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One False Move.

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Davey is having the time of his life with Jessica. But that all stops when Hunter, Adam and Jade talk to him.

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Chapter 1
Like Bees to Honey
I don't know how it happened. Everything was going so well. Jessica and I were so madly in love. Then I had to go and fuck everything up.

I can still see her body, damaged , broken and covered in her own blood. Lying on the floor of the hotel room I had rented for the night. My senses automatically go into 'fight or flight' mode every time “that night” comes into my head.

I can hear her ragged breathing as she used up her lasts few breaths, smell the metallic odour that her blood was giving off, as she laid there, on the floor, covered in it and feel the coolness of the gun in my hand. The gun that ended her life, and quite possibly, could have ended mine.

I met Jessica while on tour with AFI. She and her friend, Amanda, had backstage passes and were going round, talking to all of us.

Jessica wasn't a huge fan of AFI but reluctantly came because of Amanda. As Jessica and Amanda were walking around first talking to Adam, then Hunter, Jade and finally me, Davey Havok, I felt a certain pull towards her.

When they finally came over to me, Jessica's friend went off to the bathroom, so it was just her and me. After a few moments of awkward silence we both plucked up the courage to talk to each other.

Amanda never came back to Jessica and me, but that didn't matter we were so in depth with our conversation that we didn't notice.

We talked for what seemed like hours about anything and everything. Where she went to school, where I went to school, our childhoods and our lives now, Jessica was a waitress at one of the local pubs in town. She told me about how her boss was a total asshole and how some of her other male workmates would try and fuck around with her, but she was stronger then she looked and told me how she over come most of them.

I told her all about being in AFI and touring, about the exhausting hours at which we had to play, due to jet lag but how every time I got up on stage in front of thousands of fans I felt truly like myself and nothing could make me feel so good.

We kept on talking until I realized that Jade, Hunter and Adam had left us alone. Jessica had noticed this as well. She stood up from the couch we were sitting on and wrote down her number on a piece of paper and gave it to me. She turned, walked to the door, then stopped, turning back around to face me and she said “I thought all rock stars were full of themselves, but not you Davey, your different and that's what I like about you.”

She gave me a swift kiss on the cheek then left.
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