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Chapter 6

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It took me ages trying to think what to write next. Hope you like it. Thankyou for all the good reviews so far.

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Chapter 6

The next morning when Blaire woke up Benji was already awake lying next to her.
"Good Morning Birthday girl." Benji said giving her a kiss. "Want some breakfast?" Benji said point to the tray with pancakes, orange juice, coffee and one red rose on it.
"Aww Benji you shouldn't have." Blaire said smiling.
"Yeah I should have, it's your birthday." Benji said smiling too.
"Thank you so much." Blaire said leaning over giving him a long kiss on the lips.
They sat eating breakfast in bed. When they had finished.
"So do you want your present now?" Benji asked.
"Yeah sure." Blaire said. Benji reach down the side of the bed and handed her a jewellery box. Blaire opened it. "Benji it's beautiful." She whispered.
"You like it?" Benji said smiling
"Yes. I love it."
"I thought you would. It seemed like you type of style."
"You know me very well mister Madden." Blaire said taking the necklace out of the box. It was a white gold, skull and cross bones pendent. The skull and cross bone was full of black and clear diamonds. "Help me put it on." She said handing the necklace to him, tuning round and holding her hair while he fastened it. When he fastened it Blaire leaned over to him.
"Thank (Kiss) (kiss) (Kiss)... much (kiss)...I (kiss)... love (kiss)... you (kiss)." She said giving him a peck on the lips after every word.
"Your welcome and I love you too." Benji said. Benji pushed her so she was lying down and he was on top of her kissing her romantically. After some activity in the bedroom. Blaire got dressed and went down stairs. She found Joel, Billy, Shell and Matt in the kitchen eating Breakfast. Billy and Shell where sat next to each other holding hands and looking smug
"Morning." Blaire said yawning walking into the room.
"Happy Birthday!" They all said as she walked into the room.
"You enjoy your surprise of benji?" Joel said as he gave her a hug.
"Which one would that be? Him getting up early, the breakfast in bed or the present." Blaire said everyone laughing.
"All of them"
"Yes them where very nice." Blaire said sitting down now turning her attention to Billy and Shell. "You too are looking close." Blaire said eyeing Billy and Shell smiling.
"Yeah where kind of going out." Billy said smiling.
"Oh so you plucked up the courage to tell him then did you?" Blaire said to Shell.
"Well no not really, he over heard you and your big mouth when we where talking in here last night." Shell said bitterly.
"Well sorry but me and my big mouth got you together with Billy, 'the guy of your dreams' remember." Blaire said making shell smile and blush.
"Blaire where's Benji?" Joel asked.
"Well he was in the shower but it wouldn't surprise me if he's gone back to bed." Blaire said laughing
"Yeah sounds like Benji." Joel said sitting down handing Blaire a cup of coffee.
"Thank you. Where's Paul, Tony, Matt and Dani?" Blaire asked.
"Paul and Tony have just gone getting some groceries they'll be back any minute now. As for Dani and Matt I don't know where they are." Just as Joel had finished his sentence Dani and Matt walked in holding hands with Dani wearing Matt's shirt from last night and Matt in his boxers.
"Well, well, well what have you to been up too?" Blaire said. Dani blushed and started to giggle Matt started to say something. "Actually I don't want to know I can use my imagination." Blaire said. "I'm proud of you Dani getting the courage to ask him out." Blaire said.
"Well actually it was thanks to you and your big mouth again. I heard you when you where talking in here" Matt said.
"Do I really talk that loud?" Blaire said. Just then Tony and Paul walked in.
"You think it's bad when she's jus talking, you should hear her when her and Benji when their having sex, talk about loud." Tony said teasing Blaire again.
"Loavato!" Blaire shouted running after him. He dropped his bags and ran. Everyone else started laughing.
They all hung out and messed around all day. Later that night they where all lounging around.
"Right come on get up and get ready to go out." Blaire said jumping up startling everyone.
"What? Why? What are we doing?" Joel said.
"I'm taking y'all out for dinner." Blaire said no one really moved. "COME ON GET UP! GET UP! GET UP" Blaire said grabbing everyone and pulling them up. "Come on it's my birthdays y'all have to do what I say."
"Ok but I'm going in the bathroom first." Tony said running up stair before anyone else had chance to go anywhere.
Half an hour later everyone apart from Blaire and Benji where all ready and waiting for them to finish getting ready seen as they where the last ones to start getting ready.
"COME ON YOU TWO WE HAVN'T GOT TIME FOR YOUR 'GAMES' NOW. I'M STARVING. DON'T MAKE ME COME AND GET YOU!" Tony shouted to them. Benji came down stairs putting the finishing touches to his hair.
"Where's Blaire?" Tony said loosing his patients a little.
