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chapter 9

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Chapter 9

They spent the rest of the day at the hospital with Scott. Scott was now in a ward with other people so they had set visiting times. When the nurses shooed Blaire, Benji, Dani, Shell and Joel out they hung out in the car park in Blaire's jeep for a while. Shell and Dani where in the front two seats and Blaire, Benji and Joel where sat on the back seat. Blaire and Benji where holding hands and Blaire rested her head on Benji's shoulder.
"You look exhausted babe." Benji said kissing the top of her head.
"I am. I can get some rest now that I'm not worrying about Scott."
"Yep he's defiantly back to his old self." Joel smiled.
"Do you really think he's going to change?" Benji asked Blaire.
"Yeah he seemed pretty serious and to go through what they've just put him through I think he will. How long are you here till?" Blaire said looking up at him.
"Our plane leaves in and hour so we'd better be going soon." Benji said.
"Aw I don't want you to go."
"No neither do I." Benji said giving her a kiss.
"Why don't you come see us on tour for a bit?" Joel said.
"I might do actually. Well I have a photo shoot with Maxim tomorrow then I'm free for a week. So I'll fly out to you after that."
"Maxim? You got a photo shoot with Maxim." Benji said smirking.
"Yeah. Why is that a problem?"
"No, no, not at all." Benji said smiling. "My girlfriend is going to be in Maxim." Benji said in a sing-song voice.
"You're a dork you know that." Blaire said laughing.
"A dork going out with a Maxim model." Benji said giving her a kiss. The others where laughing.
"Well if you react like that when I tell you about Maxim what will you be like when I tell you I'm going to be in Playboy too after my week off."
"No way. Seriously." Benji said his face lighting up.
"Yep." Blaire said smiling.
"Wow" Benji said in a world of his own.
"Benj feels like all his birthdays and Christmases have come at once." Joel said laughing. "Come on lover boy we need to go now or we'll miss our plane."
"Yeah and I need to get some sleep for my Maxim shoot tomorrow." Blaire said pushing Benji out the car.
"Ok. I'll see you the day after tomorrow." Benji said giving her a kiss good bye.
"Yeah bye babe."

Benji and Joel went back on tour. Blaire, Shell and Dani went home. The next day Blaire got up, had a shower and got ready for her Maxim photo shoot. She knew that Benji and the guys would probably like it if they saw it because it was a punkish theme. She would be wearing fishnet stockings, a really small mini plaid skirt and a black and red lacy bra. Her hair was long dirty blonde colour with black strikes in it like usual and she had thick black eyeliner. When she got back from her photo shoot Dani and Shell where up and having breakfast.
"Hey Blaire how did the photo shoot go." Shell asked.
"Great. It was really fun."

The next day Blaire arrived at the Good Charlotte and Mest's tour buses. The guys had finished their show an hour ago and where already back in the buses. Blaire walked up the steps of the Good Charlotte tour bus and knocked on the door. Blaire didn't know the girl who opened the door but she instantly didn't like her.
"Sorry but fans aren't allowed near the busses, go or I'll call security." The girl said snootily and went to close the door in her face just then Benji came over. When he seen it was Blaire he pushed the door open out of Jenny's hand.
"Blaire come in." Benji said stepping to the side. Jenny looked Blaire up and down then walked off to the back of the bus. "Sorry about that. That was Jenny, Joel's girlfriend ignore her she's a bitch to everyone." Benji whispered to Blaire. After Blaire had put her things away they went and sat in the front of the bus. For most of the night Tony, Paul, Evan, Benji and Blaire chatted. Blaire clicked with Evan instantly. They became really good friends.
"Watch out her comes bitchilla." Tony said when he seen Joel and Jenny walk towards them.
"Blaire I didn't know you where here." Joel said giving her a hug. Jenny gave Blaire evils.
"Hey Joel." Blaire greeted him."
"This is Jenny by the way." Joel said introducing them. Jenny just looked down at Blaire.
"Yeah we met before." Blaire said eyeing Jenny.
They talked and laughed and joked for the rest of the night. Jenny just sat there with a bitter look on her face. Later that night when everyone was in bed. Blaire and Benji stayed up talking in his bunk.
"So what do you think of Jenny?" Benji said.
"You where right she is a bitch." Blaire said.
"Yeah no one likes her. I don't see what Joel see in her. She doesn't fit in, well not that she tries to anyway. She thinks she's too good for the rest of us, the snob. She's a whore too she's always eyeing up other guys when she's with Joel. She treats him like shit but when she wants something from him she kisses up to him to get what she wants."
"You serious. If she tries anything while I'm around or carries on looking at me the ways she does, Joel's girlfriend or not I'll kick her fucking ass." Benji smiled at her.

