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Chapter 1

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An old friend comes home what will Benji and Joel think? I've rewritten some of it so if you want to have a look over it again if you've already read it.

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Chapter 1

Blaire closed the front door behind her and looked around for any sign of the twins. She dropped her bags and put her keys in her tight jeans pocket. She'd been gone for 4 months. ''Hey guys I'm back. Is anybody home?'' she shouted with that Joel came hurtling through the kitchen door ''Blaire your back...'' he hugged her ''with bags, how are you, are you ok?''
''I will be if people stop asking me that question'' she laughed at how surprised and happy Joel was to see her.
''oh, I'm sorry I heard what happened if you don't want to talk about it it's ok'' Joel said with a concerned tone in his voice.
''No, it's ok, really I'm fine, well getting there anyway. I'll tell you all about it if there's a cup of coffee in it'' she said sweetly knowing Joel wouldn't be able to resist her and the need for gossip.
''Sure I'll go and put the kettle on'' he went into the kitchen she followed slowly taking in the house she'd not been in for 4 months at least. When she got in the kitchen Joel was already sat there with two cups of coffee.
''oo just the way I like it, I've not had a good cup of coffee since I moved'' she said taking a sip.
''Well you see you can't beat one of my cups of coffee'' he replied as they both laughed. ''So are you going to tell me all the gossip or not''
''Well there's not really much to tell. We moved up there we were happy I had my livery yard and he had his dirt bikes. We were fine till that bitch turned up and they stared fucking around'' she told him taking a drink before carrying on.
''You mean he cheated on you? How long for? The bastard. Why would anyone lucky enough to have you as a girlfriend do that?''
''Well apparently they were going at it a month before I found out''
''But did you not notice something was wrong before''
''Well no because I was at the stables from 7am to 9pm so he was with her all day while I was working''
''oh Blaire I'm sorry come here'' he moved round the table to give her a hug.
''Before I left he said he'd have me back. Can you believe that he'll have me back after what he did to me. Tell me he loved me, move me to Texas away from all my friends, buy me the stables, then go and cheat on my like that'' she was getting upset so Joel just held her until she felt better.
''So...'' he said finally releasing her ''you brought bags, are you back for good?''
''Yes, I think so. At least for a good while anyway. Can I borrow your phone please? I'll need to book myself into a hotel''
''Don't be silly you can stay here with me and Benji''
''Are you sure? I don't want to get in the way''
''Don't be silly we love having you here''
''Why because I cook and clean for you'' They laughed.
''Sort of but we like having you around to''
''Where is Benji anyway?'' Blaire asked.
''He's in bed his allergies are acting up again. In fact he'll be waiting for me to bring him his medicine, why don't you take it to him while I finish dinner he'd love to see you'' Joel said handing her the medicine.
''Sure still first room on the left?''
''Yeah and you can try and get him down for dinner too'' Joel said a she set off to see Benji.

a/n Blaire had been best friends with the twins, Billy Paul, Tony and Matt since school. She had been with her long term 'jock' boyfriend Drew since the beginning of school. She and Benji had always had a special bond together. Even though they always claimed to be 'just friends' because of Drew everyone knew they would make a great couple and that they had feelings for each other beyond friendship. Blaire had moved to Texas with her long term boyfriend when he bought her the stables that was until he cheated on her a/n

When she got to Benji's room she knocked on the door ''Benji. its Blaire, are you decent? Can I come in?''
''I'm not decent but you can come in anyway'' Benji replied. Blaire laughed to her self then walked in to find Benji in bed with the covers pulled up over his head. She sat on the edge of the bed. ''Joel wanted me to bring to this medicine'' Benji just groaned ''that bad ay. can I at least see your face'' she said pulling the covers back Benji tried to keep hold of them but Blaire was too strong. ''here have this you'll feel better soon sweetie'' she said as she got up gave him a kiss on the forehead and went to leave but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back down both laughing ''what do you want?'' Blaire said.
''Well first a hug. Then you can tell me all about what happened'' he said. So she did as he asked, gave him a hug and told him all what had happened. When they'd finished Benji went in the shower and Blaire went down to Joel in the kitchen.
''Hey what's cooking good looking'' she said as she walked through the door.
''Pasta. Is he getting up? We're going to be late for band rehearsal we've got a show tonight''
''He's in the shower. Is there anything you want me to do?''
''Could you just finish the dinner off while I get ready, if you don't mind'' Joel said as he ran off up stairs to get ready. When dinner was ready:
''Benji, Joel dinners ready'' Blaire shouted to them Joel came running down.
''Where's Benji?''
''Doing his hair I think'' Joel replied through a mouth full of pasta.
''Benjamin Levi Madden get your ass down here now before your dinner gets cold, don't make me come up and get you''
As tempting as it was for Benji to have Blaire 'come get him' he decided to go down without a fuss. After dinner:
''We'd better get going why don't you come with us Blaire I bet Billy and Paul would love to see you again' Joel asked
''I'd love to but I've left Mushy (her horse that she loved so much) with Jackie at her stables so I'll have to go and see to him to sort him out and stuff'' she replied
''But you will come to the show tonight'' Benji asked hopeful.
''Yeah of course I will. Wouldn't miss it for the world see you later'' she said as they went out the door.

