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for the first time Mikey Way was in love

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It had been weeks since she left and despite all that had gone on she was the only one on his mind,for the first time Mikey Way was in love, in love with a girl of witch he knew no more than her name, but her face stuck in his mind and he was sure if he bothered showing up to school, her married name would be the one doodled foolishly in the corner of his book, he thought about it now Schuyler Way he started to write it on the sheet he was meant to be filling in, when he suddenly remembered just what he was filling in.

It was an application for a reform school.

There had been a fire, he and a girl had got stuck in his bed room after one of his parties, flames had ripped up the walls and carpets consumed all the oxygen and blackened the lenses of his glasses, he couldn't remember much he was paralytic at the time, he could just remember the girls screams ripping through his ears, but he couldn't help her he had been paralysed and she burned, he could remember the smell of burning flesh, he could still see her eyes screaming, he even remembered her name Ronnie Harte she had been in every news paper in New Jersey for the past week, so had he.

After surviving with a lack of information about the fire, people suspected Mikey of arson and murder; of coarse he hadn't done it. Had he? The last thing he remembered was Gerard leaving as his guests arrived, then the fire.

He knew he had been drunk but he had no reason to burn down his house with him inside, and he
didn't have any problems with Ronnie, she was just another body to use, if her face hadn't been plastered all over the media, he wouldn't have even remembered that.

But despite his efforts, no one seemed to believe him, he was a nut case, a mad man, a murderer, luckily no one had any proof that Mikey had caused the fire, they put it down as careless smoking, but Mikey's parents weren't having it, he and Gerard had moved back home while there house was a mess under the condition that Mikey attended the nearest reform school a few towns over, