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chapter 3

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the next part hope you like it. Made some changes to this too.

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Chapter 3

The next morning When Blaire woke up she had a shower and went down to the kitchen to get breakfast. When she got to the kitchen Joel was already in there making pancakes with a black eye.
"Good morning." He said when he seen here enter.
"Hey how are you?" Blaire asked looking at his eye.
"It looks worst than it feels. The pains gone but I still look like a badger." They both started laughing. "Where's Benji?"
"Do you even need to ask that question?" Blaire said.
"Still in bed? That's our Benji the lazy ass. Do you want some pancakes?"
"Well seen as your offering I think I will."
"On one condition you have to go and get Benji up. We have to go to the studio in an hour and we're going to be late."
"Why do I have to wake him up you how much of a mood he gets in when he's just been woke up."
"Yeah that's why I said I'll do the cooking. Besides he's your boyfriend!" Joel said as she was leaving.
"Yeah and he's your brother!" Blaire shouted back them both laughing.
When Blaire got to the bedroom she could here Benji snoring. She walked in and opened the curtains then lay on the bed next to him.
"Benji." She whispered softly. "Benj wake up" she said a little louder but still no sign of him waking up. "Benji come on get up now your going to be late." she shouted pushing him on the arm. He groaned the opened his eyes for a second then closed them again and turned over.
"Right then" Blaire pulled him over so that he was lay on his back the she straddled his hips and pinned his arms above his head. This had woke Benji up but he lay there with his eyes closed pretending to be asleep trying to hide the smirk on his face. Blaire knew that he was already awake and just pretending to be asleep to annoy her more so she decided two can play at that game.
"Come on Benji wake up please for me" Blaire said in his ear seductively. Benji groaned.
"Come Benji Please" she said lightly pressing her lips to his. At this Benji was fully awake and not pretending anymore. He started to kiss her back but as soon as he did she pulled away got off the bed and started to walk out the room.
"Blaire you can't just leave me like this" Benji said frustrated. Blaire smirked
"Yeah I can. Serves you right you should have got up the first time I asked. Breakfast's ready and have a cold shower" she said laughing at the the expression on Benji's face and leaving the room to go for breakfast.
"TEASE!" Benji shouted after her.
"I love you too baby!" Blaire shouted down the hall still laughing.

When she got back down to the kitchen Joel had just finished putting the breakfast out.
"Is he awake yet" Joel asked.
"He was when I left him." Blaire replied.
"Here he is. He looks more a wake than usual but still moody" Joel commented.
"Good morning sun shine" Blaire said smiling and handing him his pancakes as he sat down.
"I'm not talking to you" Benji said pretending to be hurt.
"Aww whys that sweetie?" Blaire teased standing up putting her plate in the sink.
"You know why." Benji said.
"Ok what's going on I'm totally lost here." Joel asked confused.
"Well you see basically Benji's in a mood because Benji didn't get up when I asked him to." Blaire explained "I'm sorry baby I'll make it up to you later." Blaire said. kneeling down next to him and giving him a peck on the lips. Just as she was leaving the door bell rang. "I'll get it" she said to them as she left the room.
"Hey Tony, their in the kitchen." Blaire said as she went up stairs.
"Ok thanks Blaire. Hey guys how you doing. Got some good grub ready for tonight?" Tony asked sitting where Blaire had just been.
"What do you mean?" Joel asked confused.
"Tonight remember it's your turn to have everyone round for dinner." Tony explained.
"Oh shit I totally forgot about that." Joel said.
"Oh shit you totally forgot about what?" Blaire said walking back in to room.
"We're supposed to be having the guys round for dinner tonight and JOEL forgot all about it." Benji said.
"What do you mean JOEL forgot about it you did too Benj" Joel said defending him self.
"So what's the problem?" Blaire asked.
"We haven't got any food in and we're going to be at the studio till 4 and everyone's coming for 5." Benji explained
"Well I've not got any plans for today why don't I go shopping get some food and cook it for y'all" Blaire offered.
"Would you?" Joel asked sound hopeful.
"Yeah, why not. Keep me from getting bored" Blaire said.
"Oh Blaire you're a star" Joel said giving her a hug. Blaire laughed.
"It better be some good food" Tony said messing around with Blaire like they always did.
"Don't worry I'll burn yours love" Blaire said playing along.
"Ok are we going now because we're already 20 minutes late" Benji said getting up.
"Yeah we better had." Joel said getting his things.
"Ok we'll see you later babe. There's some money on the table if you need it. Love you." Benji said giving her a kiss before he left.
"Ok see you guys later. Have fun." She said as they left.

