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In the midst of battle, Ranma will discover something about himself. Of a heritage that he knew nothing about. Something so phenominal, that it will make the deity of an entire race cry in joy.

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-- Child of the Goddess! --


By: Gekigengar3
Disclaimer: All characters, and such are the copyrights and property of their respective owners. I claim no ownership of any character and such in any way."" = Spoken words* = ThoughtsNestled deep within the forest, at the base of a seemingly normal mountain stood a lone house. The house appeared to be peaceful and quite tranquil. Visitors to this area might say the same thing, due to the shrine located up the long flight of stairs nearby. Many might agree with this assessment. However this was anything but a normal home in the middle of the country. For inside, resided several of the most powerful beings in the universe. It was lunch time at the Masaki household. Inside, the immediate and extended members of the Masaki Family lounged around the table waiting for lunch to be served. Washu, the red headed self proclaimed greatest scientific genius in the universe, was typing away at her computer terminal while Ayeka and Ryoko were for once attempting to be civil to one another. Part of the reason for this seemed to stem from the fact that a certain ponytailed youth was sitting between them. To many, this would seem normal. Just two girls sitting next to a guy they liked. However the odd thing was, if you looked closely, he would have appeared to be sweating bullets. He knew what could happen if these two seemingly normal looking girls were to start fighting. And he prayed it would not come to that.In the kitchen, the sounds of various cooking instruments could be heard clanking around as the chef, a beautiful and energetic young girl, worked on preparing another wonderful lunch for her family. Atop her head rested an adorably kawaii little creature known as a Cabbit whom Miyah'd occasionally while waiting to snag herself the mana of the gods... A Carrot. ******/Back at the Dining Table.../"Tenchi" said an old and wizened voice at the head of the table. "Yes Grandpa" replied the ponytailed youth. "After lunch we shall continue your training. It seems that it has been neglected due to recent circumstances". Katsuhito responded.Thinking about it a moment, Tenchi had to agree with his grandfathers assessment. His training has been neglected lately. But still, personally collapsing a black hole and then having to put up with his Great Grandfather not to mention both his Great Grandmothers was a bit exhausting. "But Grandpa, I need some rest. You know how exhausting things have been lately." he said. Indeed thought Katsuhito. The boy has been through much lately. However there may yet be a way to get him to want to train today., "Very well Tenchi. Perhaps you do require a little bit of rest." Breathing a sigh of relief, Tenchi thanked the kami. That was before he noticed that look in his grandfather's eyes. One thought raced through Tenchi's head at that very moment... I'm Doomed Katsuhito, with a glint in his glasses continued, "Perhaps Ayeka and Ryoko could help you relax and rest a bit." At Katsuhito's comment, both girls perked up. Each glomping onto an arm, they proceed to play tug-o-war with the part Jurian, part Human rope called Tenchi Masaki. "Tenchi! I'm sure I can help you relax" said Ryoko as she snuggled up to Tenchi, much to his chagrin. Glancing briefly over at Ayeka, Ryoko continued, "I'm sure we can find someway to help you relax away from that old bat."Fuming at Ryoko's comment, Ayeka tossed her two yen in, "Surely Tenchi would rather rest without the presence of you, you monster woman!" Both glared at each other, energy crackling between their gazes as the source of their tug of war thought now might be a good time to go train. "Sorry girls, Can't Rest. Gotta train you know." he said quickly while chuckling nervously. Looking up from her computer a moment, the little red headed scientist smirked. Excellent ploy Katsuhito Just as she was about to return to her work, the smell of food assaulted everyone's nostrils. Sasami, arms loaded with trays of food, emerged from the kitchen.Noticing the heaviness of the load she was carrying, Tenchi offered to help... "Here, let me help you with that Sasami." Getting up, he went to help Sasami with her load although not without a hidden motive. Mainly to get out from between Ryoko and Ayeka. "Arigato Tenchi-niichan!" piped the cheery young lady. With Tenchi's help, the food was soon set out on the table and everyone began to eat the food that Sasami had lovingly prepared. "This is great Sasami!" said Kiyone, taking another bite of her food. "Oh I wish I could cook as good as you Sasami." interjected a blonde that could completely baffle the greatest scientific genius in the universe. Next to her, Kiyone prayed Mihoshi didn't kill her or anyone else the next time she tried to cook.Finding herself blushing at the praise, Sasami tried to steer the topic off herself. Seeing her friend