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The Girl

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The killjoys are setting out on a journey to find their kidnapped friend, will they make a new one on the way?

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"Are you ready?" Party looked up at me from tying his shoes.

"Ready set. The others are waiting outside, right?"

It was gonna be a long day. A series of long days. Our friend Jet Star had been kidnapped by evil mastermind Korse, head of Better Living Industries. We wern't going to let him get away with this. But we had no idea where we were, where he was or if this was a possible task.

"Yep, lets go" Party sauntered past me, brushing my hand on the way


There was a gang of 6 of us. Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid, Grace, Demolition Heart and me, Chemical Candy. 6 people with no clue on what to do.

"Did Korse steal our maps?" Party asked

"Actually, he was suprisingly nice. He may of drugged us and left us for dead but he didnt steal anything" Grace announced, fetching our rayguns out of her rucksack.

"Apart from Jet" Snarled Kobra. Grace gave him the death glare.

"Well, catch guys!" She said, throwing weapons into the air. Unfortunatley, nobody was really listening and the guns fell to the floor.

"People! This is serious. No goofing around" I told them, looking in the direction of Ghoul and Heart, who were playfighting.


Ghoul and Heart were extremley close. Ever sine they met, there had been a spark. It was obviously love at first sight and as much as I hated splitting couples up, it had to stop.


I retrived my raygun from the sand and handed the others out. "And the map, Grace?" I enquired.

"" She was fiddling around her backpck for quite a while but she found it in the end. We all peered round the scrappy peice of paper.

"I guess we've just got too wander aroun until we find a point of intrest" Kobra muttered.

"Look! Over there!" Heart was pointing to a figure walking towards us fromm the horizon. We watched as it strutted towards us. Hed held high, wearing knee high leather booths, a denim jacket and a short tartan skirt. It, I mean she, was one of us.


"Right. I'm Electric Arsenic. I guess you were captured by baldy huh?"

"" Kobra stmmered. Party pushed him back and spoke to the girl.


It turned out she was Korse's niece. When she was younger, she burnt her uncles hair off because he refused to buy her a pony. They had hated eachother ever since. But her parents had packed her off with him for the summer. So she ran away


"It looks like youre lost" She raised an eyebrow at the piece of garbage we called our map. She pulled a laminated copy out from her Nirvana shoulder bag. "Ive come from here" Electric said , pointing to BL/ind headquarters, situated in the North West corner. "And I've been walking down this route for about 2 days" Her ringed finger slid across the plastic in a diaganol direction. She grabbed a green sharpie from her pocket and circled ourr destination. The furthest point from where we were headed. Great.
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