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chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The next morning everyone except Blaire was sat eating breakfast. Benji and Joel were very quite. When Blaire got up she was very tired and her head was banging. When she walked into the kitchen everyone went quite and looked at her. Benji just kept his head down not making eye contact with her.
"How are you?" Joel asked.
"To tell you the truth I feel like shit." Blaire she rubbing her head and yawning.
"Here have some coffee." Joel said handing her the cup and pulling out a chair opposite Benji for her to sit down.
"What happened to your head?" Matt pointed out.
"What? Oh 1 erm..." Benji looked up for a second. Blaire was looking at him but when he looked at her she looked away back to Matt. "I erm walked into the wall, it was dark last night when I came in." Blaire lied.
"NO you didn't! You went to Scott's last night, he did it didn't he?" Tony said getting angry.
"I admit I went to his house but no, no he didn't do this too me I walked into a wall. We'd had some drinks and I just lost my balance. Ok!" Blaire said not looking Tony in the eye.
"Don't lie for him Blaire. I know he did it I'm going to have a little 'chat' with him! Are you coming Benj?" Tony shouted getting up.
"Just leave it Tony." Benji muttered.
"No I won't fuckning leave it. Look at her. Look what he did to her." Tony shouted. Benji wouldn't look at Blaire.
"Tony leave it." Joel said.
"No I won't leave it! I'm going to kick his good for nothing fucking ass. Are you coming or not Benji." Tony said.
"No" Benji said quietly.
"WHY NOT!" Tony said getting angry that Benji didn't want to stick up for Blaire.
"BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DO IT!" Benji shouted.
"What do you mean?" Tony said confused.
"He didn't do it. I did." Benji said quietly looking down. Everyone gasped and went quite. Blaire and Tony froze looking at Benji in shock. Everyone turned to look at Blaire in shock. "We where arguing, I lost my temper and punched the wall and the picture fell off the wall and hit her. I was wrong I should never have lost my temper like I did and I'm sorry but it's too late now I've blown it now, haven't I Blaire?" Benji said. Everyone looked at Blaire.
"Need to talk to you. Alone" Blaire said getting up, looking round the room at everyone then walked out to the living room. Benji followed.
"Blaire I don't know what to say..." Benji said
"Just say you're sorry if you really mean it." Blaire said looking at him. He looked at her for the first time.
Blaire I'm so sorry, you'll never know how sorry I am and how guilty I feel. I was so stupid." Benji said getting upset.
"Shhh it doesn't matter. We both said and did things we didn't mean too. Let's just forget about it. I forgive you. I love you." Blaire said.
"Blaire I don't deserve you. I love you more than you'll ever know." They hugged. "About Scott..." Benji started.
"If it bothers you that much I won't see him anymore." Blaire said.
"No. no I went to see him this morning. We talked and it turns out he is actually a really decent guy. I don't have a problem with you seeing him any more and I'll talk to Tony about it too." They hugged and kissed. "I'm sorry for ruining your birthday."
"It's ok. I'll get over it. With lots of presents and bribery but I'll get over it." Blaire laughed making Benji laugh too.

They walked back into the kitchen holding hands. The others where talking quietly no doubt about what happened last night. When they seen Benji and Blaire in the door way they all went quite and looked at them.
"Don't look so worried. We sorted everything out and where ok."
"Well that's a relief." Matt said.
"Can we tell her the news now?" Dani said excited.
"Not exactly ma good time." Shell kicked Dani under the table.
"Tell me what? Tell me now." Blaire said.
"Well... we've got a house down the road from here. Where moving here for good." Dani said excited.
"Wow that's really cool." Blaire said hugging each of them. "What made you want to move up here?... hang on does this have anything to do with Matt and Billy?" Blaire said smirking.
"Well originally we where thinking of moving here to be closer to you but yeah Matt and Billy did have an input in the decision too." Shell said smiling. Blaire's pone rang.
"Hello...Shit! I totally forgot... I'll be with you in 10 minutes." Blaire said hanging up her phone. "Guys I've gotta go I totally forgot I have to go do Mushy. We've got a huge show to go to tomorrow. I'll see y'all later."
"What time will you be back?" Benji asked as she was going through the door.
"Don't know. Late probably. Got lots I need to do. See you later honey. Bye guys." Blaire said then left.

