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The Guns

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An unwanted visitor approaches

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The whole amazingness of the kiss didnt kick in for ages. Even when everyone was talking about it untill midnight. It struck me when I woke up at 4 in the morning. Trying to get my head round it, I noticed Kobra and Electric talking
"Even if it was to impress me, Im shocked" Electric turned her shoulders to him
"Im sorry"
"Youre gonna apologise"
"I know"
She faced Kobra again. "youre just lucky youre cute" She hugged him tight
I hit my head back on the pillow. To my right was Heart. She was singing a Backstreet Boys song in her sleep. To my left was Party. He was silent and frozen still. He almost looked dead but I could see his chest miving slowly. I ran my fingers through his firey hair and went to dreamland again
"Candy! Wake up!"
"Whaa?" I groggily opened my eyes ti the blinding light
"Everyone else is ready. Come on" Party took my hand and pulled me up. I saw the clock. 10 am. There was no time for me to doll myself up. I tugged on my boots and rushed outside
"Mr Loverboy got you up I see" Grace sneered.
"Yes. So shut up" I snapped back
"Well. Lets get going" Electric took hold of Kobras pinky finger and dragged him along. We all follwed
Ghoul jumped up behind me and Party with Little Miss Blondie in tow.
"How was it then?" He made kissing noises and Heart joined in. I put my thumbs up.
"If it was so fantastic, do it again" He dared. Party and I looked at eachother. Our lips touched for a nanosecond and we turned around to see pinky and perkys reaction.
"Ooooooh!" They chourused. Party kicked their shins in turn and the left us alone. His arm went around my shoulders as I leaned into his body
"Jesus Christ!" I heard Electric squeal. We all stopped in our tracks.
"What is it?" Heart cried.
"Stop right there" A familiar voice boomed. Korse
"wheres Jet?" Kobra demanded
"Oh he's safe." The evil genius chuckled "Im just here to pick up my niece" Electric looked both ways, then legged it to the west. Her uncle sprinted after her. The rest of us watched
For a middle aged man, Korse was very quick. He got Electric almost immediatley. He beckoned us over
"If you want her back to continue your journey, give me all your weapons"
My jaw dropped. Party shut it for me, claiming it wasnt particuly attractive. Electric had our map, food and water. Everything we needed. There was no choice. We all handed our guns over, and Korse let her free. Kobra flung his arms around her.
The boss of BL/ind clapped his hands and he was gone in a cloud of smoke. We all talked about the events that had just happened apart from Electric Aresenuc and Kobra Kid, who were staring at eachother. I guessed they had fallen into that pit called love
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