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chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Blaire had been home a week. She and Benji talked every night nights. Joel wasn't talking to her because of how she was with Jenny. Blaire wasn't as close friends with Dani and Shell as they used to be but they where still there for each other if they needed each other. Billy and Shell had broken up a month ago and Matt and Dani where gradually growing apart. It was Benji and Joel's birthdays next week. Blaire had plans to go and see Benji and surprise him for his birthday. No one knew about this apart from Evan who had been sworn to secrecy. At 11:00pm exactly Benji called her like he had done every night.
"Hey baby."
"Hey. How are you?"
"Good. You?" Blaire replied.
"I'm fantastic. I got a copy of Playboy this week and a certain cover girl looked fucking sexy."
"Oh really now who would that be?" Blaire played along smiling.
"My gorgeous girlfriend."
"Aw Benj. You liked it then?"
"Yeah we all did."
"Oh I get it you where all having a good ogle where you."
"Well the rest of the world is why not us."
"Are you not jealous?"
"No not really cause they all dream about having you but I actually get you."
"Oh ok then. Changing the subject now before you get all lovey-dovey on me. What's going on with bitchilla?"
"Nothing much she's still sneaking around a lot and kissing up to Joel. We really need to get her."
"Yeah I know baby. We will."
"So what are you doing next week? I was thinking you could come visit." Benji said.
Blaire knew what he was up to. It was his birthday and he wanted to see her.
"Oh baby I'm so sorry I'm really busy next week. Maybe the week after."
"But it's my birthday next week." She could tell he was pouting.
"I know sweetie I really would rather be there with you but I can't."
"Oh well I suppose the week after will have to do."
"I really am sorry Benj." It killed Blaire hurting him and lying to him but she knew it would be worth it when she surprised him on his birthday.
"Yeah what ever Bye."
"Love you. Bye."

It was the day of Benji and Joel's birthday. Blaire had just arrived in the hotel that the guys where staying in. they where still out doing TRL. Benji had been in a bad mood all morning. Blaire had just finished getting Benji's room ready when Evan called to tell her Benji was on his way up. Benji opened the door but before he could say or do anything Blaire had blindfolded him. He smiled to him self having an idea of what was going on.
"You made it!" Benji said with a huge smile.
"Well you didn't really think I'd miss your birthday now did you?" Blaire said from behind him.
"I hoped not but I must admit you did have me worried."
Blaire laughed and moved round so that she was now stood in front of him. She kissed him. He kissed back. They stayed kissing for a minute then Blaire removed his shirt. Everything Benji went to touch her she smacked his hands away. Blaire dropped to her knees kissing down his chest and stomach till she got to his pants. Benji stood there in pure pleasure. Blaire undid his belt and pants and removed them slowly. She led him over to the bed. He went to take off his blindfold.
"Not yet you can do in a minute." Blaire said fixing the blindfold on again.
He lay down on the bed. Blaire stood at the bottom of it. She was dress in the outfit that she wore for the Maxim photo shoot.
"Ok you can take it off now." Blaire instructed. He took the blindfold off and smiled when he seen her. She slowly rolled down each fishnet stocking, then turned round and bent over removing her skirt. She then joined Benji on the bed.
"This is the best birthday ever." Benji said looking up at Blaire who was lay on top of him. Blaire laughed and kissed him. They kissed, had sex and chatted together.

Two and a half hours later Blaire and Benji decided to start getting ready for Benji and Joel's birthday meal that they where all going to that night. They where supposed to meet the others twenty minutes ago in the hotel lobby.
Down in the lobby everyone was waiting for Benji. Evan was still the only one that knew that Blaire was here and that's why he was late.
"Where is he?" Tony said impatiently.
Just then Benji and Blaire walked in holding hands. Everyone was surprised and happy to see Blaire. Jenny and Joel didn't look at her.
"Hey Joel Happy Birthday." Blaire said going over to give him a hug but he pushed her away.
"Joel, don't be like that." Blaire said hurt. But Joel still ignored her. Jenny smirked.
"Ok shall we go now seen as where late." Matt said. Everyone started leaving.
"Joel can I have a word please." Blaire said grabbing hold of his arm. They waited till last the followed after them.
"I'm sorry that I don't get along with Jenny but please don't fall out with me because off it. Please Joel I miss not talking to you." Blaire pleaded. Joel softened and smiled at her.
"So are we friends now?"
"yeah." Joel said smiling and giving her a hug.
"Good. I have a present for you."
"Oh yeah" Joel said his eye lighting up.
"Yeah you can have it later when I give Benji his." Blaire said not thinking how bad that sounded. Joel gave her a funny look.
"Oh no I didn't mean that type of present. I already gave Benji that for two and a half hours." Blaire said smiling.
"Ew too much information Blaire that's my brother your talking about."