"She's coming now it's your fault for taking so long insisting that you went first." Benji said. Just them Blaire came running down stairs holding her unfastened dress up with one had and putting an earring in with the other.
"Well it's about time" Tony said
"Shut up whingeing you sound like and old woman." Blaire said finally fastening her earring. "Can you fasten my dress please?" Blaire said turning round for Benji to fasten it.
"Right can we go now?" Tony said opening the door.
"Yeah go on get going." Blaire said shoving him out the door.
They had all finished eating their lovely meal. Dani was sat next to Blaire and Matt was sat opposite Blaire.
"Erm matt that's my leg your feeling" Blaire pointed out casually to Matt. Matt blushed and everyone started laughing.
"Sorry it was meant for Dani" Matt muttered.
"Blaire Copeland is that you?" A voice said from behind Blaire. Everyone turned round to look at him.
"SCOTT!" Blaire said jumping up from her seat giving him a hug.
"I've not seen you in ages, how are you? Where have you been?" Scott said.
"I've been in Texas for four months." Blaire explained.
"How long are you here for?"
"I'm back to stay now."
"Scott comes on where going to be late!" another man said to Scott from across the room.
"Well it's been nice seeing you again and calls me some time we'll have to go out for a drink." Scott said before giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and leaving. All the time Blaire was talking to Scott Benji and Tony had scowl's on their face's.
"Who was that?" Shell asked.
"Scott he was my next door neighbour growing up. We've always been good friends." Blaire explained. Benji and Tony where just staring at Blaire.
"Yeah but not if had his way." Benji and Tony muttered to them selves.
"What's up with you two?" Blaire said confused.
"You know full well what's wrong with us." Benji said.
"No I don't" Blaire said frowning.
"Come on Blaire don't play these games." Tony said a little loudly.
"I'm not playing any games and I'm not getting into a conversation like this now." Blaire said.
"See there you go again avoiding the subject." Benji said no raising his voice too. The others didn't have any idea on what they where talking about.
"I'm not avoiding the subject but I don't want to discuss something like this in the middle of a restaurant." Blaire said sternly. Other people where staring to look round in the restaurant.
"Blaire..." Benji started. Blaire got up and grabbed Benji's and Tony's thing.
"Blaire where are you going?" Joel asked getting up too.
"Come on if you really want to talk about this lets go." Blaire whispered harshly in Benji's ear. Then stormed out of the restaurant with everyone else following her. They drove home in silence. When they got home Blaire, Tony and Benji walked straight in to the living room all of them clearly very mad for some reason that the other guys didn't know.
"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" Blaire shouted looking from one to the other.
"OK, OK WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Joel shouted getting in the middle of the three of them trying to clam them down.
"NOTHING!" all three of them shouted them Blaire went to walk out of the room. But Tony and Benji pulled her back.
"There's nothing to bring up. Now let go of me." Blaire said calmly.
"Ok there's something going on between you three so can we just sit down and talk about it." Joel reasoned.
"I will if they let go of me." Blaire said. They let go of her.
"Ok sit down" Joel instructed. Blaire sat at one end of the room and Benji and Tony sat at the other.
"Now what is going on?" Joel asked the three of them Sat there in silence staring at each other. "Don't all shout at once." Still nothing. "Ok where going to stay here until this gets sorted." Joel said.
"Ask them they seem to have a problem with me being friends with Scott." Blaire said.
"Ok but who's Scott?" Joel asked.
"A good for nothing piece of shit" Tony spat.
"Don't talk about him like that" Blaire defended.
"Why not. It's true" Benji added.
"You know sometimes you two can be so fucking arrogant." Blaire said getting upset.
"Blaire we're trying to look after you." Tony said.
"How? I don't need looking after."
"Blaire why won't you listen to us. You shouldn't hang around with him." Benji said.
"Don't tell me what I can and can't do. If I want to see him I can. He's my friend."
"Yeah but we all know he want's more" Benji muttered.
"Oh is that it. Are you jealous? Does he make you feel insecure?" Blaire spat
"That's got nothing to do with it. He's bad news Blaire! And you know it! You just won't admit it." Benji spat back.
"IT'S GOT EVERY THING TO DO WITH IT. YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN JEALOUS OF HIM." Blaire shouted getting sick of this.
"Ok this is getting us no where. Benji why don't you want Blaire to see Scott?" Joel tried to help.
"Because he..." Blaire started but Joel shut her up to let Benji have his say.
"He's bad news. He's always in and out of jail for one thing or another. He's dangerous; he has no respect for women and has been known to beat them. FORGIVE ME IF I DON'T WANT BLAIRE SUSSEPTBLE TO THAT!"." Benji said truthfully.
"Blaire do you have anything you want to say to that?" Joel said.
"Yeah it's complete bullshit." Blaire said before getting up and leaving.
"Should we go after her?" Paul said.
