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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 hope you like it keep the reviews coming there really helpful. (some changes made)

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Chapter 4

The next morning Blaire woke up to what she though was Tony laughing with some other voices in the room. When she opened her eyes she realised she was right. She was still lay on the sofa in the arms of a sleeping Benji with Joel, Tony, Matt, Billy and Paul stood watching them and laughing.
"Good morning sleeping beauty" Tony said.
"There's some coffee and doughnuts over there for you if you want them" Joel offered.
"What are you all doing here aren't you supposed to be in the studio?" Blaire said still half asleep.
"No its Friday our day off." Billy said.
"What? Friday shit! What time is it?" Blaire said suddenly realising she had her interview at 11 o'clock trying to get free from Benji's grip but was unsuccessful.
"It's 10:30 why?" Matt said.
"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" Blaire said trying to get up "I have an interview in Half and hour Benji, Benji wake up" she said trying to wake him up but not succeeding "BENJAMIN GET YOUR ASS UP NOW! I'M GOING TO BE LATE" Blaire shouted giving him a smack on the head which half woke him up enough for her to get free from his grip and run up stairs to get washed and changed.
Five minutes later Blaire came running down the stairs looking amazing. She ran into the living room picked up a doughnut.
"Oh gotta go see y'all later" she said running out the door them realising she had forgot her car keys. She ran back only to be met by Benji stood behind the door holding her keys.
"Forgot something?" Benji said grinning
"Yeah Thanks babe" Blaire said taking the keys and giving him a quick kiss before she left.
"Good luck! Not that you'll need it." Benji said as she left.
"So how's it going?" Paul asked Benji as he walked back into the living room see in all the guys sat round the room.
"How's what going?" Benji asked not quite getting what he meant.
"You and Blaire?" Billy said.
"Great. Why?" Benji answered.
"You two are so good together I don't know why you didn't get together sooner." Matt said.
"Yeah then maybe she wouldn't have got mixed up with that good for nothing Drew" Joel said.
"Yeah it was fun watching her kick his ass though that night when he came round" Tony said laughing.
"Well I'll have to take your word for it seen as I was knocked out on the floor" said Joel bitterly.
"Don't worry she got him good for you" Benji said helping himself to some doughnuts and coffee.
"Hey Benj we're all going to a club tonight do you wanna come with?" Tony asked
"No I can't me and Blaire are going out."
"Ooo is this the first official date then?" Tony teased
"Well yeah I suppose it is" Benji said.

Blaire got back to the house just after lunch. When she got in the guys where sat in the living room eating lunch.
"Have you guys not moved since I left this morning?" Blaire said laughing.
"Yeah we have actually. We had to get up to get lunch but other than that no. Anyway who do you think you are our mother?" Tony said joking.
"No thank god if I was you mother I'd get done for child abuse with some of the smart ass comments that come out of your mouth" Blaire said and everyone started laughing
"Well how did it go?" Benji asked.
"Well ..." Blaire said acting disappointed.
"Never mind there others it's their loss" Benji said.
"Just kidding" Blaire said laughing.
"What you mean you got it?" Benji said jumping up scooping her up in his arms giving her a hug.
"Yeah course I got it" Blaire said laughing giving him a kiss.

Later that night the guys where hanging out in the living room. Benji was with them waiting for Blaire to finish getting ready. Finally she came down and she looked so beautiful wearing a tight black strappy top with low baggy jeans showing her lacy woman's boxers over the top and thick eye liner.
"Fuck me!" Tony blurted out as everyone just stared at how good she looked.
"Tony close you mouth you drooling" Matt laughed.
"Blaire you look..." Benji said trying to find the words to describe her.
"Fucking hot is the words you're looking for Benji" Tony said. Blaire smiled.
"You do look very sexy" Benji whispered to her agreeing with Tony.
"Thank you. You look good too" Blaire replied "I thought you guys where going to a club tonight?" Blaire asked the rest of them.
"We where but we can't be bothered it's more fun and less hassle to hang here" Paul replied.
"Ok where going to go now" Benji announced.
Everyone said bye and Blaire and Benji left.
Benji and Blaire had a really good time together it was what you could call a perfect date. They just got along with each other and understood each other so well. Next to Joel, Blaire was the only other person Benji can connect with completely. Benji loved being around Blaire she was a one of a kind type of girl she was fun, she got along with 'the guys'. She always stuck up for what she thought was right and did what she wanted to not what everyone else was doing or what anyone told her to.
When they got home everyone was still there watching TV.
"Aww y'all didn't have to wait up where not children" Blaire joked.
"Yeah right sometimes I wonder" Joel laughed.
"Ok well I'm going to bed now because I've gotta be up early for a photo shoot" Blaire said giving Benji a kiss before she left.
"Night guys" she said before going up stairs.
"What no kiss for us" Tony joked. Blaire smiled but carried on going.
"What does she mean photo shoot?" Matt asked.
"She had an interview today with the modelling company she was with before she left and they accepted her back."
"Well of course they did she was the one making them the most money" Tony stated.
"So how was your night?" Joel asked Benji.
"Really good. We had a great time."
"You two still have your connection" Joel said.
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