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chapter 12

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chapter 12

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Chapter 12

6 months later

Paul and Evan had come back from their honeymoon, they where so in love it was sickening. Good Charlotte had been on tour for two months already and still had one more month left. Blaire had hardly been home either; she had been on lots of modelling jobs from huge companies around the world. Blaire and Benji where still going strong. They where really good together. Even though they had hardly seen each other in the past four months, they still called each other at least three times a week. They did have a few arguments mainly because they missed each other and where never off at the same time to see each other but straight after the argument one of them would call the other back and apologise. Good Charlotte where currently in Canada for four days. Blaire had just found out that the next fashion show she was doing would be in Canada too. she didn't have chance to tell the guys that she would come visit them before she had to go can catch her plane and do the fashion show as soon as she arrived there. She would be able to stay in Canada for a week before she had to leave again. She decided that she would go hang out with the guys while they where still in Canada. When she had finished her fashion show she went straight to where the guys where playing. When she arrived there was still an hour before the ended so she decided to go out into the crowd to watch for a little while. As Benji was playing he was sure he seen Blaire in the crowd but just thought it was his imagination. Five minutes before the show ended Blaire went backstage to wait for the guys. A few seconds later Blaire heard the guys talking walking to the room. Benji entered first and turned the light on. Blaire stepped forward for them to see her. Benji just looked at her a smile growing on his face.
"Hey baby surprise." Blaire said giving him a hug.
"What are you doing here I thought you had a show?" Benji said still not letting go of her.
"Yeah the show was here so I thought I'd come see y'all." Blaire said still in Benji's bear hug. Benji started kissing her neck.
"Well... (Kiss) I... (Kiss)... missed you... (Kiss) so much (kiss)." Blaire smiled. Benji leaded back a bit to kiss her on the lips. At first it was a small kiss and they pulled apart looking into each others eyes. Then they went into full on make out mode. Blaire wrapped her legs around Benjis waist.
"Ok that's our queue to leave." Billy said turning round and going out the door.
"See you two later." Joel said smiling and following Paul and Billy outside.
Blaire and Benji didn't notice that they'd left, not that they really cared. All they where bothered about was being there together. Benji step backwards so Blaire's Back was pushed up against the wall. Benji put her down while they quickly undressed each other. Then they went back to their heated kiss, Benji lifting her up again and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist while he pushed into her.

An hour later Blaire and Benji where sat on the couch in the dressing room talking and catching up when Joel, Paul and Billy knocked on the door.
"Are you two decent? Is it safe to come in?" Paul said.
"Yeah you can come in now." Blaire called.
"So how come you're here?" Billy asked.
"I had a last minute fashion show to do so I didn't have chance to call and let you know I was coming."
"Well it's good to see you. It feels like ages since we've seen you." Joel said leaning over to give her a hug.
"I know I've been so busy and from what I've heard of Benj I'm not the only one. How's the tour going?"
"Good getting abit tired now but not got long left." Billy said.
"Yeah I can't wait to get home. How's Evan?" Paul said eagerly. Blaire laughed.
"I wondered how long it would be before you asked me about her. She's fine misses you like hell. That's all I have to listen to Paul this... Paul that..." Blaire said laughing.
"Yeah you think that's bad I me and Billy have to listen to Benj and Paul talking about you and Evan constantly." Joel said laughing.
"Aw Benj did you miss me." Blaire said giving him a hug.
"Course I did." Benji said smiling.
"Good cause I missed you too."
"How long are you here for?" Benji asked her. Them still wrapped up in each others arms.
"Well I only needed to be here for today and a magazine shoot tomorrow but I have the rest of the week off so I decided to stay here for it. " Blaire said.
"What do you plan on doing here when we leave in four days?" Paul asked.
"Absolutely fuck all. Probably go see a few places. I love Canada I used to come here all the time when I was younger." Blaire said.

The next day Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul where all hanging out in Benji and Joel's old hotel room. When Blaire got her room at the hotel Benji went and stayed with her so Joel had a room to himself. Blaire came rushing in.
"You ok Babe?" Benji asked.
"No I can't find my car keys and if I'm late they'll kill me." Blaire said looking everywhere franticly.
"Want me to give you a lift now and we can look for your keys later."
"Yeah please if your not doing anything sweetie."
"No problem. How long will you be so I can come and pick you back up?"
"I wont be that long you can stay and watch if you want."
"Yeah ok I've got nothing better to do."
"Is this invite only or can anyone come?" Paul said messing with her.
"You can all come if you want." Blaire said getting her jacket.
"It's ok I was only messing." Paul said.
"You can come if you want I don't mind and they wont beside Benji will need someone to keep him out of trouble while he's waiting." Blaire said laughing.
"If you don't mind we might as well we've got nothing else to do." Joel said getting up.
"That's fine."