Later that night when Blaire got in everyone apart from Joel was hanging out in the living room. Including Paul's fiancé that she had never met before.
"Hey, you got everything sorted for tomorrow?" Shell asked Blaire.
"Yeah I think so. I forget how stressful get ready for a show is."
"Are you excited about eventing again?" Dani asked.
"Yeah. I can't wait it feels like ages since I last evented"
"I bet Mushy's excited too."
"Yeah he'll probably chuck me off knowing him." Blaire said laughing.
"Blaire, this is Evan my fiancé. Evan this is Blaire." Paul introduced them.
"Hi, nice to meet you." Blaire said shaking her hand.
"Like wise, I've heard so much about you from these guys." Evan said smiling.
"About me? Really, what have they been telling you?"
"All good of course" They both laughed.
"Where's Joel?" Blaire asked noticing that he was missing. Just then he came in behind her.
"How's Jenny?" Benji asked smiling everyone else started laughing as Joel blushed.
"She's ok." Joel muttered.
"Who's Jenny?" Blaire asked smirking at Joel blushing.
"No one, just a friend." Joel stuttered.
"Oh really then why are you blushing?" Blaire said laughing. Everyone else was laughing too. Joel blushed more.
"Yeah just a friend that he's fucking." Tony blurted out laughing.
"Shut up Lovato!" Joel shouted.
"Aww has Joely got a girlfriend?" Blaire said in a baby voice. "Nah just kidding. Good for you sweetie." Blaire said giving him a hug.
"So have you decided what where going to do about the trip?" Joel asked the others changing the subject.
"Yeah Joel change the subject why don't you." Tony laughed.
"I'm not changing the subject, I'm just asking what is going on are we going or not?"
"What are y'all talking about?" Blaire said confused.
"Should we tell her or not?" Matt said.
"We might as well." Benji said.
"We where planning on going on a camping trip. It was a surprise for you and a break for us before we go back on tour. We where meant to go tomorrow but you've got your show tomorrow so we don't know what to do." Matt explained.
"Well where are you planning on going camping?" Blaire asked.
"New Bank River Camp" Joel said.
"Well that's not far from where my show is why don't I meet y'all down there when I've finished the show." Blaire said.
"That could work." Matt said.
"So is it back on then?" Billy asked.
"Yeah I don't see why not." Matt said.
"There's just one other problem, we only have three tents." Matt said.
"How's that a problem?" Paul said.
"Well there's eleven of us." Matt said.
"Make that ten Jenny won't be coming." Joel said.
"Why is she scared she'll break a nail." Tony laughed.
"Something like that" Joel rolled his eyes. "Let's just say it's not her cup of tea."
"Nothing to do with us is her cup of tea." Benji muttered so only Tony could hear.
"Make it nine, I've got to work and I can't get out of it I'm really sorry guys." Evan said.
"Ok well that means a tent each for each couple and Paul, Joel and Tony will have to share one with each couple." Matt worked out.
"We're having Joel." Billy said quickly.
"We'll have Paul." Matt said quickly leaving Benji and Blaire with Tony.
"That just leaves me with you two." Tony said smiling squeezing between Benji and Blaire putting an arm around each of them smiling.
"No way. No not happening. I am not staying in a tent with Tony." Blaire said getting up everyone laughing. "Seriously we nearly kill each other in a big four bed roomed house and now you want to have me locked in a small tent with him. No way."
"Aww come on Blaire it won't be that bad." Matt said laughing.
"You being serious this is me and Tony you're talking about."
"Good point. But tough." Matt said.
After a little more discussion on the camping trip Blaire decided to go to bed to get an early night for the show the next day.
"Ok guys I'm going to bed. I need to be up early for the show tomorrow so if I don't see you before I go I'll see you tomorrow nigh."
"Night Blaire" Everyone said as she went up stairs.

The next morning Blaire got up at 6am she had some breakfast with lots of coffee. Half an hour later Joel, Matt, Dani and Shell got up to get everything ready for the camping trip.
"Blaire you sure you'll be ok driving to the camp on your own? We can send one of us to pick you up if you want?" Joel asked.
"No I'll be fine thanks, remember I used to go there all the time when I was little." Blaire said.
"Ok then if you're sure."
"Yeah I'll be fine. Have you got everything sorted?" Blaire asked him.
"Yeah I think so, just getting the last few things now. How about you, have you got everything ready for your show?" Joel asked.
"Yep everything's sorted. Jackie's coming with me. She owns the stables and she's a really good friend of mine. She'll bring Mushy home for me when I come to meet you guys. I've left all my stuff with Benji just make sure he doesn't lose it." Blaire told him.
"Ok then. Hope you do really well."
"Thanks I'm going to have to go now. We have to leave at seven."
"Ok good luck. See you tonight." Joel said giving her a quick hug.
"See you guys." She shouted to Matt, Dani and Shell.
"Bye Blaire, good luck" they shouted back.

