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The Rock

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Kobra attempts to get Electric on his side, and there is an accident

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So we started on our journey. Electric leading the pack and Kobra, quite obviously smitten, padding along by her side. He smoothed his hair back and lets say, attempted to flirt.

"Um...I like your skirt"

"Mhmm" She didnt even look at him

"I really like tartan"

"So do I" This time she had the respect to smile.

"I would wear tartan but its quite a feminine thing"

"You could wear a kilt"

He giggled nervously

"Whats with the Jedward-esque hair?" She joked.

Kobra attacked his mane making it go all over his face. "Better?" He asked, deadly serious.

"Ha ha, no! I love Jedward"

"Fudge..." He said to himself, trying to get it back to his miniture quiff


"He's pretty hopeless, isn't he?" I told Party

"Yeah, poor kid. He tries though" There was a pause. "I dont know how come though. His brother, me" He smirked, pointing to himself "Is great with the ladies"

"Pur-lease! I shoved him in the chest, my hand staying on his body longer than intended.

"I'll prove it" He smoothed his hair back in an identical way to how Kobra did earlier. "'Sup?"

I laughed. "Uh, the sky"

"Smart ass bitch"

"Thats no way to womanise!"

"Shut up" We walked in silence for a bit then he grabbed my hand. I looked at him. "So...what's your starsign?" I hit him on the head with my free palm. "That usually works" He mumbled, rubbing the top of his skull, messing his hair up in the process.


I switched my attention to Ghoul and Heart. They were playfighting again. I reached out to stop them bt realised my hand was still in Party's. I guess them having a bit of fun didn't matter


Grace was trekking alone, behind all of us, looking at a photo. It was one of her and Jet. She missed him the most because of her crush on the poor lad. Her eyes were glued to the picture and she wasnt looking where she was going. She wandered away from the group and straight into a rock.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" Heart was the first to notice and she rushed to Grace's side.

"Jesus!" Ghoul joined Heart and checked Grace's pulse. "She's breathing, no worries!" He raised his hands in the air to signal she was fine.

"Or maybe we should worry because there is a small pool of blood under her head" Electric started to panic but Kobra held her shaking shoulders still. Electric Arsenic was terrified of blood.


Demolition Heart wasn't the sharpest tool in the box but she was a good medic. She took off her scarf and used it as a bandage for Grace's wound. Ghoul propped the unconcious girl up to a sitting postion as she slowly opened her eyes. Grace screamed.
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