"No best leave her let her cool of for a while." Matt said.
This was not the first time that Blaire, Benji and Tony have had this argument. It was true Scott was bad news but he and Blaire have been friends since they where very little and Scott would never dream of doing anything to hurt Blaire they where like Brother and sister. Tony and Benji have heard and know all the things that Scott gets up to and don't want Blaire to have anything to do with him.
Later that night at 2 am Blaire returned home. Benji was the only one left up, he was waiting for Blaire. When Blaire got in she didn't see Benji because all the light where off apart from one little lamp in the living room.
"Where have you been?" Benji asked coming out from the shadows.
"Out." Blaire simply replied.
"You where with him weren't you?" Benji said.
"So what if I was." Blaire said going to walk off. But Benji stood in her way trapping her between the wall and himself.
"Oh no you don't, where going to talk about his and sort it out."
"There's nothing to sort." Blaire said quietly.
"Yes there is." Benji said sternly.
"Why can't you get it into your head that he's bad news?"
"Because he's like a brother to me. Why can't you get that into your head?" Blaire said softening.
"I understand that you two are close. I'm just worried for you can't you understand that" Benji said softening too.
"If you where that bothered about me you wouldn't be giving me all this shit." Blaire spat. Benji got aggravated at Blaire stubbornness and punched the wall above her head making a picture fall off the wall accidentally hitting Blaire on the head quite hard. Blaire screamed. Benji instantly regretted letting his aggravation take over him. He never got violent with Blaire.
"See you're no better than he is." Blaire said through tears. They never lost there temper fully with each other. Blaire slid past him but he grabbed her arm.
"Blaire I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that." Benji tried to apologise.
"Well you did now let me go." Blaire said getting out of his grip and going to the Bathroom to clean her head wound. Benji followed but she locked him out.
"Blaire, Blaire please talk to me." Benji said through the door.
"Why should I you tell me not to talk to Scott because he's so bad for me and you go and do that you just like him." Blaire said not really meaning it but she just wanted to say something that would hurt him like he had her.
"What's going on?" Joel said sleepily coming out of his room.
"Nothing." Benji muttered.
"It must be something Benj because I heard shouting then Blaire scream. What happened Benji?" Joel said now becoming worried.
"We where arguing and I...I lost my temper..." Joel moved to the door knocking on it.
"Blaire, Blaire its Joel are you all right? Let me in." Joel said looking at Benji discussed guessing what happened between them. Blaire opened the door to let him in but locked it again before Benji could get anywhere near.
"It was an accident Joel, Joel I swear I never meant to." Benji pleaded as Joel went into the bathroom to Blaire. Benji slid down the wall and sat o the floor outside the bathroom in tears.
"What happened? Your head are you ok?" Joel said seeing Blaire in tears. He held her while she cried.
"Why can't he just understand?" Blaire sobbed.
"Understand what?" Joel asked still holding her. "Blaire what's going on? I can't help if you don't tell me." Joel said as Blaire pulled away from him and sat on the floor. Joel sat next to her handing her some toilet roll to wipe her eyes.
"Scott's like a brother to me. He's always looked after me and he wouldn't dream of hurting me. Yeah he's been mixed up with some bad people and gangs but he is a good guy really he just does stupid things sometimes. I know Benji and Tony just want to protect me from him but they don't need to. I know Scott and if he ever did anything to me I would be the first person to kick him into touch and I wouldn't stand for it. They just don't get it. They've got it stuck I there head that me being around him will end up with me in danger or getting hurt but Scott wouldn't let that happen. I wouldn't let that happen to me." Blaire explain to Joel.
"I understand and I agree with you. What happened down stairs? Did Benji do that to you?" Joel said pointing to Blaire's head.
"Well I'd just come in. Benji guessed that I was at Scott's and didn't like it. We where having the same old argument. He got a bit annoyed and hit the wall, the picture fell of and hit me. He didn't mean to, he's really sorry."
"That's no excuse he shouldn't have lost his temper like that." Joel said looking at her head.
"Is it bad?" She asked.
"Sort of. Let me sort it out for you." Joel said standing up and pulling her up with him. Blaire sat on the counter while he clean her head and dressed it.
"All done" Joel said. Blaire yawned.
"Thank you." She said sleepily.
"Come on you need sleep you can stay in my room tonight and talk to Benji in the morning." Joel said helping her off the counter. Blaire was too tired to argue. When they opened the bathroom door they found Benji sat outside asleep.
When they where in Joel's room.
"I'm sorry Blaire." Joel said
"What are you sorry for?" Blaire asked confused.
"Well it wasn't the best end to you birthday was it." Joel said. Blaire laughed
"You know with all the fighting I forgot it was even my birthday. Good night." She said turning over and going to sleep.
"Night Blaire." Joel said turning the light off and going to sleep himself.

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