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The Truth

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Party has a point to make clear

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"We'll find him. I know we will" I reassured Party. He looked so sad. I wanted him to smile. He just nodded, keeping his eyes to the floor. About 40 minutes passes without either of us talking
Party suddenly stopped in his tracks and slumped to the floor. I rushed to his side.
"Oh God! Are you okay?" I shook him vigorously. Nothing. I was starting to panic. "Help!" I shouted out. It was hopless though, we were in the middle of a desert. I sat down crying. I didnt know CPR or anything.
I was convinced he was dead.
"Hey. Dont cry" I heard a whisper. Party was sitting up. He was deathly white and his eyes were bleak but he was alive. His hand shook as he placed it on my shoulder. "Kiss me"
That day was a blur. We had got Jet back but lost my brother, we walked, I kissed Candy, we walked some more
There wasnt a hotel near where we were so we had to sleep on the sand, no blankets or anything. Me nor Candy were tired, so we talked
"Dont ever do that again" Candy told me.
"Do what?"
"Randomly fall to the floor and look dead"
"I dont know what happened"
She stared at me for a while. I stared back. Then we laughed
"I love you Candy" I spoke the truth. She didnt say anything. "Well?"
"Does this tell you?" And then she kissed me. For the 4th time that day
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