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chapter 5

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next chapter. this is abit different to the rest of the stroy let me know what you think.

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Chapter 5

The next morning when Blaire got up she found Tony leaning on Matt with Benji leaning on Tony asleep on the three seater. Billy and Paul leaning on each other asleep on the two seater and Joel asleep on the chair. She laughed to herself then went into the kitchen to get breakfast. Not long after she had sat down eating to her surprise Benji came plodding in.
"There's coffee in the pot if you want some" Blaire said.
"Thanks" Benji said groggily.
"What time where y'all up to?" Blaire asked.
"Don't know. Really late that I do know."
"Your worse than girls for staying up gossiping all night." Blaire laughed.
"So what's your photo shoot for?" Benji asked.
"Some new line of underwear that Travis Barker is bringing out."
"Travis Barker really you know him?"
"Yeah. Well I've been friends with Shanna for a while now. I met Travis through her. They saw some photos that I'd done and wanted me as there official model for their clothing line."
"That's cool. Oh my god you should model for MADE we need a model. I can't believe we've never thought of this before."
"You serious" Blaire laughed.
"Yeah you'd be a great model for MADE"
"I might take you up on that"
"So it's a yes"
"So it's a no"
"No. It's a maybe. I'll think about it."
"Is it tonight you said Dani and Shell are coming?"
"Yeah and it's my birthday tomorrow, not that you needed reminding right" Blaire laughed.
"Wait what birthday?" Benji joked.
"Forget my birthday and it'll be the last thing you do" They both laughed
"So what are Dani and Shell like?"
"There really cool. You guys will like them. There just one thing they don't know that I know all you guys."
"What you mean you never told them that you had friends here" Benji joked a bit confused why she never told her new friends about her old friends.
"No I mean I never told her I was friends with Good Charlotte or Mest."
"How come?"
"Well it never came up in conversatition and even if I had of told them what is the likeliness of them believing me? They'd probably think I'm just a be crazed fan."
"Yeah I see what you mean" Benji agreed.
"Also Dani's the self proclaimed biggest Mest fan and Shell's the self proclaimed biggest Good Charlotte fan. So if I did tell them and they did believe me I'd never hear the end of it."
"So what are you going to do tonight? Hide us all in the closet?" Benji joked. They laughed at the thought.
"No Tony would probably give you all up." Blaire joked. "I'll just tell them tonight I'm sure they won't be to mad at be they'll be too preoccupied with you guys. Just be prepared for them to be star struck." Blaire said as they carried on laughing.
When Blaire got home all the guys where in the living room hanging out.
"I see your all awake now. You looked so cute all cuddled up together sleeping" Blaire teased.
"Ha-Ha not funny" Tony said.
"Well you did. Especially you Tony sucking your thumb." Blaire teased him laughing.
"I do not!" Tony said acting offended." Everyone laughed.
"How was the photo shoot?" Benji asked.
"Really good. We got some great shots."
"Hey Joel I said she'd be a good model for MADE. Don't you think?" Benji said to Joel.
"Yeah that's a great idea Benj. You up for it Blaire?" Joel asked.
"Yeah I might do if you want me that bad."
"What where you modelling for?" Billy asked.
"Travis Barkers new underwear line."
"Really. I need to get my self a copy of that catalogue." Tony said thinking to himself.
"Ok everyone I was telling Benji this morning that Dani and Shell don't know that I know y'all so when they come be prepared for them to be start struck as they are the self proclaimed biggest Mest and Good Charlotte fans." Blaire explained.
"Cool so do you think I'm in with a chance with one of them then?" Tony asked getting excited.
"Yeah totally" Blaire said smiling.
"Great! I'm getting laid, I'm getting laid" Tony said in a sign sing voice.
"Ha I'd think again if I where you. If you so much as look at her funny I'll chop your balls of and you'll be eating them for dinner." Blaire said with a smirk.
"What why don't you want me to go out with one of your friends?" Tony asked pretending to be hurt.
"No. Not the Tony Lovato way of going out with people"
"What's that supposed to mean?" Tony said acting offended.
"You know the fuck em and dump em rule." Blaire explained.
"No one. Everyone knows it" Blaire said laughing.
"Ok changing the subject. I'm hungry who wants to go for a pizza?" Paul said getting up.
"Yeah I will I'm starving" Billy said getting up too
"Me too" Joel said
"I will as long as it's not got Tony's balls on it" Matt said joining them
"Ha Ha not funny" Tony said getting up too
"Blaire, Benj wanna come? Joel asked
"No I'm fine I had something on the way home." Blaire replied nudging Benji in the ribs until he got what she meant.
"Benji?" Joel asked again
"No I'm fine had too much pizza last night." Benji explained smirking
When they'd all gone Blaire turned round on Benji's lap so she was straddling him.
"I thought they never leave" Blaire said in a seductive voice with a seductive smile. Benji grinned too.
