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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Blaire had been up most of the night thinking about what Josh had said. The next morning Blaire was trying to act as normal as possible but what Josh had said the night before really did get to her. Why did he keep quite for so long? If he really was getting over it then why tell her now? The whole situation and they way Josh was acting really got to Blaire. Benji and Blaire where sat together eating breakfast together. Benji knew Blaire so well he could tell that something was wrong with her at the slightest little thing.
"OK what's bothering you? Please tell me it's really annoying me now." Benji said looking at Blaire. Blaire didn't look at him.
"Nothing, Benj I've told you I'm just a little tired."
"Bullshit. Blaire you've been acting strage since you cam in last night after you disappeared with Josh don't try to say it isn't because I've known you long enough I can tell when something's bothering you and something bothering you know please just tell me." Benji said.
"Seriously Benj its ok you don't need to worry." Blaire said looking down.
"Well I am worrying." Benji said getting up and kneeling down next to her turning her head so she had to look at him. "Blaire you say it's nothing but look at the way your acting, you where up most of the night over what ever it was, now you can't tell me that it's nothing please just tell me." Benji said softly.
Blaire couldn't handle this she didn't know what to do. She really wanted to tell Benji. She always told Benji everything there nothing that she didn't tell him but she had promised Josh that she wouldn't tell anyone especially Benji. If she told Benji the situation would get out of control and Benji would probably end up falling out with Josh. Blaire wouldn't be able to stand it if she had come between two brothers. Tears started to roll down her face.
"Benji I'm sorry I can't tell you." Blaire sobbed.
"What do you mean you can't tell me? Blaire please you've got me really worried."
"Benj I'm sorry please don't worry. It's nothing." She wiped her tears trying desperately to stop crying but the tears just kept falling. By this time Benji was starting to fill up with tears too.
"Benj please you r making this really hard for me."
"I'm making this hard for you? That's a good one. You won't tell me anything do you have any idea how hard that's making things for me?" Benji said getting frustrated. Blaire sobbed more. Josh walked in thy both stopped and looked at him.
"YOU TOLD HIM I CAN'T BELIVE YOU TOLD HIM I TRUSTED YOU AND NOW YOU'VE FUCKED EVERYTHING UP!" Josh shouted storming up stairs. Benji looked from where Josh was standing back to Blaire.
"I had it." Benji said quietly them got up and left. Leaving Blaire sat there in tears not knowing what to do. Joel walked in.
"Goodmor...Blaire what's wrong?" Joel said kneeling next to her.
"Great I just keep making this worst." Blaire said more to herself than anything. Now another Madden son was getting involved.
"Blaire what are you talking about?"
"Oh fuck it I might as well tell you cause not telling made thing worst with Benji."
"Blaire what's the matter?" Joel asked softly rubbing her back. Blaire explained everything what had happened.
"Oh Blaire their both dickheads. Don't get so upset over them if they both like you as much as they say they'll be back soon. Why didn't you tell Benji anyway?"
"Because if I tell him and he falls out with Josh I wouldn't be able to handle that if I'd come between them." Joel gave her a hug.
"Don't you worry about it. Go talk to Josh get him up so speed with what really happened then later when Benji decides to stop being a baby and comes home you Josh and Benj can sit down together and talk about it. I'll stay with you if you want."
"Would you?" Blaire said giving him a little smile and drying her eyes.
"Of course I will. Now come on go sort baby number one out." Joel said pulling her up and walking with her to Josh's room. They knocked on the door. There was no answer but the door wasn't locked so they went in anyway.
"After my other brother now are you?" Josh said looking at Blaire and Joel.
"Give it a rest idiot don't you think you've put her through enough. You just can't stand Benj being happy you have to go and open your big mouth." Joel said defensively. Holding onto Blaire and Blaire had her arms around him loosely.
"I was only telling her my real feelings, so shoot me." Josh said obnoxiously.
"Don't be like this. What's got into you?" Joel said. Josh didn't answer. Blaire went and sat next to him.
"Shut up."
"Josh just fucking listen to me will you!" Blaire shouted getting his attention. She was getting fed up with the drama. "Listen to me. I told you last night that I love you as a friend but me feelings don't go any further than that. Even if I wasn't with Benj I still wouldn't but interested in having a relationship with you. Please don't take that the wrong way. You told me not to tell Benji how you feel and I kept that promise. That promise is what got me into this situation. I wouldn't tell Benj and now he's mad at me so I hope you happy now you've got me and Benji arguing and keep secrets from each other something that we've never had to do." Blaire stopped talking now sobbing again Joel came over and out an arm around her. It finally hit Josh the way he'd be acting.
"Blaire I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything and I'm sorry for the way I've be acting. It's just I seen you and Benj so good together and I thought if I could break you two apart I could have what he has with you but I understand now that I can never have that and you and Benji deserve to be together. I'll go tell him and sort everything out I promise." Josh said. Blaire nodded.
"Josh you can have what me and Benji have and I know you will some day but just not with me." Blaire said before he left the room.
"You feeling better?" Joel asked.
"Yeah a little."
"Everything's going to be ok." Joel said giving her a hug and wiping her tears. Joel and Blaire sat upstairs watching a movie talking and having a laugh together. It took Blaire's mind off what had happened that morning. There was a knock on the door.
"Come in." Blaire called. It was Benji. He came in looking like a naughty little school boy. Blaire and Joel looked at him.
"Can I have a word please?" Benji asked quietly. Blaire nodded. Joel got up and left. Benji walked further into the room. "Josh talked to me..." Benji trailed off. Blaire just looked at him. "He explained everything. I'm so sorry. I..."
"Benj it killed me not telling you but I just couldn't..."
"I understand that now and I'm ok with everything I just got the wrong idea and ..."
"Benj it doesn't matter." Blaire said hugging him.
"So am I forgiven?" Benji smiled.
"Only if I am." Blaire smiled back. Benji kissed her.
"Just one thing you didn't kill Josh did you?" Blaire asked. Benji looked at her for a second. "Benji you..." Blaire started.
"No he's fine." Benji laughed. Blaire playfully hit him.
"Benj you really got me going then." Blaire laughed.
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