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chapter 8

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Chapter 8

When Blaire and Benji got to the hospital a nurse showed them to the room where Scott was. He was in a really bad shape he was unconscious, had six broken ribs, dislocated left shoulder, his right arm was broken in two places and his left leg was fractured.
"How did he do this?" Benji said looking at him.
"The gang he was with their badass Benji really badass they believe in loyalty they don't like it when someone wants to leave. When I went to see him that night he said he was getting clean and leaving the gang to get a real job and make something of his life. When he told the gang that he was leaving they did this too him to send a message to others that might have been thinking of leaving." Blaire said tears in her eyes. Benji held her rubbing her back.
"Don't worry he'll be ok he's a fighter Blaire." Benji said.
They stayed there for a few hours. Benji had fallen asleep leaning on Blaire shoulder. Blaire looked at her watch.
"Benji, Benji Baby wake up."
"It's one in the morning you should go home get some sleep you've got to leave in the morning."
"I'm not leaving you here on your own."
"I'll be fine you go home you shattered. Go get some rest."
"If you're sure you'll be ok."
"I'll be fine. Dani and Shell will probably meet me here tomorrow. Will you tell the rest of the guys for me?"
"Yeah I'll tell them and call me. I mean it call me what ever it is or what ever time it is it doesn't matter call me if you need me."
"I will don't worry. Now go get some rest and have fun on tour I'll keep in touch."
"Yeah ok look after your self baby." Benji said giving her a hug and a kiss.
"I will you too. Love you."
"Love you." Benji said leaving her alone with Scott.
"Scott please wakes up. I'm here for you sweetie. Please just wake up." Blaire said holding his hand and rest her head on his bed falling to sleep.
She woke up the next morning when the nurse came in to check on him.
"Have you been here all night?" the nurse said.
"Yeah I must have fallen to sleep."
"Why don't you go home and freshen up. Doesn't he have any other family members to stay with him." The nurse asked.
"No, none that would come anyway." Blaire said.
"I'm Libby" the nurse said.
"I'm Blaire." Blaire said smiling politely at her.
"I'm sorry if I'm being nosey or anything but was that Benji Madden who I seen you with before?" Libby asked. Blaire laughed.
"Yes, that was Benji." Blaire said.
"Really. How do you know him? Is he your boyfriend?"
"Yeah he is."
"Wow how lucky are you."
"Very I'm very lucky." Blaire said smiling. Just then the nurse's bleeper went off.
"I'm going to have to go. I'll see you later. You should go home and freshen up you'll feel better and if anything changes with him I'll let you know." Libby said leaving.
Blaire reluctantly went home for and hour. When she got to the house there was only Shell and Dani in.
"Have the guys left?" Blaire said sleepily.
"Yeah they have. Blaire you look exhausted. You need to get some sleep."
"I can't I'm only staying here for and hour to get something to eat and get changed then I'm going back."
"Blaire your not super woman. You need to rest. You've got the fashion show in two days you can't turn up to that looking like shit." Dani said.
"Nice way of putting things Dani when Scott's in the state he's in, in hospital." Blaire shouted going in the shower.
"Blaire, Blaire I didn't mean it like that. Where worried about you." Dani said through the door.
"Well you shouldn't be. It's Scott we need to worry about."
"Blaire he's in the best place he can be in. if he wakes up they've got people there for him. You don't need to be there 24/7" Shell reasoned. Blaire came of the shower and just looked at Shell as she walked past her to get something to eat. Blaire didn't care what she looked like she just needed to get back to Scott. She tied her hair up, put a t-shirt and jeans on.
"What about Benji you said you'd call him didn't you? Or are you not bothered about him either." Shell said.
"I'll call him now." Blaire said. She went to the phone and dialled his number.
"Hey Benj it's me. How are you?"
"I'm fine how you are?"
"Have you been at the hospital all night?"
"Yeah. I fell asleep there."
"Blaire I understand that you want to be with him but you need to look after your self too."