"Well there gone now and where alone and probably will be for at least two hours. You know what there like with pizza." They both laughed.
"Well let's make the most of it" Blaire whispered pressing her lips to Benji's neck making him moan. She kissed, licked, bit and sucked on his neck. Making Benji tremble slightly eliciting moans and grunts from him. Blaire looked up at him with his eyes half shut and his mouth open breathing heavily.
"You like that baby" Blaire whispered pressing her lips to Benji's sucking on his lip piercings making him moan again. His tongue ran alone her bottom lip asking for entrance into her mouth which she granted. Benji was now playing with Blaire's tongue piercing making her moan just like she had made him. Her hand slid slowly down his chest. They pulled apart reluctantly pulling each others tops off. They moved so that Benji was lay out on the sofa with Blaire on top of him. Blaire went back to kissing down Benji's neck to his collar bone. She kissed all the way down his chest till she got to his pants making him restless and withering at her touch.
"P...please...Blaire..." Benji managed to get out between breaths.
"Please what Benji" Blaire said having fun teasing him.
She undid his belt and pulled it off then agonisingly slowly undid his pants.
"Fucking tease" Benji said through gritted teeth. Blaire laughed but as soon as she wasn't paying attention Benji flipped them over so that he was now on top. "Now it's time for revenge" Benji said with a smirk.
Blaire grabbed hold of him by the neck pulling him down a passionate kiss. He pulled away, holding her arms above her head and started kissing down her neck. Eliciting a mixture of moans and groans and curse words from Blaire. Then pressed feathery kisses all the way down the stomach till her got to her pants.
"Fuck it I can't wait" Benji said Blaire laughed them both breathless. Benji quickly removed his pants then roughly kissed Blaire on the mouth while she whipped off his boxers. Then next thing she knew he had moved straight into her. They soon got a steady rhythm going. Both of them moaning each others name. With one last thrust in and them both came together. They both just lay there breathless. Benji breathing heavily on top of Blaire.
"That was so good" Benji said
"Shit it's ten to six them lot will be back any minute now" Benji said trying to get up but didn't have the energy too.
"What! ten to six! Dani and Shell will be here in forty minutes!" Blaire said trying to get up too but couldn't because as she did Benji fell Back down on top of her. They both burst out laughing.
"You know what would be really funny. If they walked in and seen us like this." Benji said laughing.
"Yeah we'd never hear the end of that one. Come we'd better make a move I need a shower." Blaire said finally managing to get up.
"Yeah I need a shower to. We could save time and have a shower together." Benji said with a smirk.
"You really think we'd save time having a shower together" Blaire said laughing knowing what they'd more than likely get up too.
"Go on I'll behave my self if you will" Benji said as they walked up stairs to the bathroom.
"You better had do" Blaire said.
When they got in the bathroom Blaire started the shower and got in followed by Benji. Blaire washed her hair when she turned round she noticed Benji stirring at her.
"What you looking at?" Blaire said with a smirk.
"You" Benji replied with a smirk walking closer to her pushing her up against the shower wall.
"Benji Behave your self" Blaire said laughing not making any attempts at stopping him.
"Can't help it" Benji said grinning.
"We're going to be late" Blaire said.
"So stop me" Benji said stepping closer holding her arms above her head leaning down giving her a passionate kiss. Blaire couldn't resist. They stayed there in a heated kiss for what seemed like eternity. Then they heard a knock on the door.
"BLAIRE, BENJI WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE AND WE HAVE A GOOD IDEA ON WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN THERE. SO WHAT EVER IT IS HURRY IT UP CAUSE I REALLY GOTTA PISS!!" Tony shouted through the door. Blaire and Benji pulled apart reluctantly and laughed. Blaire got out and wrapped a towel round herself and one in her hair. Benji turned the shower off and wrapped a towel round himself. They walked out the door to find Tony Jumping around cross legged on the spot. Benji and Blaire walked past him laughing.
"THANK GOD IT'S ABOUT TIME AND BLIARE YOU FRINEDS ARE HOT!" Tony said rushing into the Bathroom.
"What you mean their hear already?" Blaire called through the door.
"Yeah it's 6:40. What time did you think it was?" Tony said coming out of the bathroom. "That feels better" he said referring to his now empty bladder. "Now your coming with me" Tony said grabbing hold of each of their arms and dragging them to the living room not giving them chance to get dressed.

When they got to the living room there was Joel, Billy, Paul, Matt, Shell and Dani talking laughing and joking together. They all went quiet when they walked in.
"Look what I found in the bathroom" Tony said with a smirk.
"BLAIRE!!!" Dani and Shell shouted running over to her and giving her a hug.
"Hey guys" Blaire said trying to keep her towel up.
"Why didn't you tell us you where friends with these guys?" Shell said.
"You never asked" Blaire said smiling.
"We never asked a lot of other things but it didn't stop you from telling us." Dani said.
"Where did Benji go?" Tony asked.
