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They Found Out

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A secret is revealed.

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"You're late" The thick accent told me who it was.

"Um, yeah" I bustled past Ola, but she grabbed my shirt and pulled me back.

"Ive told you this, and so has your father. You must never be late"

I stared blankly. My expression didnt change even when her hand struck across my face. It did when she punched me in the stomach. My weight fell to my knees.

"Do you know why I do this?"


"Because I love you sweetheart" She kicked my whilst I was down and entered the kitchen.

I lay there in the hallway for a while, thinking of what to do. I didnt move untill there was a knock on the door about an hour later. Ola was upstairs with my dad, doing god knows what, so I crawled to my feet.

It was Mikey. "Uh, um, hi"


"What happened to your cheek?"

"Nothing" I lied

"And youve got a little blood on your lip too"

I felt my mouth. It was bleeding

"I think I'll come in" Mikey's confidence had suddenly grown, as he barged past me into the lounge. I joined him, walking slowly. I was still in pain from Ola's lash out. Mikey looked concerned. "Sit" He instructed. I did. "Tell me whats happened"

I heard footsteps coming down from the staircase. "Shit! Hide!" I pushed Mikey into the laundry cupboard.

Ola was dressed to the nines, in a slinky red number. "Just to let you know, I'm going out with Robert now" Robert was my father "You musnt do anything. Do homework, by all means, but no music. Don't corrupt my house with that noise" She stepped closer towards me "And if you do do that, or make a mess, or anything youre not allowed to do...this will happen" She tugged at my lilac locks and kicked me in the shin. For the second time today, I fell to the floor. "I love you" She blew a kiss as my father came down.

"Get up off the floor you silly girl" My dad laughed. I groaned

"Oh come on baby doll!" Ola was a different person around Robert. If he ever found out what she was doing, she would be gone in an instant.

"Okay. Just lay there" He laughed again. "Come on, my princess" He linked arms with Ola and they left like nothing happened. When the door shut, Mikey reappeared.

"I heard everything" He said solemly. I just stayed on the carpet. "You're staying at ours tonight" He picked me up. Suprisingly strong for his skinny self.

Gerard was sitting in an elaborate armchair, reading a comic. "Mikes? Why is Robyn here?" Mikey didnt say anything. He pointed me to a leather sofa and took Gerard's arm and pulled him out of the room.

Their living room was nice. Small but cosy. A small fireplace below the television which hung on the wall. Various family portraits on the mantlepeice. A perfect family.

I heard some muttering. Mikey walked in, and Gerard followed on the phone. "Theyre out now but yeah, 39 Victoria Drive....she's with us, safe...thanks"
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