working on something, Sasami asked, "Washu-chan, whatcha working on?" Looking over at Sasami, Washu smiled, "Oh nothing much Sasami. I'm trying to track some unusual energy readings that I've been picking up sporadically over the past 6 months or so." Raising an eyebrow, the old priest questioned her, "What kind of readings?" Thinking a moment Washu decided to relate her findings, "Well they are quite unusual. As you know all living beings in the galaxy have energy readings and each reading has a specific signature. For example, the Juraians use the Energy of Jurai. That energy has a specific signature so that those who know what to look for, can identify it." Watching Katsuhito nod, she continued on, "Well these readings are odd as in that they almost seem to be human life energy at one moment and then Jurian the next. And right now I'm detecting another energy signature near it the likes I've only run across once some 10,000 years ago." His curiosity peaked, Katsuhito urged her on. "Well, the energy I'm detecting now is weaker than what I ran across all those years ago, however it's the same type of energy and if I didn't know better, I'd swear it was the same being I ran across all those millennia ago. This energy belongs to a creature known as what people on earth call a Phoenix. However the signature is slightly different. Almost as if it's only part Phoenix." Everyone's head turned to listen as Washu explained things. Unbeknownst to them all however was the oddly worried look in Katsuhito's eyes...A Phoenix? Here? On Earth? This does not bode well. Legends tell of their power and the ease of which they were corrupted. I pray we never have to deal with it... Wait, she said that it was slightly different than the signature of a Phoenix. if it were a true phoenix then I surely would have sensed it a long time ago. No, perhaps this is an avatar of a Phoenix. A slightly worried Katsuhito tried to gain more information from Washu, "You said there was another energy signature near this supposed Phoenix?" Nodding, she continued, "Yes, that one is odd because I cannot classify it as either Human or Jurian. That's how quickly the signature changes. It's almost as if some being is using one type of energy one moment and then the other the next." Hrm, I wonder if it's possible for another Human/Jurian Hybrid to be on the planet. But I don't know of any that could be since so few exist. Katsuhito thought. Just as he was about to speak again, the crash of a teacup was heard. All eyes turned to the source of the crash to see Sasami, whom seemed to be in some sort of trance. Ayeka appeared worried as did the other members of the family. "Sasami?!" inquired Ayeka, worried about her little sister.Washu's computer terminal beeped. Looking down at it real quick, her eyes bugged out. No way this can be right! It's just not possible! thought Washu before a voice turned her head back toward Sasami.In a voice, not Sasami's, but that of Tsunami's, two words were spoken, "My Child!" As soon as the words left her lips, Sasami fainted. "SASAMI!" yelled everyone, including Ryoko. Ayeka cradled her little sister's head in her lap. Her features showed her worry over the condition of her sister.As everyone went about trying to wake Sasami up, a new voice was heard."Unbelievable!" All eyes turned to Washu as she stared at her computer. "What is it Miss Washu?" Ayeka inquired, concern for her sister evident in her eyes and voice. Seeing a worried Ayeka, Washu contemplated how to present what she just saw on her computer before deciding just to say it. "To ease your worries a little, Sasami will be just fine. She just fainted from a mild case of shock and exhaustion from Tsunami manifesting herself. However, just before Sasami, err I mean Tsunami said those two words, there was a spike of energy from the two subjects I was observing". Concern still etched in her features, Ayeka inquired again, "Is that was caused Sasami to faint?" Shaking her head then nodding slightly, Washu replied, "I would have to say it's related. But it's not the spikes I'm concerned about. One was the Phoenix-like being I was telling you about earlier. Right now that energy signature is nearly gone. Probably due to the other energy signature. No, the one I'm concerned about is the other. Right now it's generating pure Jurian energy." "Why is that of concern Miss Washu?" inquired Ayeka. Sighing, Washu decided to spell it out for all present... "My concern is that the energy isn't just any Jurian energy. The energy pattern I'm detecting is that of...." All eyes were glued to her as they awaited the final part of her sentence. "...The Wings of the Light Hawk."Author Notes:What has happened to Sasami? Who holds the power of the Light Hawk? What will the others think of this turn of developments? Who is Tsunami's child and how did that happen? Will Ryoko and Ayeka be able to cease hostilities for the time being? Why is Mihoshi oddly silent during lunch? Will Ryoko ever express her feelings about Tenchi and Ayeka? All this and more in the next chapter of: Child of the Goddess!
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