After they had rehearsed Billy was watching Benji for the 100th time during the rehearsal
''What?'' Benji said.
''Nothing, just wondering what has got you so happy. I've not seen you smile this much in ages''
''Blaire's back'' Joel said
''Oh Blaire the really cool hot chick that you two are best friends with'' Paul said
''Don't you mean Joel's best friends with but Benji has a huge crush on and has done sine we we're 15'' Billy teased
''Do not'' Benji shouted
''Do too. Hey I heard she broke up with her boyfriend, why don't you ask her out?'' Paul said.
''Just leave it will you!'' Benji got up and stormed out.
''oh come on Benj we were only messing around'' Billy shouted after him
''I'll go talk to him'' Joel ran after him and got in the car just as Benji was about to drive off.
''What's up with you?'' Joel questioned.
''Nothing I said leave it'' Benji said as he drove into Jackie's stable's to pick Blaire up. When they got there Blaire was in the arena riding Mushy. She looked really good in her black vest top, skin tight white jodhpurs and knee length chaps with boots.
''Come on Benj, you can tell me anything and don't say it's nothing because it is something'' Joel said as they watch Blaire riding.
''Ok, I really like Blaire''
''We know you do''
''No, not just like her. I ... I... I think I love her''
''What are you serious''
''Yes I mean it stared as a crush back when we we're in school but the more I was with her the more my feelings grew'' Benji confessed.
''Well why didn't you tell her when you first started feeling like this''
''I was going to then I chickened out, then she got with Drew and I thought I didn't have a chance any more. When she moved to Texas it broke my heart not being able to see her any more but I learnt to deal with it and I almost got over my feelings but... but'' Joel cut in know his brother was getting a bit emotional
''But now she's back and single may I just add, and your feelings for her are back'' Benji nodded.
''Benji you've got to tell her how you feel''
''But what if she doesn't feel the same way? I don't want to ruin our friendship'' Benji managed to say.
''Trust me Benj. She feels the same way and even if she doesn't, she a great girl, she won't fall out with you.'' Joel reassured him
''Do you think'' Benji asked
''No. I know'' Joel smiled and gave a tearful Benji a hug when Blaire came riding up to them
''Hi what are you two doing here?'' she asked as Joel released Benji from the hug
''What's wrong Benji?'' she asked as she seen the tears in Benji's eyes.
''What? Oh just my allergies'' Benji quickly said.
''We thought you might like a lift home'' Joel but in.
''Oh yeah that would be great. Let me just take Mushy to his stable then I'll be right with you'' Blaire said dismounting walking Mushy to his stable. Benji and Joel followed her. Benji couldn't help admiring how Blaire's ass looked so good in her jodhpurs. Joel nudged him.
''oh so you don't have enough courage to ask her out but you will stare at her ass'' he teased laughing.
''No harm in looking bro, but seriously how fucking sexy is she'' Benji said starting to laugh too.
''Yeah she is but really you got to talk to her promise me you will'' Joel said.

When they got home Blaire went in the shower and got ready for the show later that night. When they got there Billy, Paul and Blaire all caught up. After the show Benji Joel and Blaire went home and where all sat on the sofa Blaire between the twins with her legs on Joel and leaning her back and head on Benji.
''Right I'm off bed see you in the morning'' Joel said making his way upstairs.
''You can have my bed and I'll sleep on the sofa tonight'' Benji said to Blaire.
''I can't steal your bed. It's your bed I'll sleep on the sofa'' said Blaire getting up to face him.
''No you've had a long day''
''So have you'' Blaire argued back laughing.
''I'm ok just take the bed''
''Well if you want me to have the bed and I want you to have the bed then how about we both have it, but funny business'' she said as she pulled him up form the sofa and started to make there way upstairs.
''butt...'' Benji tried to argue back but she wasn't listening.
When they where in bed Blaire leaned over to Benji and gave him a kiss on the check and said good night.
''Night'' Benji whispered trying hard to control his feelings for her.
In the morning Benji was still asleep when Blaire got up and went down for breakfast but Joel was already up eating a bowl of cereal.
''I take it Benji told you then did he'' Joel said but judging by the look of confusion on Blaire's face he instantly realised Benji hadn't.
''Told me what?'' Blaire questioned confused and curious.
''Oh that there... there's no hot water'' he tried to cover up.
''No Joel what is it really? Don't lie to me'' Blaire said.
''I'm sorry, I've put my foot in it it's not my place to say just ask Benji'' Joel said as Benji walked thought the door
''Benji what is it that you want to tell me?'' Blaire questioned
''Nothing'' Benji replied confused then he realised what she meant by the look on Joel's face.
''I'm sorry Benj. I didn't mean to. It's just when I seen you to in the same bed this morning I just thought that you'd told her''
''I'll leave you to alone. Tell her Benj trust me'' Joel said leaving them but Benji stopped him.
''BENJI WHAT EVER IT IS JUST TELL ME NOW BEFORE I...''she shouted but Benji interrupted her
''I LOVE YOU! ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW I'VE SAID IT. NOW I KNOW YOU DON'T FEEL THE SAME SO I'M GOING OUT TO HAVE MY BREAKFAST IN PEACE!'' he went to leave but Blaire grabbed his arm flung him round against the wall and kissed him passionately.
''Shows how much you know about how I feel." Blaire said when she pulled away with a smirk.
"What? You mean?" Benji couldn't get his words out. He was happy and confused at the same time.
"Yes. I feel the same way." Blaire smiled and they went back to kissing.
The door bell rang.
"I'll go get that." Joel said but neither of them where paying much attention. Billy and Paul walked in.
''EW get a room guys'' Billy said when they seen Benji and Blaire.
''We've got one. You're in it'' Blaire replied then shut the door on them.
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