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Bodies Entwined

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Chapter 2
Bodies Entwined
The next few days were torture for me. I couldn't stop THINKING about Jessica. Her voice rang in my ears, I could smell the perfume she was wearing on my clothes and feel her soft lips from when she kissed my cheek. During these morbid days I kept taking her phone number out of my pocket, but then replacing it not having the courage or balls to call her. Finally, I could not take not seeing her any longer and rang. She picked up after the 3rd ring. She told me she had been waiting for me to call her, I told her I was sorry that I had not called sooner, that I had other things going on at the moment (lying seemed like the best option at this point, I didn't want to sound like a love sick prick did I?). Anyways I arranged to meet her at a motel close to her house at 9:00 pm. When I hung up I instantly ran to the bathroom to get ready, even though it was only 7:30 pm. My heart was pumping as I got dressed, put on my eye liner and make-up, painted my nails in my favorite shade of black, and made sure my bangs looked as sexy as possible. After an hour of getting ready I stood in front of the mirror hanging inside the closet door to admire my handy work, I was thankful that Jade wasn't in the hotel room we were sharing at that moment, oh the taunts I would have received from him.

When 9:00pm arrived I was sitting in the hotel room I had booked for Jessica and myself. It was one of the more luxurious suites the hotel offered with satin sheets and bottles of champagne, an overall romantic experience. By 9:10pm I was starting to feel nervous “Maybe she's being fashionably late.” I thought to myself. Just when I was about to give up hope that she was going to come, Jessica opened the door. My mouth dropped Jessica looked like a sex goddess. She was wearing a red velvet dress with a split running all the way up her leg to her hip and a neck line that showed more than enough cleavage. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun, with wisps of hair framing her face nicely.

“Hello Davey” she said. She sounded different, perhaps she was trying to sound sexy. All I can say was it worked.

“Hi Jessica, wow you looked so … amazing. Very sexy.” I said.

“Thankyou” She replied, blushing slightly.

“Shall we?” I asked indicating the bed with my hand.

“Oh, Davey” Jessica ran towards me with her arms open. When we met, she kissed me with so much passion that I couldn't remember how to think, my mind clouded by the feel of her soft lips against mine. I ran my hands down to her body, feeling the curves of her hips and waist, feeling her shudder under my touch. Her hands found the bottom of my t-shirt, trying to take it off. I helped her with that and soon we were on the bed, our bodies in an everlasting dance. My heart was beating faster and faster the longer I spent with her. Surely she could feel it racing as my chest pressed against hers. Soon enough Jessica and I both lost sense of what was happening and our survival instincts took over. My body entwined with hers. The heat from her body warming mine all the way to my toes. It was bliss …

… I woke up to the sound of knocking on the hotel door, room service. I folded back the blanket that was covering me. The chill of the room making my naked body become covered in goose bumps. I looked down next to me and saw Jessica lying there, peaceful in the silence of sleep. I went into the bathroom and wrapped a towel around my hips, stepping over our clothes and a packet of condoms that were covering the floor as I did so. I opened the door and accepted the laid out breakfast the room service assistant had offered me. I closed the door, turned back to the bed and woke Jessica up. As she opened her eyes she said with a contempt sigh “Last night was wonderful”. We ate breakfast in silence; there was no need for words. We just sat there, taking in each others beauty. After breakfast, Jessica and I went and jumped into the spa that was located in the bathroom of our suite. Again, my mind went foggy as I kissed her lips, cheek, neck, collarbone, my lips gliding over her breasts, down to her hips. I felt every shudder she made, wherever my lips touched her.

“I think I'm falling in love with you” I whispered into her ear as she started to kiss my lips, neck, chest all the way down past my waist and hips.

“I think I'm falling in love with you too” I heard her whisper back to me.

The rest of the day Jessica and I spent in our hotel room. Enjoying each others company, again and again our bodies would be entwined, sharing the same heat and emotions, with our clothes being left lying on the floor, and a packet of condoms on the bed side table for easy access. At 8:00pm that day Jessica said that she had to go home, otherwise her neighbours would start to get suspicious. This time I wrote down my mobile number on one of the hotel business cards and gave it to her. She slid it down her cleavage, “I'll keep it close to my heart” she told me. With one last passionate kiss in the lobby of the hotel, Jessica left and I caught a taxi back to the hotel we were staying at for the remainder of the tour, preparing myself to be ambushed by Adam, Hunter and Jade about my where abouts last night.
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