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The Spy

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The killjoys try to solve the issue, and Heart is in for a suprise

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Kobra was the last to turn out his pockets. Together all 7 of us had £8, 2 pence, a piece of string and a voodoo doll of Korse.
"Thats not gonna get us a place to stay" Heart said dissapointed.
"But a good sob story will" I told them. "Look, 3 of us are already hurt"
Grace held her head as Party reajusted his make do sling and Ghoul nodded, holding his bloody nose.
"All we have to do us pretend we git jumped or something" I started to pick holes in my tights. Kobra used a purple sharpie to make his eye look bruised, Heart scratched away at her face and Electric ruffled her hair and started hopping
We found a small shack similar to the one we were dumped in. Our story worked and we got a place for the night
It'd been 3 hours and Ghoul's nose was still dripping scarlett. That fight had been serious. We needed to clear the whole Joy thing up. 10 minutes and we finally had the boys sitting together
"Its been 5 years..." Grace told them
"5 years of her being gone" Party glared at Ghoul. "All...your...fault"
"It could have been your fault Party" suggested Heart. I gave her the look. She uttered something about fluffing pillows and left the discussion circle.
"She could have been...ya know...crazy. It doesnt have to mean it was you guys. She could have just been off in the head" Electric stated. The boys warmed to this idea and as they were about to shake hands...
"Isnt the name "Killjoys" just slightly ironic in this situation?" Kobra chuckled. I was expecting fireworks. Ghoul pushed his chair back but Heart jumped up and held him down. Party got up and walked over to his brother. "You...are dead to me" He spat. I grabbed Party's arm and marched him outside.
He sat down in the sand.
"What he did was so wrong" I said
"It was"
"I think you need to cool off. We have to start again tomorrow and Kobra will be with us"
"No he wont"
Party rummaged around in his pocket. He pulled out a knife. I snatched it from him, cutting my finger. I sat down beside him "You wouldnt"
"I sure would" Party made a pathetic lunge for his weapon. He was so tired and he lent his head on my shoulder.
"Please dont" I looked him right in the eyes. He sat up a bit and tilted his head. "I wont then" he whispered as he leaned in
The first thing I felt after we pulled away was a tap on my back. I turned around and saw Heart, smiling like an idiot. "Aww" She grinned
"Heart? What the?" I spluttered.
"I came out for some fresh air. I saw you two and I had to watch. N'aww, it was cute"
"Dude, seriously!" I looked at Party. He laughed.
"Were you just spying on us?" He asked, not fazed at all
"You could put it that way" Heart giggled. There was an awkward silence.
"This is your cue to leave now" I told her. She skipped away happily and just before she got to the door she faced me and mouthed "Im telling"
"Why did you order her to leave?" Party scratched his nose. I sighed. "Her stupidity angers me sometimes" He laughed again. I grabbed his arm and marched him back into the shack but this time with a smile on my face.
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