Blaire and Mushy did really well at the show they came first over all and got best in show.

When Blaire arrived at camp it was already getting dark. There was Joel, Tony, Paul, Shell and Dani waiting for her. Joel was putting up the last tent with little help from Tony.
"Here she is" Shell announced.
"Hey everyone" Blaire said getting out of her jeep.
"Well how did you do?" Dani asked.
"First overall and best in show!" Blaire shrieked laughing.
"Seriously!" Dani laughed. Giving her a hug.
"Well done Blaire!" Shell said giving her a hug too.
"Well I couldn't have done it with out my beautiful boy."
"What? You mean Benji? What did he have to do with it?" Tony said confused.
"No Mushy you idiot!" Blaire said.
"Oh right. Who do you love more Mushy or Benji?" Tony asked.
"What kind of question is that?" Blaire said giving Tony a weird look.
"A very good one actually." Tony said looking pleased with himself. "So who is it? Benji or Mushy?"
"I love them both equally. Their both my sexy boys." Blaire smiled. "Where is Benji anyway?
"Him, Matt and Billy went to get food." Joel said.
"They went hunting." Tony said trying to fool her.
"Nice try Tone but did you forget that Benj and Billy are vegetarians." Everyone laughed.
Just them Benji, Matt and Billy pulled up in the car.
"Blaire!" Benji said going over to her giving her a hug and a kiss.
"Blaire!" Tony mocked. Benji and Blaire gave him evils.
"How did you do?" Benji asked.
"First overall and best in show." Blaire said smiling.
"Aw well done Baby." Benji said giving her another hug.

Later that night they where all sat around the camp fire playing a game of truth.
"My turn, my turn!" Tony said excitedly. Everyone dreaded being picked by Tony because he was always the worst. He looked round at everyone evilly. "I pick... I pick Blaire. Ok I need to think of a really good one." He said smiling at her. "Oh I got one, have you and Benji ever had sex or anything more than friendship before you got together a couple of weeks ago?" Tony looked pleased with him self, it was a question everyone wanted to know the answer to. Everyone suspected that something was going on between Blaire and Benji during school but they didn't know for sure. Blaire just starred at Tony while everyone else was starring at her.
"Well what's the answer and don't even think about lying." Tony said.
"Yes." Blaire said quietly. Everyone gasped. Blaire and Benji smirked.
"I KNEW IT!" Tony shouted triumphantly. "Seriously! When? How many times? Was it while you where with Drew or while Benji was with Sara?" Tony said.
"You only get to ask one question. I don't have to answer anything else and I'm not going to." Blaire said grinning. Tony looked disappointed but the others had a plan.
"My turn." Paul said. "I pick Benji" everyone looked pleased with their plan to get the information out of Blaire and Benji. Blaire and Benji looked at each other and laughed knowing what they where up to.
"When was you and Blaire seeing each other?" Paul asked.
"End of school and a few times after we finished school." Benji answered.
"Ok Blaire? How many times on average?" Matt asked.
"Eight." Blaire replied.
"My turn, Benji. How many times while you where with Sara?" Billy asked.
"Blaire. How many times when you where with Drew?" Dani asked.
"Was it serious?" Joel asked.
"NO." They both said together.
"Ok game over we've found out what we wanted to know now lets go to bed it's getting late." Matt said.
"Nice trick guys. Don't worry we'll get you back." Blaire said as her and Benji where walking to their tent with their arms around each other. Tony was following them.
"Where are you going?" Blaire said looking at Tony.
"With you. I share a tent with you remember." Tony said smiling.
"Damn I forgot. Why did I ever agree to come on this trip?" Blaire said rolling her eyes. Everyone laughed and said good night then went to bed.
Blaire slept between Benji and Tony. Tony kept wriggling and Benji spread out and took up like half of the tent to himself. It was a nightmare for Blaire.