"I know but he needs me Benj he's not got anyone else."
"I know baby just look after your self too. You don't want to be looking exhausted for you fashion show do you?"
"I'm not worried about that at the moment Benj"
"Yeah I know. Dani and Shell are worried about you?"
"Oh I get it have they been ratting me out to you have they."
"No it's not like that Blaire. Their worried about you, I'm worried about you, we all are."
"Well there's no need to be."
"Blaire there's every need to be worried for you with what you're going through."
"What I'm going through? Why are you all so busy worrying about me and not even think about the real person who we need to be worried about here? Scott"
"Blaire we are worried about him. We just don't want anything to happen to you."
"Well I've got to get back to him now so I'm going to have to go ok. Bye.
"Bye, love you. I'll call you later."
"Ok" Blaire hung up and left for the hospital.

Blaire spent the rest of the day and all that night at the hospital. The next morning Shell and Dani where sat in the kitchen.
"I'm really worried about Blaire." Shell said.
"Yeah I know she's never away from the hospital, I can understand her wanting to be there for him but she's going to make herself ill." Dani said. Just then the phone rang.
"Hello?" Shell said.
"Hi Shell its Benji. Is Blaire there?"
"No she's not. She left for the hospital yesterday after she got off the phone from you and we haven't seen her since. Benji where really worried about her."
"I know I am too. I was supposed to call her last night but her phone was off. Is she really bad?"
"Yeah all she does is come home in the morning has a shower gets changed and goes back to the hospital. She hardly eats or sleeps and she's got that big fashion show tomorrow."
"I try to call her again to talk to her about it. If you see her will you let her know I need to talk to her please?"
"Yeah sure thing Benj. Look after yourself."
"I will you too and look out for Blaire if she'll let you. Bye."
"I will. Bye."
"Was that Benji?" Dani said when Shell got off the phone.
"Yeah he's not been able to get in touch with her since she spoke with him on the phone here yesterday, her phones switched off. He's really worried about her." Shell explained. Just then Blaire walked through the door.
"Blaire Benji just called he want to talk to you. He couldn't get in touch with you yesterday because your phone was off." Shell looked at her sympathetically.
"Oh right thanks I'll call him later. I'm going in the shower." Blaire said then went upstairs. Dani and Shell looked at each other worried. Twenty minutes later Blaire came back down stairs in a new change of clothing but still looking exhausted.
"Blaire why don't you have a sleep and a proper meal before you back to the hospital?" Dani suggested.
"I can't I need to get back."
"Blaire you need to look after yourself too or you'll end up in hospital as well." Shell said.
"I know. I'm fine really I am." Blaire said about to leave.
"Blaire, just don't forget about the fashion show tomorrow, you can't miss it. You have to be there." Shell reminded her.
"And I will. Is there anything else?" Blaire said opening the door.
"No. Just don't forget to call Benji, he misses you." Dani said as she went out the door.

Mean while Benji was sat in the tour bus thinking or more like worrying about Blaire. Joel walked in.
"Hey Benj, What's wrong?" Joel asked concerned.
"What? Oh it's Blaire I'm really worried about her."
"Why I thought it was Scott in the hospital?"
"Yeah but she's never home. She thinks she has to be with him 24/7. Shell and Dani are really worried too. She only comes home for a shower and change, she hardly sleeps or eats, they say she's looking really bad but she won't listen to them when they tell her to just stay and have some sleep." Benji said worriedly.
"Well if you're that worried about her we have a day off the day after tomorrow why don't we go and see her before the next show." Joel suggested.
"Yeah that would be good. I never thought of that." Benji said feeling a little better.

Blaire stayed at the hospital that night as well. In the morning Shell and Dani decided to go and pick Blaire up from the hospital so that she could get ready for the fashion show.
"Come Blaire we've come to take you home. You need to get ready for the fashion show."
"I can't leave him alone. Will one of you stay with him for me please?" Blaire said reluctantly but she new she had to go.
