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chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Blaire and Benji stayed in the kitchen for breakfast talking while Joel, Paul and Billy sat in the living room talking about the show that night. After Blaire and Benji had finished breakfast they walked through to the living room joining the others.
"So is it official then?" Paul asked.
"Is what official?" Blaire teased knowing full well what he meant.
"You too together." Billy explained.
"Yeah" Benji said giving Blaire a peck on the cheek.
"About time too!" Joel said laughing.
"Ok I've gotta go check on Mushy and do some errands. I'll see y'all later. " Blaire said giving Benji a peck on the check before she left.
"Ok see you later babe. Oh I forgot to tell you where having a party here tonight just a few people round nothing big that ok with you?" Benji asked
"Course its fine it's your house you don't need to ask me. Just one question though."
"Is Tony Lovato going to be here?"
"Erm yeah."
"It's not going to be a small party if he's here" she said laughing going out the door.
"What you looking at me like that for" Benji said turning to look at Joel who had a smug look on his face.
"Nothing just trying not to say told you so but I just can't so TOLD YOU SO!!" Joel said laughing giving Benji a hug "I'm Happy for you bro I told you she felt the same way"
"Yeah I'm glad you've decided to tell each other how you've felt all your lives. The sexual tension between you too was enough to cope with in high school so I dread to think what it'd be like now if you still weren't together." Paul said.

Later that night when Blaire got home the party had already started. When she walked through the door she seen Benji, Joel, Billy, Tony and Matt Lovato stood together talking. None of them had noticed her so she creped up behind Tony.
"Well, well, well if it isn't Anthony Lovato!" Blaire shouted smiling. Tony spun round in disbelieve scooping Blaire in a hug and spun her round when he put her down he looked her up and down smiling. Blaire was still in her tight jodhpurs and small top.
"Blaire Copeland is it all my birthdays and Christmases' come at once, look at you. You're looking good." Tony said Blaire still in his arms.
"Yeah and not for you to look at as of this morning." She said grinning.
"Oh yeah? Been her less than a week and already meet someone else. Who is it? Do you want me give them the once over?" Tony laughed letting go of her.
"Well you can do if you want he's standing right next to you." Blaire said looking at Benji stood next to Tony.
"What? Where? Who? I don't see anyone other than Benji? Ohh Benji. Wait Benji? You serious." Tony said asking and answering his own questions.
"Yeah course I'm serious. Who else?" Blaire said laughing at him.
"Well it's about fuckin' time he's been lusting after you since he was 15" Tony said now enjoying embarrassing Benji.
"Aw really you should have said something." Blaire said smiling.
"Well you see he tried to but..." Tony started carrying on the Benji embarrassment.
"...ok, ok that's enough for you Lovato or you'll be down one friend if you say anything else" Benji said turning red.
"Right I'm going getting a shower and getting changed." Blaire said leaving them alone

When Blaire got out of the shower she wrapped her self in a towel and walked out of the bathroom to her room. When she got in her room she found Benji sat on her bed.
"Hey how long have you been there for" Blaire said smiling at him brushing her hair
"Not that long, just wanted to have some time with you."
"Ok" she said while brushing her hair and doing her make-up "I'm so glad to be back. I missed you all so much."
"Yeah we missed you too." Benji said. "Did you have a good time there other than what happened between you and Drew?" Benji asked.
"Yeah it was really good. You know I love my horses and eventing, it was my dream."
"Was your dream? Is it not anymore?" Benji questioned.
"Well I still enjoy having Mushy and eventing on him but I think I'm going to start doing some modelling again like I used to before I left."
"Well if it makes you happy go for it"
"Yeah I actually have an interview in a couple of days with my agency that I used to be with."
"That's good"
"So how about you? How's that band doing?"
"It's great we did our last show tonight. Where going back to the studio working on some new stuff." Benji explained
"Cool. We'd better go back down to the party they'll be wandering where we are." Blaire said getting up when she got to the door Benji said:
"Ok but just one thing before we go" Blaire stopped. Benji turned her round and pushed her up against the wall kissing her. She kissed back then pulled away both of them smiling.
"What was that for?" Blaire questioned
"Just because I can." Benji said smiling grabbing her hand as they walked back to the party.

