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she just couldn’t stay away she adored him, but it was her admiration that would destroy him, still she let him in. (Religous Themes)

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She had tried her best to keep away from him till now but she was selfish and needed him. Mikey was her only light in the world but just being close to him would kill him, in the one hundred and seventy years she had known him he had yet to reach his eighteenth birthday, she had always taken his life from him because she just couldn't stay away she adored him, but it was her admiration that would destroy him, still she let him in, he had no idea of what would happen, he believed he was just stealing a kiss maybe more, but she knew they would never get passed that first kiss, he would be gone before she opened her eyes.
Mikey was late home again, these days all he seemed to do was get drunk and hook up with random girls, then turn up at home in the early hours of the morning, he was drifting, he had given up all plans of a future at the age of 17 and it had even been weeks since he had played bass, music didn't mean as much to him now as it had done as a kid, all hope of a good education was lost, Mikey was a smart kid his problem was he didn't care, he just felt he had done it all before.

He nocked on the door of the house he and his brother were sharing, he rubbed his neck as he waited for Gerard to answer he could feel the spot were a girl had been chewing on his neck, that would be the only thing to remind him of her, he hadn't bothered learning her name to begin with Gerard opened the door laughing, he wasn't looking at Mikey but back at the couch were Frank sat next to a girl.

She was small and pale, her hair was in neat shoulder length ringlets, and a thick fringe framed her heart shaped face, she was pretty, thick lashes like webs round her wide eyes, rosy cheeks and naturally red lips, she was smiling and laughing until she saw Mikey half bent over the door frame his blonde hair greasy and sticking up at awkward angles, his glasses half fallen off his face he gave her what he thought was his best smile she just looked down and folded her hands neatly in her lap. Frank had stopped smiling too he looked from the girl to Mikey a few times before resting his gaze on his
boyfriend standing at the door. Surprisingly Gerard held on to his grin he now looked at Mikey and ruffled his hair "Hey Mikey Mikey Mikey Mikes"

It was clear Gerard had been drinking too, he stank of beer and BO as he put his arm round his little brother, he kept on repeating his name as he bought Mikey to in front of the sofa, the girl looked up and smiled awkwardly before dropping her eyes again "This Mikey, is the legendary Shcuyler Mon-Ange, and she Mikey-"
"Was just leaving actually" she cut him off her voice matched her appearance it was a child's voice, it tinkled through the air leaving a slight ring to Mikey's ears, he had heard her voice before, she was so similar yet he couldn't remember meeting her ever before and she didn't look like the type of girl to go to one of Mikey's parties
She got to her feet and Frank stood to let her through the small gap between the sofa and coffee table, Mikey noticed that Frank even had at least a foot on the tiny girl, she was thin too if it weren't for her aged eyes she could have been only twelve,yet her dress flattered her body, it was tight at her tiny waste and was starched out from her hips,
her legs were practically sticks with black ribbon rapped around them, they contrasted greatly to her ivory skin, witch almost glowed. She caught him staring and blushed slightly before hurrying out the room nodding her good byes to Gerard and Frank.

Mikey stared at the door for a few moments after she left, a chill had run down his spine as she had passed him, he rubbed the back of his neck and let out a small sigh before making his way to the couch were Gerard and Frank sat kissing, he pulled a face 'get a room'
Gerard just picked up a pillow and threw it at Mikey, not breaking contact with Frank. Mikey dodged the pillow and laughed "I'm going to go have a fag"
Mikey pulled up his collar and went outside he jumped slightly; Schuyler was still there she had just lit one up and stood looking out over the porch, Mikey tried taming his hair a little and adjusted his glasses to the end of his nose "Hey"
Schuyler looked round shocked "Oh god, its you!"
Her eyes were wide for a second before she relaxed again slightly
"Ha-ha yeah me'
Mikey rubbed the back of his neck and Schuyler looked away again
"Do people call you Sky?"
She looked back "not anymore"
"Oh, how come?"
"Its a long story"
"Can I call you Sky?"
She laughed and turned to face him "You know its properly best if you didn't call me anything"
she looked sad for a second before taking a drag of her cigarette
Mikey suddenly remembered why he was out here, he stuck his hand in his coat pocket,
then his jean he cursed under his breath and Schuyler looked at him, she smiled and passed him her's Mikey took it from her and inhaled the smoke not taking his eyes off of her "So whys
Shcuyler blinked "whys what?"
"Can't i call you anything?"
Schuyler looked like she was going to speak but paused a few seconds passed and Mikey raised his eyebrows
"I'm.... going away"
there was a sombre look in her eyes that she now kept pinned to the floor
"Oh, how long?"
"Wont you come back and visit?"
"What? Visit you?"
Mikey laughed and a small blush rose to his cheeks, why would she come visit him? They had only just met, he shook his head "No no no, not me, I mean why
me? Ha-ha but Gerard and Frank?"
She smiled a little "maybe"
"Sooo can I call you Sky then?"
Schuyler laughed and started walking away "well see"
she didn't look back round at Mikey as she left, but Mikey watched her go a small smile playing on his lips.

A/N so this is a fic I wrote ayyygggggeeessss ago and I'm fianly posting ot on Ficwad YAY so anyway what do you think? I have about 7 chapters writne if anyone is interested
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