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The Plan

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Korse may be evil, but is there someone mor dominating?

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I peered through my fingers. "Party!" I exclaimed, jolting my shoulder which he was leaning on.
"What?" He looked up at me red faced. I pointed to the ongoing scene
"There is no need to kill anyone!" A blonde woman was standing by Korse. She was holding the gun that had been fired
"Marjorie!" The evil mastermind pleaded. I had to giggle. Im not being sexist, but he was being completley dominated by his partner!
"We can kidnap this one though" Marjorie grabbed Kobra by his collar. She clapped her hands and the three of them dissapeared.


"'Spose it'd be rude to ask for a welcome now" Jet muttered. The room lit up. We were glad to have him back.
"What do we do now?" I asked. We all stood in silence for a while.
"Something" Electric said. "Come on guys. Outside"
"I suggest we split into two groups of two and one group of three. Then each group can go a different way"
We all agreed to this plan.
"Ghoul and Heart, you go back the way we came. Party and Candy, you go east and the rest of us will go south"
We all nodded and set off
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