The next morning Joel, Paul, Shell and Billy where already up when Blaire got up leaving Benji and Tony still fast asleep I the tent.
"Good morning." Joel said cheerfully.
"If you can call it that Blaire said groggily.
"How was your sleep?" Matt asked smiling.
"My idea of hell." Everyone laughed.
"That bad?" Billy smiled.
"You wouldn't believe. Tony can't keep still and Benji takes up the whole tent to himself. What are our plans for today?" Blaire asked.
"We can't decide between rock climbing and fishing." Paul said.
"Fishing?" Blaire said unimpressed.
"Yeah that's what I said but these two old men want to go." Shell said pointing to Billy and Paul.
"What about you Joel what do you want to do?" Blaire asked.
"Well both sound good but I'd prefer rock climbing." Joel said.
"Ok well why don't we see what the others want to do, split up to do the activities then meet back here later for dinner." Blaire said.
"Sounds good to me." Shell said. Just then Dani and Matt came walking over holding hands.
"And what have you too been up to till this time in the morning?" Blaire said smiling.
"None of your business that what." Matt said smiling back.
"Oh but what me and Benji do is your." Blaire said raising her eye brows at him.
"Well everyone suspected it we just needed clarification."
"Argh!" They heard Tony scream then come running out of the tent followed by Benji.
"What's he done now? Ran into a bear?" Blaire laughed.
"Benji tried to corrupt me." Tony said out of breath.
"I thought you where Blaire." Benji said. Everyone laughed at them.
"Yeah because we look so much alike!" Tony said.
"Yeah Benj I take that as an insult." Blaire said laughing.
"I was half asleep." Benji defended himself.
"Well seen as where all here now we need to decide who wants to go fishing and who wants to go rock climbing." Joel said.
"Oh fishing. I've always wanted to go fishing." Tony said excited.
"You'll scare the fish away." Blaire joked everyone laughed.

Later that day after Tony, Billy, Paul, and Dani went fishing and Benji, Blaire, Matt, Joel and Shell went rock climbing. They all met back at the camp and ate dinner. After dinner Benji pulled Blaire to the side.
"Come on, I've got something to show you. It's a surprise." Benji said taking her arm.
"A surprise?" Blaire questioned as she was being lead into the woods with Benji. After about ten minutes of walking Benji stopped and made her put a blindfold on. After five more minutes of walking Benji stopped her.
"Ok you can take the blindfold off now." Benji said.
They where on the top of a cliff in perfect view of the sun set.
"Benji it's beautiful." Blaire whispered.
They both lay there cuddling each other watching the sun set. Later they fell asleep there.

Blaire woke up the next morning.
"Benji wake up." Blaire said.
"What?" Benji said groggily.
"Benj we fell asleep. We need to get back before the others get worried." Blaire said as they got up and made their way back to camp.
When they returned everyone else was up and eating breakfast.
"And what happened to you two last night?" Tony asked.

They hug out around the camp for the rest of the day.
"I don't want to leave here tonight it's too piece full." Joel said.
"I don't want to go back on the road again tomorrow." Billy said.
"No me neither."Benji said. "What you up to when we get back Blaire?"
"Got a fashion show for Famous." Blaire said.
"Famous? Travis Barkers clothing line?" Paul said.
"Yeah that's the one." Blaire said.

Later that day they got packed up and left for the long drive home. Blaire drove her car with Benji in front with her and Matt, Dani and Tony in the back. Joel took his car with Paul, Shell and Billy in it.
When they got home everyone went and relaxed in the living room. Blaire went to check her messages on her phone because she had forgot to take it. She had one message from the hospital. When she listened to it she was in shock. She ran down stairs to get her keys and jacket. She couldn't find her keys. She went to check in the living room. When the others seen her come into the room they got worried at the stated she was in.
"Blaire are you ok?" Joel said looking worried.
"I... I need my keys." She said looking round the room franticly. Benji had them in his pocket.
"There here. What's wrong?" Benji said but she didn't answer him and tried to take her keys but he wouldn't let her.
"Give me the keys Benj I need to go." Blaire said shaking.
"No not till you tell me what's wrong." Benji said.
"I don't have time for this. Just give me the keys." Blaire said.
"No you're not driving in this state. Tell me what's wrong and I'll drive you where ever you need to go." Benji said.
"It's... It's S... Scott. He's in the hospital. I... I need to go Benj it's really bad. They beat him... they beat him really bad." Blaire said starting to cry.
"What? Who beat him?" Benji asked.
"Yeah, yeah sorry come on." Benji said gabbing his jacket and running out.
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