"Yeah I'll stay with him and I promise I'll let you know if there's any change at all." Shell smiled.
"Ok look after him for me." Blaire said sadly. Her and Dani left.
When Blaire and Dani got home Blaire had a few hours sleep, the first proper meal she'd hand in four days and got ready for the fashion show. The show went really well. Blaire looked fabulous. After the show Blaire went to check her phone. She had one message. It was from Shell saying that Blaire needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. As soon as Blaire got the message, she went and got Dani and they rushed to the hospital. When they got to the hospital Shell was outside the room that Scott was in and all the nurses where in the room with him.
"Shell I got your message. What's going on?" Blaire said worried.
"Well..."Shell said wandering how to tell her.
"Shell just tell me!" Blaire said panicking, just then Libby came out of the room.
"Blaire can I have a word with you?" Libby said. Blaire followed her to the side down a quite corridor.
"What's going on? Is he ok?" Blaire asked.
"Well you see while you where gone his condition deteriated and now there's a possible chance that if he doesn't wake up soon that he will have brain damage. I'm sorry Blaire, I really am, we are doing everything we can." Libby said sympathetically.
"Thank you for letting me know can I go see him now?" Blaire said in shock.
"Yeah sure you can." Libby said. Blaire went straight to his bed side. She blamed herself for leaving him.
Blaire stayed at his bed side all night she never left, never ate, never slept. Dani and Shell stayed at the hospital with her. Dani and Shell where outside getting some fresh air when Dani's phone rang.
"Hey Dani its Benji. How is she?"
"Hey Benji. It's bad news. I brought her home so she could get ready for the fashion show and Shell stayed with Scott. The show went really well she looked gorgeous. But while we where at the show Scott condition got worst. The doctors are saying that if he doesn't wake up really soon then he could have brain damage. She blames her self for leaving him. Benji she's like in zombie mode she won't leave his bedside at all now. She's not eating sleeping or anything." Dani explained.
"Well don't worry I've got the day off tomorrow and me and Joel are flying back to see her. I'll have a talk to her see what I can do."
"Thank god Benj cause she won't listen to us maybe she'll listen to you."
"Ok I've got to go now I'll see you tomorrow."
"Bye." Dani said.

The next morning Shell and Dani where asleep in the waiting room. Blaire was still sat next to Scott's bed talking about anything and everything to him. Benji and Joel walked into the hospital. Dani woke up and saw them.
"Hey glad you made it." Dani said giving them a hug.
"Hey. Where is she?" Benji said returning the hug.
"She's in the first room on the left." Dani said.
"You go first Benj. We'll wait out here." Joel said. Benji set off down the corridor to Scott's room.
"So how is it with you and Jenny?" Dani asked Joel.
"Ok" Joel said half heartedly.
"What's wrong? You two had an argument?"
"No it's just she can be really bitchy sometimes. Don't get me wrong I really like her. It's just her and the guys don't really get along. Well they don't get along at all. So that makes it hard to start with and she hates me being on tour." Joel explained.
"If you're both happy nothing else matters." Dani said. "Do you want something to eat or drink?" Dani said.
"Yeah I've not ate since we left for the flight." Dani and Joel went to get some food.
Mean while when Benji arrived at the door to Scott's room he seen Blaire through the window. She looked worst than he ever imagined. She didn't look like Blaire at all. He knocked on the door lightly.
"Mind if I join you?" Benji said quietly. Blaire patted the seat next to her for him to sit down on.
"How come you're back so early?"
"We had the day off and I was really worried about you and I really missed you so I thought I'd come and see how you are doing."
"I'm ok tired but I'll live."
"I heard about Scott's condition." Benji said not really knowing what to say to comfort her.
"Benji I'm so scared for him. He really wanted to turn his life around and now look what happened. Them bastards." Blaire said crying. Benji hugged her.
"I know, I know. He will get better I know he will."
