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The Matchmaker

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Candy gets distracted by the wonder that she has made. Too distracted.

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We had stopped for a break. What had just happened had been rather overwhelming.
"I was really scared..." I told Party. He held me close. "We'll kick his ass, dont worry" He kissed the top of my forehead as Dumb and Dumber approached. Before they could say anything, I cut them off
"Guys, just piss odf"
"Nah" They smirked in unison, sitting beside us. Party rolled his eyes. "Dont you have anything better to do" He dismissed them, turning to me. I was blushing like crazy. His hands took mine as he leaned closer...
"Get a room already!" Jeered Ghoul. I snapped back into reality "Look whos talking" I retorted. Heart and Ghoul looked at eachother baffled. "Come ON!" I shook my head. "You are so head over heels with eachother, just admit it"
Heart smiled at Ghoul. They stood up and linked arms. I was so right. As they headed off I shouted "And we cant really get a room seeing as we are in the middle of a desert!"
Party giggled like a girl. We resumed what we were doing.
I decided to see how Fun Ghoul and Demolition Heart were getting on when we started our journey again. I was walking behind them. They were holding hands, walking in silence. Suddenly, Ghoul whispered something into Hearts ear. She started to laugh like a madman as she ruffled his hair. It didnt take Sherlock to to know what he had said
While looking all gooey-eyed at the new couple, I didnt realise Gracr was hurrying along beside me.
"So tell me about it"
"Duh...the kiss"
"Uh, it was a kiss. The end" I sped up a little bit.
"Gimme details"
"Ill ask Party then" She strutted away. Grace was really annoying sometimes
I was trekking by my self for a while, turning everything over in my head. The kiss, the guns, tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee, Electric and Kobra, The kiss, walking straight into a cactus...
Wait, what?
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