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The Shot

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After a slight...inconvinience, the killjoys make it to their destination. Is it all over?

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I stumbled back, not really sure of what I just did. Then the pain kicked in. My hand clamped to my face. I pulled it away slowly, and saw the blood. I screamed
"How the hell did you do that?" I felt Party's arms wrap around me
"I-I dont know" I was feeling a little lightheaded now
"You look really pale. I think you should sit down"
", yeah"
I guess I collapsed right about then because the next thing I remember is looking up at the sky.
"Shes back!" It was a muffled voice, no idea whos. Party's face came into view. He looked scared, yet relieved. "Anybody got some water?" He called out. A bottle was thrown into his hands from the right. I managed to sit up and he gave the bottle to me. "I was worried. Im just glad youre okay" He sighed, stroking my cheek.
"It was just shock, I think" I said, my head spinning. Party helped me up.
"We're nearly there" Kobra nodded. I wasnt really listening. I was staring at Ghoul and Heart, who were praticaly eating eachothers faces.
"Is that actually happening?" I wondered.
"Yeah" Electric was also looking their way.
"What a terrible thing Ive done" I laughed.
"I know!" She agreed
"Dude! Other people exsist here!" Grace snapped her fingers. They ceased almost immeadietly.
"Now that drama is all over, we can get going again. We're nearly ther, as Kobra said before" Party told the group.
We were nearly there. We walked for half an hour and we saw the massive glass building that was BL/ind HQ.
"That was a stupid design" Scoffed Ghoul. "We can kick glass in" He stepped back, ready to do a running jump. "Everyone! Spread around the building" So we did. "3, 2, 1, GO!"
We all dived through the building. It was a stupid idea to case all of your secrets in glass. But yeah, we were in, surrounding Korse who had Jet tied to a chair behind him.
"So you made it" Korse grinned. "I guess you want your friend back"
Heart snarled. "Isnt that obvious?"
"I guess it is" He turned to Party, who was standing by me. "Ah. Party Poison, leader off the killjoys. I have a compromise. I'll give you Jet Star...if you give me your girlfriend"
I was shellshocked. Why did he want me?
"Never" Party took hold of my hand.
"Well then" Korse struck a match and lit the rope that was holding Jet to the furniture. I could see a tear in Party's eye. He looked to the floor
"Screw this, Im doing something" Kobra declared. He ran and tackled Korse. They started to wrestle. Ghoul sneaked aroubd them and let Jet free. They stood with us. We all watched the brawl until the head of BL/ind got out a raygun. I comforted Party. This was his brother. I couldnt watch either. I covered my eyes.
Then there was a gun shot
I expected the worst.
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