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Three - Portrait

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Gerard examines Alices art.

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“Good, very good” Gerard was muttering to himself, taking in all of my work.
“Thank you” I uttered, trying to relax.
Mikey was also looking at the art, but with out Gerards passion. Initially I was offended, before I realised, he’s probably seen more than his fair share of art if Gerard is his brother.
“Wh..” I began, cursing my nervous stutter “where do you plan to go to st..udy art?”
“Oh” Gerard was flicking through my superhero sketches, “Anywhere that’ll take me”
“Oh” I said, wishing I could think of something more intelligent to say.
“Wow” Gerard had stopped flicking and was staring at a self portrait I had drawn. Well, it wasn’t so much a portrait, as an artists impression of myself.
“Its how I see myself” I whispered.
“Interesting” Gerard said, looking at the torn butterfly “you see yourself as beautiful and damaged?”
“No, not beautiful” I swallowed “Fragile and damaged”
“Fragile?” Mikey asked, “How fragile?”
“Emotionally fragile” I was horrified at myself. I never, on principle, revealed so much to myself to anyone
(not even psychologists)
Especially on my first meeting.
“Its beautiful” Mikey said, now staring as intently as his brother
“Thank you” I blushed, I was dying.
“You should come see Gerards” Mikey said, “Can she?”
“Sure” Gerard said, “I think I’m gonna like you, Mikey’s not into art”
“Really?” I looked at Mikey.
He shook his head, “Its not that I don’t like it, I just never really got the hang of it”
“Yeah, this guy is the only person on earth who cant do a potato print”
“Not so!” Mikey pouted, acting childish “I can! Just potato hates me”
“Potato hates you?” I laughed, a sound alien to my ears after such a long absence. It felt good, it felt really, really good to laugh.
“Yes! It doesn’t work properly!” Mikey huffed
“It does Mikey, you just are incompetent” Gerard was smirking
“Take that back!” Mikey said, in mock agression
“Or what?” Gerards expression was pure amusement
“I’ll hit you!”
“Bring it on Mikey” Gerard was laughing now.

Mikey went to hit.
Mikey missed.
Mikey hit my desk.
Mikey dislodged lasts nights botched suicide note.

They saw.
They stared.
I died.

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