Later that night at 6 o'clock Blaire was nearly finished making dinner for all the guys. She was setting the table when she heard them come in. Benji came in first followed by Joel, Billy, Paul, Tony and Matt.
"Hey babe you been ok today?" Benji said wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her neck.
"Yeah it's been fun. I've not cooked in ages."
"You always used to hate cooking."
"Yeah I still do but it wasn't too bad today."
"I'm happy just as long as you don't poison me" Joel joked Blaire smacked him with the towel she had over her shoulder.
"Hey my cooking's not that bad I may burn it or burn myself from time to time but I have never poisoned anyone. Yet. Where as Benji on the other hand, if Benji had cooked for us then I'd be worried." Blaire said laughing.

After dinner everyone was sat at the table talking.
"Blaire that was really good. You should cook for us more often saves us from some of the shit Joel makes us eat." Tony said laughing as Joel put on and offended face but didn't work because he ended up laughing anyway.
"No thanks that's enough cooking for me for the year you know how much I hate." Blaire replied.
"Hey Blaire it's your birthday in two days." Matt said as everyone went quiet as this was something they've been planning on discussing with her.
"Yeah..." Blaire said not knowing what they where getting at.
"Well..." Joel said.
"Well what?" Blaire said.
"We where just wondering what you wanted to do for it" Benji continued.
"Yeah we where thinking we could go shopping during the day and then come back here and have a Party. We've all made sure we have the day off to spend with you." Tony said quite excited that there might be a party.
"Tony it's my birthday why you are trying to torcher me I hate shopping and under no circumstances do I want a party. Not a small party. Not a big party. And defiantly not a Tony party." Blaire said. All she really wanted was to spend time with her old friends on her birthday because she hadn't seen them in so long and missed them so much.
"Oh come on Blaire it's your birthday you've got to celebrate." Matt said
"Guys all I want is to spend time with the people I love the most on my birthday. Is that ok?" Blaire explained
"Aww really no party" Tony said looking disappointed.
"Not even just a little one" Tony pleaded like a little child who wanted ice cream.
"Well if you want you can call it a party and exclusive party with Benj, Joel, Billy, Paul, Matt, yourself, Dani and Shell."
"Dani and Shell who are they?" Billy said looking confused
"Two of my close friends from Texas there coming down the night before my birthday and leaving the morning after to see me." Blaire explained.
"Are they hot?" Tony asked suddenly forgetting about sulking about not having a party.
"Tony you're not hitting on my friends!" Blaire shouted.
"Why not you're fucking my best friend" Tony play argued back.
"Ohh that was so uncalled for I'm gonna kick your ass" Blaire said getting up and reaching for Tony who had already got up ready to run.
"Benji, Benj help me" Tony squealed.
"No you disserve it" Benji said laughing as Blaire lunged for Tony only missing by an inch as Tony ran off.

Ten minutes later Blaire walked back into the room with out Tony.
"I'm guessing you got him then" Matt said with a smirk.
"Your damn right I did" Blaire said letting out a little laugh.
"Ok we where talking and we decide that then night before you birthday when Shell and Dani arrive Billy, Paul, Matt and Tony if he's recovered and your not going to kill each other by then are going to come over spend the night and you birthday here and we can do what ever you want. That sound good?" Joel explained.
"Sounds great. Thank you guys." Blaire said
"It's your birthday you can do what ever you want." Benji said.
"Yes you have us at your disposal to do what ever you want with us." Mat said getting up getting ready to leave "Now I'm going to go find my cousin what ever you did to him and we're going to go home." Matt said then he left.
"Yeah I think I'll got too" Paul said "need a lift Billy?"
"Yeah thanks Paul and thank you Blaire for the lovely food." they left to leaving Benji, Joel and Blaire alone.
"Ok I'm gonna go to bed now night guys" Joel said going up stairs.
"Night Joel" Benji and Blaire said together.
"Wanna watch a movie?" Benji asked Blaire.
"Yeah sure."
They sat watching the movie Benji lay on the couch with Blaire lay between his legs with her back to his stomach and her head resting on his chest.
"What you up to tomorrow?" Benji asked quietly.
"Well in the morning I have an interview with the modelling company but after that nothing. Why?" Blaire replied.
"Just wondering if you wanted to go out somewhere? A movie or something?" Benji suggested.
"Yeah that sounds great"
They lay there talking and catching up they really did forget how much they missed each others company while they where apart. After a while they both ended up falling asleep on the sofa in the same position.
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