you rock n’ rollers, all you crash queens and motor babies. Listen up! The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary; it’s time to do it now and do it loud. Killjoys, make some NOISE!” we screamed the last part together, collapsing into a fit of giggles on the floor.
“Best song off Danger Days, no doubt about it” Nicole said as she wiped away her tears.

“NUH UH! Destroya is!” I argued.
“You just like it when Gerard goes “ah ah ah!” she threw at me.
“So do you!”
“Guilty as charged.” She laughed.
“Agghh. Are we taking my car or yours?” I asked, knowing the answer already.
“Mine of course! I hate your car and besides, you’re in no shape to drive what-so-ever! I love taking my Beatrice out for a ride anyway.” Nicole replied.
“Just because my Volkswagen Thing is about 40 years old doesn’t mean anything! Tracey runs great. Besides, your Beetle is MY car’s granddaughter!” I sniffed, sticking my tongue out like the mature 16 year old I am.
“Whatever princess! Hurry up so I can do my hair, too.” She rolled her eyes.
After we finally get ready, we head out the door, eager to get out on the road. As soon as we get in, she pops in her beloved Black Parade cd, and we start singing the intro do Welcome to the Black Parade.
“When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band. He said, "Son, when you grow up, would you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?" He said "Will you defeat them, your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they have made? Because one day I'll leave you, a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade." I started my air guitar as the solo came on, making Nicole laugh her head off and almost swerve off the road. Still laughing, we pulled up at Merle Norman and walked in. The ladies took one look at me and gasped.

“Darlin’! What on Earth happened to your face?” a very southern woman asked me, her accent almost making me laugh.
“I had a boxing match last night, and like a dummy, I had forgotten that I had a concert to go to tomorrow night. Can you help me find some makeup that will cover it?” I asked meekly, hoping she believed my lie. I felt Nicole elbow me in the side.

“Well sugar, you’ve come to the right place! My name is Daisy and I’ll be your makeup consultant to-day.” She smiled, elongating the “to” sound. After about thirty minutes, she had enough makeup on me to choke a horse, but you couldn’t tell I had any bruises on my face.

“Thank you so much! How much do I owe you?” I asked excitedly.
“Sweet-pea it’s my job to make people look good! You don’t owe me nothing sug, I’m glad I could help you! Just remember to wear a face mask next time you step in that ring, now ya hear?” she drawled.
“Thank you thank you thank you thank you!” I squealed.
Nicole, who had grown bored of the process, had went next door to Starbucks and had just came back in.
“Wow Annelise! I can’t even tell that heifer beat you up!” she gaped.
“That’s exactly what I was hoping for,” I grinned, “Now, let’s go to Hot Topic and get some more concert gear!”

Later, we got back to Nicole’s house with bags of stuff for the concert: new MCR tees, sharpies, and I finally found a “The aftermath is secondary” bracelet! Since we lived four hours away from Atlanta, we were leaving first thing in the morning to get to our hotel that her parents were nice enough to book for us. Exhausted from the day’s activities, we went to bed early.
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