At the restaurant Jenny was being her usual snotty self but everyone was just ignoring her and having a good time. Benji and Blaire were at opposite each other at one end of the table. Tony was sat on Blaire's left. Jenny and Joel where sat at the other end of the table opposite each other and everyone else was between.
"I can't believe her. Look at her flirting with that guy sat behind Joel. The bitch doing it right in front of him on his birthday too." Tony said to Benji and Blaire.
"We don't know that she's cheating for sure. That's why we need to catch her in the act. It's the only way Joel will believe us. Hang on a minute that's the same guy me and Evan caught sneaking out of the Good Charlotte tour bus when I visited last." Blaire said.
"He's leaving." Benji said.
"So is she. Go follow her Blaire." Tony said.
"Excuse me." Blaire excused her self from the others then rushed after Jenny. Blaire got round the corner just in time to catch her with the guy from the tour bus. She videoed everything on her phone. She returned to the table.
"We've got the bitch. I videoed everything on my phone."
"So was she really with him?" Benji asked.
"Yeah you should have seen them."
"Nice work" Tony said laughing.

After the meal Benji, Tony and Blaire where waiting by the door for the others. Jenny came walking past when she got to Blaire she gave her, her usual snotty look. Blaire stuck her foot out and tripped her.
"Jen are you ok?" Joel said rushing over to help her up.
"Oops clumsy me." Blaire said trying to look innocent but Joel and everyone else seen right through it. Everyone laughed. Jenny ran outside.
"I think you should go apologise to her." Joel said not impressed.
"Fine!" Blaire said storming out to Jenny. She grabbed hold of Jenny by the throat and pushed her against the wall.
"I know what you're up to with that guy you whore and I have proof. So end it with Joel or I will." Blaire hissed.
"Never. You're lying. You have no proof." Jenny smirked.
"Haven't I? Try me. You have twenty four hours to tell him the truth and end it or you'll be sorry." Blaire said letting go of her when Joel and everyone else came out.

The next day the tour had finished and they all came home together. Jenny still hadn't told Joel. That night everyone was relaxing in the living room. They where all really tired. Jenny was sat on Joel's lap making out. No one was in the mood for her, especially not having to watch her making out with him. Tony stood up and pulled Blaire up. They went in the kitchen to Benji.
"We need to end this now." Tony said annoyed.
"End it? I'll fucking end it right now. I gave her twenty four hours and guess what? Times up!" Blaire said storming into the living room with Benji and Joel following her. She grabbed Jenny by the hair and pulled her of Joel's lap. She landed on the floor.
"Blaire what are you doing?" Joel said annoyed.
"Crazy bitch!" Jenny said rubbing her head.
"Oh I'm a bitch am I? Well at least I'm not a cheating whore. Joel didn't want it to come to this but I can't let her carry on like this with you."
"What are you talking about?" Joel said confused.
"Don't listen to her Joel she's just trying to split us up." Jenny said standing up. Everyone was watching in amazement.
"What I'm trying to say is that she's cheating on you Joel. I know it, she knows it, and everyone knows it."
"Blaire I know you don't like Jenny but to make something like that up..."
"Making it up Joel I'm not the one lying to you she is. I didn't want to show you this but you need to see it." Blaire said showing him the video of Jenny cheating on him and confessing to using him.
"You bitch. Joel do you really want us to be over? We can make this work" Jenny said kneeling down in front of him.
"Get away from me you whore." Joel said.
Jenny got up and slapped Blaire. Blaire smiled.
"I've been waiting for you to do that for a long time." Blaire punched her so hard she flew off her feet and landed on her ass. Blaire picked her up by her hair and threw her out the door.
"Don't ever come near any of us ever again if you don't I'll make sure you'll never bother us again." Blaire hissed and slammed the door in her face.
"Joel are you ok honey." Blaire said sitting next to him putting her arm around him.
"Yeah I am now, thanks to you. I'm sorry I took she side over yours before. I should have listened to you all."
"It's ok she's gone now." Blaire said resting her head on his shoulder.
"Well finally we're free of bitchilla." Tony said making everyone laugh.