One hour later after Benji and Blaire went back down to what was left of the party which consisted of Joel, Billy, Paul, Tony and Matt sat in the living room talking.
"Well, well, well that was a long shower Miss Copeland and I noticed Benji disappeared not long after." Tony pointed out "we know what you where doing" he said laughing in a sing-song voice.
"Aww why you jealous Tony" Blaire said sitting down next to him take his can and having a drink.
"Of Benji no. Have you as his chick? Hell yes. And that's my can." he said taking his can back.
"1. I'm not a chick and 2. I might be his girlfriend but I sure as hell do not belong to him or anyone else!" she said taking his can back
"I take it your just a high maintenance now as you was before you left then?" Tony said laughing and getting himself another can seen as Blaire had robbed his.
"Oh yes" Blaire said laughing as everyone else joined in laughing too.
There was a knock at the door.
"I'll get it" Joel said going to answer the door. When he answered the door it was a very angry Drew.
"I want to see Blaire I know she's here!" Drew shouted meanwhile the others where all sat in the living room talking, laughing and joking. Blaire was sat on Benji's lap with his arms wrapped around her.
"I'm sorry she doesn't want to see you"
"I DON'T CARE LET ME IN" Drew shouted.
"NO I THINK YOU'D BETTER LEAVE!" Joel shouted back but just then Drew thumped him knocking off balance. Drew stormed into the living room looking round at everyone then turning to Blaire. He looked from Blaire to Benji to Blaire sat on Benji's lap.
"DREW WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!" Blaire shouted as he grabbed hold of her arm pulling her up off Benji's lap.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHITH HIM? FORGET IT YOUR COMING HOME WITH ME!" Drew shouted but Blaire wasn't scared of him in fact if it came to it she could kick his ass better than he could kick hers. She snatched her arm back. Tony, Benji and Matt jumped up to help Blaire.
"Its ok guys I can handle this" she said to them.
"I SAID YOU'RE COMING WITH ME" Drew said reaching to grab Blaire's arm again but she pulled it out of the way before he could get hold of her.
"YEAH AND I SAY FUCK OFF.NOW AND GO HOME BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASS AGAIN." Blaire said turning to sit down. As she turned her back on Drew pinned Benji up against the wall.
"Wrong choice Drew you should have just left." Blaire said as she punched him on the side of the face making him stumble backwards letting go of Benji.
"BITCH YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT" Drew said lunging for Blaire but Matt and Tony held him back.
"Ok Drew you have 2 options. Option 1 you leave now with any more stunts or option 2 we make you. Which will it be?" Blaire said pissed off at him coming down here and attacking Joel and Benji.
"I'm not leaving here with out you I love you please come back to me" Drew said sounding sincere.
"Well guess what Drew you had your chance and you screwed up. You know the deal you only get once chance with me. So go and fuck some other slapper because I don't ever want to see you again." Blaire said in a clear voice like she was talking to a 5 year old "ok take him out" she directed Tony and Matt.
"Benj you ok sweetie?" Blaire asked kneeling down next to Benji
"Yeah fine thanks" he said as Blaire helped him up. Tony and Matt came back in with Joel holding his eye
"You get rid of that piece of shit?" Blaire asked
"Yeah he's gone glad to see you can still kick ass" Matt laughed
"You bet I can I don't need no one looking after me. Joel what's wrong what happened?" Blaire asked now concerned for Joel's eye
"Drew thumped me when I wouldn't let him in." Joel replied sitting sown
"Come here let me look at it?" Joel looked unsure "don't look so scared I'm trained in first aid" Joel relaxed a little while she looked at it "your going to have to put some ice on it or else you'll have a lovely shiner there tomorrow love"
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