At the photo shoot Benji, Joel, Paul and Billy all watched in amazement at how good Blaire was and how good she looked. And hour later she was done.
"Ok we ready to go?" Blaire said smiling at them.
"Blaire you looked amazing." Paul said.
"Thank you."
They went out for lunch and did some shopping. Benji and Blaire just followed behind Joel, Billy and Paul in their own little world talking, every now and then one of them would make the other laugh. It was nice and relaxing for all of them after their hectic schedules.
"I can't wait till this tour has ended and I can come home to you." Benji said putting his arms around her.
"I know but you know when you do get home I'll be gone for another couple of days in England doing some shoots and show." She said. Benji pouted. "I know babe I have to but after that I'm free for as long as I want so you have me all to your self to have your wicked way with." Blaire smiled.
"That sounds good." Benji said kissing her neck smiling.
The next few days went well. When Good Charlotte had a show Blaire either watched or waited backstage for them. When they weren't doing a show they all hung out and relaxed. Benji and Blaire defiantly made up for lost time while they where apart.
"I thought them two where bad before when they saw each other everyday but this, this is worst then ever." Paul said walking into Joel's room.
"I know did you hear them last night." Billy said. Just them Benji and Blaire walked in.
"Hear who?" Blaire said.
"What, oh nothing." Billy said blushing.
"They where bitching about you two keeping them up all night." Joel said laughing. Benji and Blaire smiled.
"Sorry you heard that." Benji said trying to be serious.
"You think?!" Paul said annoyed.
"Sorry guys we'll try and be more quite in future." Blaire said trying to hide the laughter.
That night Benji, Billy and Paul went out, Blaire was in the hotel spa and Joel was sleeping in his room. After Blaire had finished in the spa she went to Joel's room to see what he was up to. He was lay on his bed staring into space. He didn't notice when Blaire walked in. she sat on the bed next to him.
"Penny for them." Blaire said quietly. Joel snapped out of his little world and turned to look at her.
"Sorry, what? I was miles away then." Joel said smiling. Blaire laughed.
"I said penny for them, you looked deep in thought then. Are you ok?" Blaire said rubbing his arm.
"Yeah I'm fine. It's nothing." Joel sighed.
"Are you sure? You can tell me anything that's bothering you." Blaire said.
"I just really tired."
"Are you there's nothing else bothering you?"
"It just Paul is happily married to Evan, you and Benji will probably live happily ever after and well... I..." Joel stopped and sighed again. "It's nothing I'm being stupid."
"Joel you're not being stupid. You will find you dream girl she is out there waiting for you I know it. And beside Billy and Matt are still single and Tony well I don't think he'll ever settle down you now his motto why stick with one girl when you can have lots." Blaire said making him laugh a little. "That's what I like to see. I hate it when you're all sad." Blaire said giving him a hug.
"Thanks Blaire."
"You don't need to thank me."
"Anyway how is life in paradise?" Joel asked smiling.
"I wouldn't exactly call it paradise."
"What you and Benji not getting along?" Joel said surprised.
"No it's not that we don't get along. It's just because we don't see each other as much as wed like. Most of the time we get along with it but when we do have arguments about it we really do blow up at each other."
"I know I've heard Benji and he's always in a foul mood after. You too seem fine now though."
"Yeah we are. After the argument we always call each other back and apologise."
"So what's the problem?"
"There isn't one really it's just what if one day we really blow up at each other then don't call each other bed after."
"Blaire you to will never be able to stay mad at each other for very long. It's just impossible."
"You think?"
"I know." They hugged.

The next day was when Good Charlotte had to leave for the next venue. Blaire drove the guys to the air port.
"Ok guys see y'all when I get back from England. Hope the rest of the tour goes well for you." She said hugging each one in turn.
"Don't worry Mrs Right will come soon." Blaire whispered into Joel's ear when she hugged him.
"I love you baby don't ever forget that. I know it gets to you when where apart for so long it gets to me too but don't worry you'll see me before you know it." Blaire said giving Benji a hug and a kiss before he had to go.
"I love you so much. I can't wait till we get home." Benji said back.
The guys got onto the plane and Blaire went back to the hotel for three more days of relaxation.
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