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On the Same Street

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Mikey joins the gang, and they all find they are closer than they think

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"So, uh, what did the principal say?" Gerard muttered to Robyn. She rolled her eyes.

"Just gave me a warning. I can tell that me and that Jackson creep are going to get along great." she said sarcastically.

I just stared down at my hands. I had The Cure echoing in my one ear, and them talking in the other. It was fine for them. They were the new kids. They hadn't had to deal with it their whole life. A skinny kid with glasses turned around in his seat and waved at Gerard, moving to the seat infront of us, almost falling into it with his terrible balance.

"Mikes, be careful. If you hurt yourself mom will go crazy on me." Gerard sighed.

"Sorry." he said awkwardly. "Uh, hi." he said, blushing a little when he caught Robyn's gaze.

"This is my brother, guys. He's a little socially awkward, but he'll get used to you."

Mikey's huge glasses magnified his eyes, making him look like a human cartoon character. He had to contstantly push them back onto his face, as they kept slipping to the end of his nose. The bus came to my stop, and all of them walked off the bus with me.

"Oh, you guys live on this street?" I murmured.

They all nodded, and Mikey pointed to a house across the street from mine, and Robyn headed to a house two doors down, waving behind her. I waved back shyly.

"Well, see you tomorrow." Gerard sighed, and headed across the street with Mikey.

I went through the front door, locked it behind me, and then stayed in my room for most of the evening.
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