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We Were Friends

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Chapter 3
We Were Friends
As I opened the door to the hotel room I was sharing with Jade, my mind was still full of the experiences of last night and today, that I didn't, at first, notice Jade, Adam and Hunter sitting at the table in the kitchenette. Their faces had the shadow of what looked like remorse, like they had made a very big decision but did not want to voice it. As I shut the door behind myself, it seemed to bring me to my senses. Jade, Hunter, Adam and I all looked at each other, they seemed to be thinking of a way to tell me something, I could almost hear the clockwork in their brains working over time. For what seemed like eternity, we all looked at one another. Some thing was up, I could tell. There was tension in the room so taught that it seemed as though it might snap at any moment. Jade was the first one to move, he stood up, walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. Like a father does to his son when he's in trouble. I felt sick to the stomach, all the excitement and emotions I was feeling from last night and earlier today, gone.

“Davey, we need to talk.” Jade finally said it sounded as though every word he spoke was causing him physical pain.

“What's this about then?” I asked, looking at each of them individually, fear rising up inside my throat.

“We, that is Hunter, Adam and myself, don't think the band can take you running off with random chicks every time we go on tour. Do you remember Sarah?” Jade asked me.

“Of course I do!” I snapped back at him. “How could I forget?” Sarah was a girl that I met on one of our world tours over in Australia a few years ago. I 'thought' I was in love with her, but it turned out that she was using me so that she could get with Jade. She broke my heart, and almost broke up the band.

“Well, we don't want that to happen again. So … umm … for the sake of the band … umm”

“JUST SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!” I was becoming quite fearful of what Jade was saying, Hunter and Adam seemed extremely interested with the floor, both of them had their heads cast down, not looking at me or Jade.

“For the sake of the band, we believe that it is best if you … if you weren't in it. If you left AFI.” Jade told me. After a moment, which felt like a lifetime, Adam, Hunter and Jade lifted their heads to look at me. My emotions must have been showing on my face, because all three of them seemed as though they wished they could turn back time and not have told me. But, unfortunately, time travel is impossible. So we all stood there, me and them. Hunter, Adam and Jade against me, Davey.

An emptiness came over me, like a cloud covering the sun. I felt hollow, useless, not human. Before Jade could say anymore I turned and left the hotel. I couldn't think, I couldn't speak. I drove until I found myself outside Jessica's house. I wondered for a moment how I had gotten there, since I have never been to her house before, then I noticed the piece of paper she had written her number down on in my hand, but this time it also had her street address.

“She must have written it down last night.” I thought to myself.

I opened the car door and walked up to the front door in a zombie-like stupor. As soon as Jessica opened the door, I crumpled to the ground unable to take it anymore. Jessica helped me on to her bed, where I laid, not thinking, not moving ... just existing. It took awhile for Jessica to coax out what had happened to me, but I finally told her how Jade, Adam and Hunter had kicked me out of AFI. She was very understanding and said that she will stay by my side, whatever comes our way.
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