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Chapter 11

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Here's the next part. I have also started a new story called suprises and I have added a new chapter to Tough Girl if anyone wants to check them out.

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Chapter 11

It was finally the wedding day. Paul's main best man was John, Evan's older brother. Benji, Joel and Billy where also best men. They all took lots of pictures out side. The church was full. There was rose petals sprinkled down the isle. It was the perfect white wedding.
"You look amazing." Benji whispered to Blaire while they where waiting outside.
"Thank you. You don't look to bad your self." Blaire said smiling at him.
Paul was nervously waiting at the front of the church. Tony and Matt where sat in the front row of Paul's side with all his family. The music started cueing the Bridesmaids and Best men to start making their way down. First was Blaire and John, followed by Benji and Asher, then Billy and Joel with one of Evan's little cousin's each. After they where in their places Evan started walking down the isle with her father. As Evan was walking down the isle Benji and Blaire's eyes met. They both looked at each other and smiled. Benji mouthed 'I love you' to her and she mouthed 'love you too' back and blew him a kiss. The ceremony went with out a hitch. At the reception John, Blaire and Paul made really good speeches. Everyone was enjoying the day. Blaire, Benji, Joel, Tony and Matt where sat down in a corner booth watching the disco. Evan and Paul came and sat down from dancing.
"You having a good day?" Blaire asked Evan smiling as Paul went to get them drinks.
"The best." Evan smiled. "Be you two next." Evan said laughing pointing to Blaire and Benji.
"No. I wouldn't hold your breath." Blaire said.
"Why not? You love him don't you?" Evan said.
"Yeah and I don't need a piece of paper telling me that." Blaire said. Benji left.
"Blaire you need to go after him." Joel said nudging her.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause trouble." Evan said as Blaire got up.
"No it's ok. It was my fault I should have thought before I said anything. Blaire said going after him.
"Hey where are Blaire and Benji?" Paul asked coming back with the drinks.
"I put my foot in it and Benj ran off." Evan said.
"What? Why?" Paul said sitting down.
"I was saying that it will be Benj and Blaire down the isle next."
"And what wrong with that?"
"Blaire doesn't like the idea of marriage. Well not anytime soon. Any way Blaire made it clear that she wasn't planning on getting married any time soon and Benji got upset and ran out."
"Yeah it Benji's dream to find his dream girl, settle down and get married. Blaire is his dream girl and I suppose he took what Blaire said a little too literary." Joel said.
"It's true though they look so good together and are great together. They should get married someday." Matt said.
"They probably will someday. When Blaire says she doesn't want to get married she means she doesn't want to get tied down just yet. Blaire loves her freedom and her life. In her eyes if she gets married she'll be giving that up." Joel explained.

Blaire found Benji sat on the wall outside. She went and sat next to him.
"Hey." She said.
"Hey." He replied they sat there in silence for a minute.
"Benj I'm really sorry. I should have thought about what I said before I said it." Blaire said looking at him.
"No I'm sorry for being so dramatic. If you don't want to get married I'll have to live with it." Benji said turning to look at her. Blaire rubbed the side of his face with her hand.
"Benj I don't mean it like that. I know how much you want to settle down and have a family. I want that too, but not just yet. I just don't want to get tied down yet. I'm still young and I want to live my life first before I go having kids and not having a life myself. Can you understand that?"
"Of course I can. So marriage isn't completely out of the question then?"
"Of course not. I do want to get married someday."
"Good." Benji said giving her a hug and a kiss.
They went back inside but didn't go to the others. They just wanted to enjoy each other company for a bit. Blaire was sat on a stool and Benji was stood in front of her facing her. She had her legs loosely wrapped round his and they where kissing.

Back at the Table Billy came over from chatting a girl up at the bar.
"So did you get her number?" Tony said smiling.
"Who's number?" Billy blushed.
"That girl you where all over at the bar." Matt said laughing.
"Oh that girl. Maybe." Billy said smiling.
"Where do you think Benji and Blaire are? I hope there ok?" Evan said.
"Benji and Blaire? There perfectly fine why wouldn't they be?" Billy said.
"We had a little misunderstanding here before. Anyway how do you know there ok?"
"Because I can see them over by the door and they look more than fine. In fact they look like they need to get a room." Billy said pointing Benji and Blaire out to the others.
"Do they ever stop? There like rabbits." Tony laughed.
"Oh yeah and how would you know? Been perving on them have you?" Evan said.
"No...but...seriously they can't keep their hands off each other. Look at them."
"Jealous are you?" Blaire said as they came walking up behind him.
"Of you? No. Of Benji? Hell yes." Tony said.

