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Everyone's here

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We are introduced to yet another person, yet one leaves

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Jarred suddenly burst through to door. He saw me, put his hand on his chest and sighed with relief. "Oh my God! You're okay"

"Not exactly" Mikey inturepted, stiring the chicken soup he insisted making me. "There you go"

"What happened?"

"Ola Darlington is what happend" Gerard was pacing up and down.

"W-what did she do?"

Mikey beckoned him into the hall. Im glad he didnt talk about it in the same room as me.

"Do you know when they'll be back?" Gerard asked

I sipped the soup. It was boiling. "No idea. Sorry"

"There's no need to be sorry. She should be sorry" He stared out the window. I followed his gaze. She was here now, walking slowly with my dad. They stopped dead in their tracks. The policeman was talking to them for a while, but I couldnt hear, and they grabbed Ola and put her in cuffs. "Serves her right, the bitch" Gerard muttered. I couldnt help feel a smile coming over my face as she was pushed into the car. But my father must have been distraught. He headed towards the Way's house

The knock was loud. "I'll get it!" Mikey exclaimed, part running to the door.


"Im not sure she wants to see you"

More mumbling

"No. And anyway, the cops said you cant speak to her for a few days"

More mumbling

"Im her friend, I dont she wants to see you right now, so bug off" He slammed the door. "That was your dad"

I nodded, quite dozy now after the rush of the events that had just happened. Jared sat next to me. "I-I never knew"

"That was the plan"

"But why? You could have got seriously hurt"


There was another knock. "Oh, piss off!" Mikey shouted

"Don't worry. Its Ray"

"Oh. Come in"

A boy with a large afro walked in. He nodded a greeting to Jared, and sat on the arm of the brightly coloured chair that was in the corner of the lounge.

"I know youve only just met, but I think Robyn should probably get some sleep now" Mikey took my arm and pulled me up.

"As long as she'll be okay"

Mikey carried me upstairs. He had become very protective, yet he hardly knew me. I was taken into a white room with a large double bed. "That can be your bed. Our parents are out of town for the week so you can stay here until Wednesday. He gave me a weak smile and left.

Though in general today had not been the best, I had made some really good friends. It felt nice to be appreciated
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