The next morning Benji and Blaire where the last two up. Tony, Paul and Evan where sat at the Table talking. While Joel was sat in the front of the bus with Jenny. Jenny was all over him.
"Ergh get some class love. We're trying to eat breakfast here." Blaire muttered so that only Benji, Paul, Tony and Evan could hear her. They laughed.
"What's so funny?" Joel asked while Jenny was attacking his neck with kisses.
"Nothing just Benji falling over." Blaire said nudging Benji at the side of her to make him fall onto the seat.
"Oh right." Joel said with a strange look.
"They've been like that all morning, its sick." Tony said a little too loudly but luckily Joel and Jenny didn't hear him.
"Shh dickhead they'll hear you." Paul said nudging him.
"I don't care they can do." Tony said.
"When do you guys have to be on stage?" Evan asked them.
"We need to be in sound check in twenty minutes and then we go on stage at five o'clock." Paul explained.
"Hey Blaire do you wanna go shopping today while these guys are busy?" Evan asked.
"What Blaire shopping yeah right." Tony laughed.
"Yes Evan I'd love to go shopping today and what's wrong with you Lovato I've not heard you say a nice word about anything since I got here!" Blaire said.
"It's Jenny he's always in a foul mood when she's around although I can't say I blame him." Evan explained.

Later that day the guys went doing their band stuff, no one really carried what Jenny was up too and Evan and Blaire went out shopping and hanging out getting to know each other.
"So are you getting excited about the wedding?" Blaire asked as they sat in a small coffee shop drinking coffee and having lunch.
"Yeah I can't wait. We haven't told anyone yet but we've set a date."
"Really when?"
"May 14th"
"Seriously that's like three mouths away."
"Yeah I know. I have something to ask you."
"Ok what?"
"Will you be my bridesmaid?"
"Yeah I'd love too. Why me?"
"You've become one of my best friends and believe it or not I don't really have many other friends other than the guys."
"How come?"
"When I moved to LA two years ago with my work I didn't know anyone. Then I met Paul and the other guys, so on the rare occasion when I wasn't working I was with Paul in what ever country or state he was. So I never really got to meet anyone else. "And come on whom else am I going to pick? Jenny" They both laughed.
"Well I'd be honoured to be your bridesmaid."
"Good because I really need help organising the wedding."
"I'm not sure I'll be that much help but I'll do my best."
"Why won't you be that much help?"
"Well romantic, lovey-dovey, cliché stuff really isn't me."
"Oh I get it are you one of those anit-Valentines Days people."
"Yep and proud of it. Valentines Day is the most ridicules holiday ever invented. I don't understand how people can actually call it a holiday."
"It's six o'clock the guys will be coming off stage soon. Should we make our way back?"
"Yeah we might as well. Let's hope we don't see bitchilla." Blaire laughed.
"Has Tony got you calling her that too? He got Paul saying it too but Paul nearly called it her to her face." They both cracked up laughing.
When they got on the bus Jenny came rushing out from the bunks looking very suspicious.
"What's wrong with you?" Blaire said eyeing her.
"N... nothing why?" Jenny said.
"You look a bit flustered." Evan said. They heard a bang from the back window.
"What was that?" Evan said. Blaire went to check. Jenny tried to stop her but Blaire managed to carry on going. When she got to the back the window was open as if someone had jumped out of it. Blaire went over to it and looked out. She didn't see anyone.
"What was it?" Evan said coming in with Jenny looking worried behind her.
"Not sure. The window was wide open." Blaire said looking back to Jenny.
"Oh I was hot before so I opened it for some air." Jenny stuttered.
"Are you sure. There's air conditioning you know." Blaire said standing in front of her.
"And what are you trying to say?" Jenny said getting in her face. Just then the other guys came in and stopped watching what was going on with the girls.
"I'm not trying to say anything but I'd suggest you get out of my face before I make you." Blaire said stepping closer to her.
"Ok guys what going on." Joel said stepping between them.
"Damn why did he have to break them up? I was looking forward to Blaire kicking her ass." Tony muttered to Benji. Benji laughed.
"Nothing." Jenny smiled sweetly at him walking past Blaire.
"I'm watching you. Try anything and I'll kick your ass." Blaire whispered in Jenny ear as Joel followed Jenny past Blaire into the back room. Blaire went to join the others.
"What was all that about?" Tony asked.
"I'm not sure. She's up to something and I will find out what. If she's fucking Joel over I'll get her I mean it I will knock her out." Blaire said sternly. Walking past them to the front of the bus.
"I love her." Tony smiled. Everyone laughed.