Later Paul and Evan went dancing again; Billy was with the girl from the bar again, Tony was dancing with some girl on the dance floor leaving Benji, Joel, Blaire and Matt sitting down.
"Come on." Blaire said standing up grabbing Matt's hand.
"What where are we going?" Matt said being pulled up by Blaire.
"Dancing. Benj won't dance." Blaire said. Matt looked at Benji for approval. Benji nodded.
They went dancing leaving Benji and Joel alone.
"So are you two ok after before?" Joel asked.
"Yeah. We talked about it and we're clear now. We both want to get married but we've agreed that we want a life first."
"Good. You two are so good together. It's been a long time since I've seen you this happy."
"She make's me so happy. I can't imagine life with out her."
"Yeah she tends to have that effect on people doesn't she?" Joel said smiling as they sat there watching Blaire and Matt dancing.
So how are you after, dare I say her name, Jenny?"
"I'm ok. Glad I had you, Blaire and Tony looking out for me."
"We'll always be here for you bro whether you want us to be or not." Benji said putting his arm around him.
"So you and Blaire in high school?" Joel said smiling. Benji took his arm off him. "You though you'd got away with it didn't but I just didn't have chance to bring it up before now."
"What's there to bring up?" Benji said nervously.
"Well let's start with it being one of the biggest and probably the only secret you've kept from me."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you but there wasn't really much to tell. We where just messing around."
"So you never got serious?"
"No, just friends."
"And where you happy with that."
"It made her happy."
"I said did it make you happy?"
"No you know I've always wanted her. She's the one and only love for me."
"Oh Benj you should have told her that back then. Instead of torturing yourself for all these years."
"I know but I really didn't think she felt the same way about me back then."
"Hey guys what are you so serious about?" Matt said as he and Blaire returned to the table.
"Oh nothing just stuff." Joel said.

The next morning Benji, Joel and Billy where the only ones up. They where the only ones who hadn't been drinking last night at the wedding therefore where probably the only ones with out hang overs. Paul and Evan had left for there honeymoon when the party had finished. Matt finally got up.
"Hey how you feeling?" Billy said.
"Not too bad got a head ache but I didn't drink all that much. Blaire and Tony will be bad though they drank so much."
"I didn't know Blaire drank that much she didn't look drunk." Billy said.
"Yeah that Blaire for you she can drink a trucker under the table and not look or act drunk but she pays for it the next morning." Matt explained.
Blaire and Tony came stumbling into the room.
"Hey guys how's your hang overs?" Matt said.
"Do you have to talk that loud?" Blaire said shielding her eyes from the light.
"That bad?" Joel whispered.
"What about you Tone?" Benji said laughing at Tony propping himself up by the counter getting himself some aspirin. Tony just grunted.
Later that day they where hanging out in the living room. Blaire was lay on the two seater resting her head on Benjis lap. Joel was sat in the chair. Billy and Matt where sat on the floor and Tony was half asleep, hogging the three seater to him self.
"So what do you want to do today?" Joel asked.
"Sleep." They heard Tony's muffled voice say.
"Sounds good to me." Blaire agreed.
"No I'm bored lets do something fun." Matt said.
"There a new arcade opened do you wanna go check that out?" Billy suggested.
"Yeah why not." Joel said getting up. Matt followed.
"You coming Blaire." Benji said lifting her head up.
"No I'll sleep and see you guys later." Blaire said getting a pillow and covering her head with it.
"Ok what about you Tone?" Tony just grunted and didn't make any signs of movement.
"I'll take that as a no. see you two later then." Benji said following Joel, Matt and Billy.

A few hours later Blaire woke up to someone poking her in the ribs.
"What the hell?" Blaire said moving the pillow from over her eyes. It was Tony. "What's wrong?" Blaire said sleepily.
"Nothing do you want something to eat? I'm hungry." Tony whined.
"Yeah ok. What we having?"
"What ever you cook for us."
"I'm not cooking you cook."
"No I don't want to cook either."
"We'll both cook then." Blaire said reluctantly getting up.
They raided the cupboards for food. They found a few things edible. When they had finished they where washing up. Blaire accidentally splashed Tony in the face with bubbles.
"Bitch!" Tony said wiping his face. Blaire tried not to laugh but couldn't help herself. Tony got a cup full of soapy water and chucked it at Blaire. Joel, Benji, Billy and Matt walked in. Blaire screamed then looked at Tony furiously. Tony ran off.
"Lovato your dead." Blaire said running after him. Joel, Benji, Matt and Billy laughed. They heard Tony scream and a thud, and then Blaire came walking down the stairs smiling.
"Hey baby." Blaire said giving him a kiss. "How was at arcade?"
"Good." Billy said. Just then Tony came walking down the stairs holding his side.
"What did she do this time?" Matt said.
"Rugby tackled me. She is unbelievably strong." Tony said they all laughed.
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