"He's...I don't know. Where is he? He was right behind me when you pulled us out of the shower together" Blaire said then realising what she had said Dani and Shell screamed.
"YOU ARE GOING OUT WITH BENJI MADDEN!!" Shell and Dani shouted.
"Yeah maybe" Blaire said anticipating their reaction.
"OH MY GOD" Dani and Shell Screamed hugging her again. Then Benji walked in fully clothed.
"Someone say my name?" Benji asked walking in the room.
"Ok I'm going to get dressed now" Blaire announced leaving the room while Dani and Shell's attention was on Benji. "I noticed you got out of that one fast enough" Blaire whispered to Benji on her way out of the room.
Ten minutes later Blaire return back to the living room wearing white baggy combats (which where quite see through) and a strappy black top.
Joel was sat in his chair, Benji, Paul and Shell where sat on the three seater, Matt, Billy and Dani on the two seater and Tony was lay sprawled out on the floor in the middle of the room. Blaire walked over to Benji striding over Tony who didn't move at all and sat on Benji's lap. Benji pulled her closer so that she was near enough lying on him.
"Ok if these to start anything I'm moving" Paul said everyone laughed.
"So how long have you known these guys for?" Dani asked Blaire.
"Since we where in school"
"How long have you two been together?" Shell asked.
"Geeze what is this ten questions?" Blaire laughed "only a few days since I got back"
"Well that's officially" Matt muttered.
"What do you mean?" Dani and Shell both said
"Well they have been as good as going out ever since they first met in school they just never admitted it to anyone or each other for that matter." Matt stated.
"Yeah the sexual tension was unbearable at times." Tony added.
"Did you really need to say that Tony." Blaire said.
"Yeah it's true, isn't it?"
"Maybe but it's none of your business."
"It is when I need to piss but can't!"
They carried on talking for a while. Later on the three girls had gone in the kitchen to talk and the guys had stayed in the living room talking and giving the girls chance to catch up.
"You are one lucky bitch Blaire Copeland." Shell said.
"Yeah I'm so jealous" Dani said.
"Jealous of me why?"
"Your going out with Benji Madden or had you forgot that." Shell said.
"I know and I am lucky he's a really great guy."
"And fucking sexy." Dani said.
"Yeah he is" Blaire agreed. They all laughed. "Anyway I thought you where so in love with Billy." Blaire said to Shell.
"Shh! I don't want him to hear." Shell said.
"Why not you always said if you met him you'd ask him out."
"Yeah that was when it was near enough impossible for me to meet him."
"So what different now?"
"She's to scare to." Dani said.
"Shut up" Shell said to Dani.
"Don't think I've forgot about you. You're so in love with Matt remember, why don't you ask him out?" Blaire said to Dani.
"That's different."
"How is it?"
"I don't have chance of pulling Matt Lovato."
"Why not? I'm with Benji."
"Well that's different."
"How is it different?"
"Well your you, I mean look at you, you're gorgeous."
"So are you."
"But you've known them for like forever."
"So. You're just making excuses because you're too scared to ask him out too."
Just as they where about to start talking again Tony walked in. they all went quiet.
"Am I interrupting something?" Tony asked. Walking over to Blaire wrapping his arms around her reaching for the beers on the counter behind her.
"You're always interrupting something Lovato." Blaire said looking into his eyes as he pulled back arms still either side of Blaire pinning her to the counter.
"Is that right?" Tony said grinning at her making her grin to.
"Yeah it is." Blaire replied. Them both now smiling
"What you going to do about it?" Tony said. Playing one of their play fight games.
"Kick your ass" Blaire replied playing along.
"I'd like to see that seen as your pinned up against the counter." He said cockily.
"You would, would you?" Blaire smiled cockily too.
"Yeah I would."
"Ok then." Blaire lifted her knee and kneed him in the balls.
"Awww Bitch, that fucking hurt" Tony said half in pain half laughing at how good Blaire is. Tony went back into the living room followed by Blaire, followed by shell and Dani.
"What happened to you? Lovato." Paul said as they entered the room.
"Blaire" was all that Tony could say but they all understood what had happened and start laughing. "It's not fuckin' funny. It fucking hurt."
"What did he do this time?" Matt asked Blaire between laughing.
"He had me pinned against the counter, what was I supposed to do." Blaire smiled innocently.
Half an hour later.
"Blaire pass me that magazine? please." Tony said.
"No get it your self you lazy ass." Blaire said.
"But you nearer and I'm have trouble moving seen as you just kneed me in the Balls" Tony said bitterly.
"Oh come on it wasn't that hard." Blaire said. Tony pouted.
"Fine" Blaire said picking it up. Tony started laughing.
"What you laughing for?" Blaire said as everyone else was confused to what he was laughing at too
"When you bend down I can see your lacy boxers through your pants" Tony said smirking. Blaire didn't find it funny she rolled the magazine up and threw it at him hitting him with it.
"I swear one of these days I will hurt you so bad." Blaire said through gritted teeth.
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