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Art Class

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We are introduced to new guy, Gerard, and get to know Jackson a little better

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Frank opened his locker to find a boy sat inside it.

"Oh, for fucks sake" The boy was wearing a 30 seconds to Mars t-shirt

He was about to shut the door. "Hey!" I said "I like your t-shirt"

The fellow echelon stared at me.

"Well?" I queried

"Oh. I thought you were gonna say 'Not' or 'Weirdo' after or something" He climbed out from the metal box. Now he was closer, I could see he had been crying. He also had food in his hair. Another outcast. "'re not joking? You're being nice to me?"

"Of course"

He shook his head in disbelief.

"I'm Robyn" I told him

"Jared. Like Jared Leto. Cool? Wait, no, not really..."

"No! It is cool!"

"Okay. Shut up now. Lessons start soon" Frank still had a blank expression on his face.

"Uh, I'm sorry" Jared looked at the floor. Frank grunted and left.

Thankfully, Jared wasnt new, so he told me where I had to go. We were in the same class for art which was good. We took seats at the back

I looked around the classroom. Plain baby blue walls, with easels and paints in the corner. A mirror was next to the window, both under a blanket of dust. Not very arty at all. The only thing slightly artistic was sitting in the corner, drawing a comic. I edged nearer to him.

His crimson hair fell over his eyes, and he made a feeble attempt to push it away, but it fell back into place. Then he noticed me staring at him. He glanced away awkwardly, moving his pencils. I saw the name at the bottom of his cartoon. 'Gerard Way'

"Gerard eh?"

He jumped. "Uh, yeah.." He chuckled nervousley

"You're a great artist"


A bulky looking woman stormed in. "Please face the front" She had a ridiculously high voice. "We have 2 new members of art class this year, Robyn Darlington and Gerard Way. I think that's them sitting at the back"

The whole class glared at us. I gave a stupid smile. One boy stayed gazing after everyone else had faced away. He raised an eyebrow. "Jackson! Face the FRONT"

Jackson gave a Jared a dirty look the turned back around. Jared trembled. This guy must be the bully, I thought.

I was right, because when our teacher left the room, he threw green paint on my new friend, and blamed it on me.

I had to go to the principal's office to 'talk about it'
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