The rest of the week went quite well all the guys hanging out together apart from Jenny and Joel. They kept them selves to them selves. Evan and Blaire had fun planning the wedding. It was the day before Blaire was leaving. Paul, Evan, Benji, Blaire and Billy where sat eating breakfast when Tony bounced on to their bus.
"What's with you? You're a bit cheery for this time in the morning." Billy said to him.
"Look what I've got." He said waving a copy of the Maxim magazine that Blaire was in and on the front cover. "It's Blaire and she looks fucking hot!"
"Dude do you mind not talking about my girlfr..." Beni started but when he seen the front cover he changed his mind. "Fuck me. Blaire!"
"I know! dude can I have your girlfriend?" Tony said.
"Let me see that?" Billy said trying to get it but Blaire snatched it before anyone else could see.
"Blaire I wanna look." Paul said.
"Hey hello remember me your fiancé'" Evan said waving her ring at him.
"I know and I love you but I gotta see this picture."
"What are we all looking at?" Matt said as he and Joel came in.
"Blaire in Maxim." Billy said.
"Ooo let me see." Matt said joining them all in trying to grab the magazine. Blaire stood on her chair holding the magazine above her head.
"Hey, Hey, Hey you pervert's your not going to see it." Blaire said. They all went quite and looked disappointed.
"Well we might not be able to look at that particular magazine but we could go over to my bus and look at the other twenty copies that I bought too." Tony said.
"You are sick the lot of you." Blaire said laughing. "Fine I give up." she dropped the magazine for them to look at. After everyone had, had a good look.
"Benj its official I want your girlfriend." Matt said patting Benji on the back.
"Yeah so does everyone else but tough shit cause she's mine." Benji laughed.

While the guys where doing their show Blaire and Evan went out for something to eat and talk about wedding stuff.
"Ok that's enough about the wedding. I'm actually getting sick of hearing about my own wedding. Can you believe that?" Evan laughed. "I really do admire you Blaire."
"What do you mean?" Blaire asked.
"You're just a great all around person. Your fun to be with, you're loyal to your friends, you'll help them what ever it is if they need you and you stand up for what's right. Everyone's been dying to put Jenny in her place like the way you did earlier this week but no ever got the courage too."
"I'm sorry but no one treats me like that and gets away with it, snobby bitch. And If I find out she's fucking Joel over there'll be hell to pay."
"See that's what I like about you. You take no shit." They laughed. "Now that Maxim photo shoot."
"What about it?" Blaire said smiling.
"I'm not a guy but you did look absolutely stunning. As you could probably tell from the guys reactions. Benji's the most envied guy on the tour now." They laughed.
"Well they'd better get used to it because when I get back I've got a shoot for Playboy and then next month the swim shoot edition of sports illustrated."
"Really. I could never do anything like that. I'm not that confident with my body."
"Oh no I will never do anything dirty like some playboy models. I would never go nude but I like doing things like the Maxim shoot there fun to do."
Evan and Blaire got back from dinner early. As they where getting on to the bus some guy was coming out of it half dressed. Jenny was the only one in.
"Who was that?" Blaire asked.
"Oh no one just one of the roadies asking if we needed anything." Jenny said.
"Why was he half dressed?" Blaire carried on getting more suspicious.
"I don't like what implying."
"You didn't answer my question." Just as Jenny was going to say something the guys came back in.
"Hey baby!" Jenny said running up to Joel giving him a hug. The other guys pulled their faces. Blaire and Evan laughed.
"You got away the first time, you came close the second time but I will get you next time." Blaire whispered through gritted teeth to Jenny on her way past.

That night Benji and Blaire went for a walk before she had to leave the next day.
"Benji there's something going on with that Jenny and I don't like it. I've almost caught her twice and I swear I won't let it happen again. You need to keep and eye on her when I leave Benji."
"I know we've suspected something for ages but she's too cleaver."
"Benj she's not cleaver she's just lucky but with me around that luck will round out and I will be there to burst her bubble."
"We need to be careful though because I don't want Joel getting hurt in the middle of all of this."
"I know but she's no good for him and the sooner he see's that the better."

Blaire was saying good bye to everyone the next day.
"Ok Bye baby see you soon. Call me." Blaire said hugging and Kissing Benji.
Just as she was getting into her car she heard Jenny say
"Thank god for that. We finally get rid of the bitch." Jenny said. She thought Blaire hadn't heard her but she did. Blaire stopped and turned round to face Jenny.
"I'm sorry what was that would you like to say it to my face instead of muttering it behind my back." Blaire said glaring at her.
"I didn't say anything I didn't know what you're talking about." Jenny shrugged.
"You'd better watch your back girl." Blaire said getting in her car.
"Are you going to let her talk to me like that Joel?" Jenny said playing innocent with Joel.
"Blaire do you wanna tone it down please. Can't you just try and get along with her." Joel said. Blaire just glared at him and drove off.
"Geeze what's her problem." Jenny said watching her drive away.
"You." Tony said pushing past her.
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