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Two - Relaxation

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Gerard makes his appearance

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For some strange reason, I found myself letting Mikey, a complete stranger, into my house. For an even stranger reason, I found myself talking to him, like I had known him for years. It was quite bizarre, especially since I found myself to be more relaxed than I had been in a very long time. He was the sort of person who makes one feel at ease instantly.

As we talked, I found we had a lot in common. It was nice to have someone on my wavelength for once, not someone who judged me.
(or doctors telling me it is my own fault)
While we were talking, I heard Mikeys phone ring. He answered, shooting me an apologetic expression. I shrugged, he probably had better ways to spend his Saturday than talking to me, if he left now I could still get a good few hours of drawing time.
However, this did not seem to be the case.
“My brother wants to meet you” he said, ending the call.
“You have a brother?” I managed to control any sound of fear in my voice.
“Yes, and he should be here any minute” Mikey paused for a second before adding, “His name is Gerard by the way”
“Gerard by the way Way” I smiled, it felt good to genuinely smile again.
“Yes” Mikey said, laughing “Our parents have a cruel sense of humour”
I hear Gerard knocking on the door, as I go to answer it my smile is still on my face, my muscles rejoicing at being able to naturally make this expression once more.
I open the door, and he is stood there.

My heart stutters. Gerard is the double of him
(curses child, can you go one day without remembering)
Even down to the black hair, dark as midnight, shaggy, beautiful. He is beautiful, so tragically beautiful.
“Hey, I’m Gerard” he holds out one large hand, I shake it, bemused.
“A…” I eventually manage to stutter, cheeks flushing red.
“Gerard!” Mikey exclaims behind me, giving me a chance to compose myself “This is Alice” he gestured to me
“She said” Gerard looks at me, poor crumpled me, my heart tearing itself to fresh shreds inside my chest.
“She likes art” Mikey said, “She says her bedroom is filled with drawings”
“Is that so?” Gerard asked, curious.
I can only nod, wishing desperately I hadn’t opened the door to Mikey, so I would be spared this pain.
“Gerard is planning to go to art school” Mikey exclaimed, pride clearly audible in his voice.
“Really?” I squeak, scared.
“Yes, Alice, forgive how forward this sounds” he smirked. Oh God, was he sent by Satan to torture me personally? “But may I go to your bedroom and see your drawings for myself?”
No! A voice inside me screamed, tell him no and save yourself!
This voice got lost on the way to my vocal cords, and instead I found myself agreeing, and leading the Way brothers to my bedroom. I don’t know why I did it. Something inside me wouldn’t let myself simply shut these two out, almost as if my heart was hoping they could save me.
(save me from him. Finally)
(why oh why does Gerard have to be his image)
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