"I... I just feel so guilty I should never have left him yesterday." Blaire said between sobs still in Benji's arms.
"Blaire you have nothing to feel guilty about. It's not your fault. You can't blame your self you understand me." Blaire nodded. "Now when was the last time you ate?" Blaire shrugged her shoulders.
"I don't feel much like eating. A cup off coffee would be great though."
"Ok I'll go get you a cup of coffee and I'll be right back ok" Benji said getting up smiling to her. She gave him a weak smile back.
While Benji was gone Blaire still had hold of Scott's left hand with her left hand. She rested her head on the bed. A few minutes later she heard Scott mumble something. She looked up just as his eyes flashed open then closed again.
"Scott, Scott can you hear me? Are you awake? Please wake up. Scott." Scott's hand twitched then he opened his eyes.
"Oh thank god. Scott you're awake." Blaire said laughing then pressed the bleeper to get the nurse.
"W... where am I?"
"You're in the hospital sweetie."
"Oh I thought I was in heaven when I saw you." He said smiling. Blaire laughed a little.
"Still got the charm even when you've just woke up." just then three nurses came in and checked him over. They confirmed that with the exception on his broken bones he was perfectly healthy. They went and left Blaire and Scott alone. Joel, Shell and Dani watched from the window.
"How long was I out for?"
"A week."
"Really. I glad to see you."
"I'm glad to see you a wake."
They hugged and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Just as they where hugging and Blaire kissed him Benji walked up and seen them. He got the wrong idea and ran out side upset. Blaire came out of the room to give them the good news.
"Hey Guys good news... Where's Benji."
"He saw you with Scott." Joel said.
"What do you mean?"
"He saw you kissing."
"Kissing? Oh shit. No that didn't mean anything, well not like that anyway."
"Don't tell me, tell Benji." Joel said. Blaire ran out after him. Joel, Dani and Shell went in to see Scott.
When Blaire found Benji he was sat with his back to her on a bench. She walked up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders.
"I think you and me need to talk." Benji shrugged away from her.
"Oh come on Benj don't be like that."
"Are you cheating on me?" Benji said standing up to face her.
"What? No. how can you say that."
"Sure looked like you where."
"Benj that meant nothing. Where just friends."
"Pretty close friends."
"Benj listen to you. You're accusing me of cheating on you with a man that's been unconscious for a week." Blaire laughed.
"Glad you find it funny." Benji said coming round.
"Well it is. Benji I love you more than anything in the world. I don't want more am I interested in any other man." Blaire said going over to him.
"I love you too." He said they hugged and kissed. "Do you really love me more than anything else in the world?" Benji asked smiling.
"Well next to chocolate yeah." Blaire laughed making him laughed too.
"What does chocolate have over me?"
"It doesn't answer back." Blaire laughed. "Now can we go back inside?"
"Yeah go on." Benji said giving her a little push. They play fighted all the way to Scott's room. When they walked in they tried to hide their laughter.
"Glad to see you two made up then. But chocolate Benji that's some tough competition." Scott laughed. Benji glared at him.
"How did you know that?" Blaire asked eyeing him.
"You where stood outside my window when you said it." Scott said pointing to the open window.
"So the doctors say you can come out of here if a couple of days if you have someone to look after you."
"Yeah are you volunteering?" Scott smiled.
"I suppose I could if you don't have anyone else."
"No it's ok my mate Matt has said he'll look after me. He's on his way back from back packing round Europe. He came home early when he heard what happened."
"Oh well if you'd rather have mark as your nurse that's fine." Blaire said pretending to be hurt making everyone laughs.
"Well it's just he's a guy and I'll probably need help doing guys stuff, so it might have got a little awkward with you as my nurse. I mean I've got to hand it too you you'd look a lot better in a nurses uniform than Mark but I have to go with practicality."
"wow bug word for you and beside it's nothing I haven't seen already but seen as your expecting a nurses uniform to be worm I think I'll leave it with Matt." Blaire laughed.
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