The next morning when Blaire got up Joel was the only other person up.
"Are they all still in bed?" she asked.
"Lazy asses." They laughed. "So what band stuff are you guys doing now?"
"Where off for two months then after Paul's wedding and honeymoon where going back in the studio."
"So no touring for a while?"
"No you've got us all for a good while." Joel said smiling.
Matt walked in not looking very happy.
"Hey what's up Matt?" Blaire said.
"Nothing." He mumbled.
"Doesn't look like nothing. Dani called last night. What did she want?" Joel said handing him a cup of coffee.
"Don't mention her name to me." Matt grumbled.
"Why what's happened?" Blaire said.
"She decided to tell me that she doesn't want to be with me anymore because she's happy with someone else."
"The bitch I can't believe she did this too you. Matt I'm so sorry." Blaire said feeling guilty that both her so called friends had broken up with Matt and Billy.
"You've got nothing to be sorry for." Matt said smiling at her.
"Well she's a fucking idiot to break up with you. Hat reminds me actually I meant to have a word with Billy see if he's ok after Shell. Did he ever tell you why they broke up?" Blaire said.
"No all he ever said was that he didn't want to talk about it." Joel said. Benji came in.
"What's wrong with you?" Blaire said surprised that Benji was up so early for him anyway.
"Nothing. Why?" Benji said confused.
"It's a bit early for you. I though there was only one nine o'clock in you day and that's nine pm." Blaire laughed.
"Ha ha really funny." Benji said standing behind her giving her a kiss on the neck.
"If you getting up early means you going to be in this much of a good mood then we'll have to get you up early more often." Blaire smiled. Tony and Billy got up soon after.
"Where's Evan she's normally first up?" Blaire said.
"Paul's not up yet I'll give you two guesses what their up too." Tony said. Just then Evan came in all dressed up.
"Paul get your ass moving we need to be there in an hour! It you make me late for the dress fitting I'll kick your ass." Evan said. It was clear she was in a mood because of all the stress of planning the wedding. The wedding was in three weeks.
"Oh shit!" Blaire said suddenly remembering that she was meant to go to the dress fitting too.
"What's wrong?" Joel said as Blaire got up trying to hide from Evan.
"I totally for got about the dress fitting. She's going to kill me." They laughed.
"BLAIRE COPELAND YOU HAD BETTER BE READY." Evan said seeing her. Evan stormed into the kitchen.
"Blaire why aren't you ready!" Evan shouted Paul came in looking like a naughty school boy.
"I'm so sorry I totally forgot. I'll be ready in two minutes tops." Blaire said sneaking past her to run and get ready.
"You ok Evan?" Benji asked smirking.
"So it's the dress fitting today?" Joel asked.
"Can we come watch?" Tony asked
"I suppose as long as you don't make me any later than these two." Evan said pointing to Paul and Blaire who had just entered the room ready to go.
"Right can we go now?"
"Yes Miss." Paul said saluting her as she went out the door first. Blaire playfully hit Paul. Paul hit her back, they started play fighting.
"Will you two stop acting like children?" Evan turned to them. They stopped and stood up straight trying there best to hide their laughter but didn't succeed. Evan rolled her eyes and got in the car.

At the dress fitting. All they guys apart from Paul who had been shooed out where sat watching the tailor adjusting Evan's dress. Blaire was in the changing room getting changed. Evan was wearing white with pearls sewn onto the dress. She had four bridesmaids, Blaire Evan's sister Asher and Evan's two little cousins who where six and eight. Blaire's dress was long, fitted, strapless and baby blue.
"Evan you look beautiful." Matt said.
"Thank you." Evan blushed.
"Blaire what's taking you so long?" Evan said to Blaire who had been in the changing room for quite a while now.
"I can't come out."
"Why?" Evan asked.
"My boobs won't fit into the dress." All the guys laughed. Blaire did have rather large boobs.
"Well if you'd just come out we can fix it." Evan reasoned trying not to laugh too. Blaire came out holding the dress up.
"It's not funny." Blaire said smiling.
They managed to adjust the dress so that it now fitted perfectly.
"Serves you right for having so big boobs." Tony said laughing.
"Can we please stop talking about my boob's thank you very much."

