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Chapter 13

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I think this will be one of the last chapters for this fic. let me know what you think. do you want more? or not?

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Chapter 13

The good Charlotte tour had ended. The guys had returned home and it was the day that Blaire was flying back from England. Everyone one was going the airport to pick her up. Blaire came walking through the gate and everyone walked to meet her.
"What's this, the Blaire Copeland welcome home party?" Blaire said laughing as they all hugged her.
"Ok guys I've just been squashed in a plane for five hours I don't need to be squeezed to death by y'all." Blaire said as everyone released her but Tony was still hugging her.
"Sorry we just missed you sooooooooooo much." Tony said giving her one last squeeze then letting go. Blaire laughed. She looked behind everyone to see Benji waiting at the back. They looked at each other and smiled. Blaire walked to him and they hugged, Benji lifting her off her feet.
"See told you it wouldn't be long before you got to see me again." Blaire said.
"It still felt forever."
"Well you have me now." Blaire said giving him a kiss as he put her down.
"Ok lets go before we have a repeat performance of when you two first seen each other in Canada." Paul said pulling Blaire off Benji. Everyone laughed.

When they all got home. Matt, Billy, Tony and Joel where sat in the living room, Paul and Evan where out together and Benji was in the kitchen. Blaire came down for unpacking.
"Hey baby. What you doing?" Blaire said wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder.
"Nothing, just glad your back. Wanna go sit in the living room?"
They went in the living room Blaire sat between Joel and Benji.
"Where's Paul and Evan?" Blaire asked.
"Out doing married stuff." Tony said.
"Oh right. So did anything good happen while I've been away?"
"No not really. Pretty boring with out you." Matt said.
"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you before. My mom and Josh are coming visiting tomorrow for a few days she wants to see her two boys and her future daughter in law as she put it." Benji said smiling.
"What!" Blaire said panicking.
"What's wrong with that? She loves you she always has done."
"Yeah that was when we where friends. Now I'm some chick corrupting her son." Blaire said making them all laugh. "It's not funny."
"It is when you call your self a chick if anyone else said that you'd knock them out." Matt said.
"Yeah and you corrupting Benj? That'll be the day. If there's any corrupting going on it's him corrupting you." Tony said laughing.
"Yeah but she wont see it that way it's her little boy remember." Blaire said starting to laugh her self.
"Come on Blaire since when are you nervous of meeting anyone?" Joel said.
"I'm not nervous. Just a little worried."
"Well don't be she can't wait to see you." Benji said.
"Yeah to beat me up." Blaire said laughing making everyone else laughed too.
The next day Benji woke Blaire up at eight am.
"Blaire get up sweetie." Benji said leaning over kissing her.
"What...What time is it?" Blaire said groggily.
"Eight." Benji said.
"Eight in the morning, Benj what are you doing up is there something wrong?" Blaire sat up.
"No. I'm going pick mom and Josh up from the air port. I'll see you when I get back." Benji said laughing.
"Ok see you later babe." Blaire said giving him a kiss before he left.
Blaire went back to sleep for half and hour only to then be woken up by Tony jumping on her.
"What the fuck. Tony what the hell are you doing?" Blaire said pushing him off her. Matt was stood by the door laughing.
"You fell back to sleep. Joel, Benji, Josh and their mom will be here soon." Tony said getting off her.
"And you couldn't have found a nicer way to wake me up other than crushing my ribs?" Blaire said laughing making her way to the shower.
"Probably but none as fun." Tony said looking pleased with himself. Matt laughed.
"What you laughing at your just as bad you let him do it." Blaire said playfully pushing Matt as she walked past him.

When Blaire got down stairs Benji, Joel and their mom was sat in the living room talking. Matt and Tony where in the kitchen. Blaire took a deep breath and walked into the living room.
"Blaire." Robin said getting up and giving Blaire a huge hug.
"Hey, how are you?" Blaire said as she was being squeezed to death by Robin.
"I'm very well thank you. You look so beautiful, you always where. How are you?" Robin said finally letting go of her.
"I'm fine thank you. Hey Josh, Sarah." Blaire said going over and giving them a hug too. They hung out for the rest of the day. Later that night Blaire and Josh where outside talking.
"I was always jealous of Benji you know." Josh admitted.
"What why?" Blaire asked.
"Because he was always so close to you and I wanted to be that close to you. I had a crush on since the first time Benj introduced us."
"Josh we where close." Blaire said not really knowing what to say.
"Yeah but not as close as I wanted us to be and still want us to be."
"Josh I'm with Benj and..." Blaire said trying not to hurt him.
"I know and I know that nothing can or will ever happen between us but I just needed to let you know how I felt."
"Josh you're a really nice person and I love you as a friend and my boyfriends brother. There are plenty of other girls who would love to be with you..."
"You don't have to try to make me feel better. I'm dealing with it like I always have. Now I've told you I can try to move on." Josh said. She hugged him.
"Does Benji know how you feel?"
"No and I don't want him to know, please don't tell him."
"Don't worry I wont." Blaire said hugging him again and going back inside. She felt guilty for the way Josh felt. She really liked Josh and they always got on well but she loved Benji and only Benji.
"Hey you ok?" Benji asked her as she got back in closely followed by Josh. Josh went straight into the living room to everyone else.
"Yeah fine." Blair sighed.
"You sure you look like something's bothering you. You can tell me anything you know."
"I know. I'm fine just a little tired."
"Well if you're sure."
"Yeah I'm fine." Blaire said smiling and giving him a kiss.
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