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The Tape

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A devastating secret is revealed

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Heart stepped forward. In voice that you use to talk to a pet or baby she asked "Are you okay?"

Grace stood up slowly and looked at her hand. Nothing was special about that hand, but she glared at it amazed.

"Yeah, you have a hand. Woop woop, lets go" Fun Ghoul dismissivley waved his arm in the air and started walking

"Ghoul you...!" Party pounced on him. I prized him off eventually.

"What the hell was that for?" Ghoul demanded

"You are so disrespectfull!" Party lunged but I held him still.

"That was mean Ghoulie" Said Heart. Pet names? Really? Jesus..


As these 3 argued, Me, Kobra and Electric sorted Grace out. She was fine...just shocked. But behind us the argument was heating up. It wasnt about the same thing anymore.


I havent known them very long, but I know theyve got history. And every time they argue, they always end up going on about 5 years ago


Fun Ghoul and Party Poison had been best friends with a girl called Joy. Such good friends, they bought a small place together with Ghoul's parents credit card. One day Joy said she was going out to the town. Ghoul and Party believed her. She was gone for 3 days. Then the parcel arrived. In the parcel there was a tape and this is what it said.

"I dont know how long it'll take before the pills kick in but boys, it's Joy and this is my suicide note. I couldnt take it anymore. But I have to say it was one of your guys fault. And that guy is yo..."

There was a few muffled choking sounds then silence. Joy was dead and it was one of there faults, but they never knew who's. Of course, they blamed eachother for everything


"They havent been the same since" Kobra told me. And as Ghoul and Party dived at eachother one last time, I shook my head and let them get on with it.
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