It was late that night when they finally got home. The girl dress fitting took all morning and the guys suit fitting took all after noon. After the guys suit fitting they went for dinner, then returned home. Benji, Blaire and Tony where walking at the front of the group. Benji had his arm around Blaire and Blaire was resting her head on his shoulder. Matt and Billy where walking behind them with Evan and Paul strolling behind them all talking about their wedding. As they turned up the path to their house they could see someone sat on the door step in the shadows.
"Hey Blaire that looks like Scott." Tony said.
"No it can't be." Blaire said confused.
"Who ever it is there out cold." Benji said as they got near enough to see who it was. When they seen it was actually Scott, Blaire ran up to him and knelt down beside him. Benji and Tony came running up behind her.
"Shit Benj he's off his face."
"Come let's get him inside." Benji said as he and Tony picked him up and Blaire opened the door. When they got inside they lay Scott on the sofa.
"What's going on?" Matt said as he and Billy entered the room.
"We've just found Scott on the door step pissed out of his head." Tony explained. Scott started to wake up.
"Scott what the hell did you do to your self." Blaire said giving him a glass of water.
"What the hell do you care leave me alone." Scott said trying to stand but fell. Blaire caught him.
"Look at you, you can't even stand."
"Let go of me." He shouted trying to push her off him.
"No, you going no where like this." Blaire said getting mad at him. He'd promised her he was getting clean from all the drugs and alcohol and shit that he used to do. Blaire knew full well what Scott was like when he was of his face this much he got angry and violent. Blaire wasn't scared of him, he'd threaten her but never actually do anything to her and he'd always apologise later when he knew what he was doing.
"I can do what I want and you can't stop me. Now let go of me before I make you." Scott shouted. This made Benji, Tony, Matt and Billy look at Blaire worriedly but she just gave them a reassuring look.
"Oh you'll make me will you. You can't even stand on your own never mind do anything to me. Your useless you promised me you where stopping the shit. I don't know why I bother with you. I don't know why you bothered leaving the gang you just the same as them. You'll never change and you never will."
"Shut up!"
"Or what you'll hit me. I'd like to see you try." Blaire laughed at him. She knew exactly how to handle him when he was like this. She had, had enough experience. He lunged towards her drunkenly, she side stepped him and he fell. "See you idiot..."
"I said shut the fuck up." Scoot said getting up and getting in her face.
"Go on I'm not scared of you and you know it. I'm the only person you had left who still wanted anything to do with you but look you fucked it up with me now. You happy now even I don't want anything to do with you." Blaire could see it in Scott's eyes he was sobering up and realising what he had done. His eyes start filling with tears.
"Blaire I'm so sorry. What have I done? I'm and idiot. Please forgive me."
"You promised you said you'd change and I believed you. I was the idiot. You'll never change you can't and I mean it I'm not here for you any more I'm feed up with it."
"Blaire please I need you."
"Yeah well I don't need you." Blaire said shoving him out the door.
"Blaire please let's talk about this."
"Go get your self help and get your self clean properly them we can talk but until you get help I don't want anything to do with you." Blaire said closing the door.
"You see that's why I don't want you having anything to do with him." Tony said too her. She was very upset and that was not what she wanted to hear.
"Not a good time Tone." Benji whispered to him.
"No he's right Benj I've had enough." Blaire said sitting down. Benji sat next to her and put his arm around her.
"He's sat outside the door you know. Are you just going to leave it like that?"
"Yeah. Till morning." Blaire said.
"What do you mean?" Benji asked
"He needs time to think that I'm not going to take shit from him then. When I let him in he'll realise that he needs me more than I need him and he won't do that shit no more." Blaire said knowingly.
"You've done this before. Haven't you?" Benji said smiling.
"Yeah I have to do it all the time it's near enough the same thing every time. I didn't do this then he wouldn't have any respect for me like he has none for most other people." Blaire said smiling.

The next morning Blaire took a cup of coffee and apiece of toast out to Scott. He apologised and they where back to their normal selves. Blaire was sat on her own in the kitchen when everyone else came down.
"I see Scott's gone. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Benji said sitting next to her.
"I sorted him out he's back to normal and promised he's getting clean. But he says that most times. So I'll believe it when I see it."
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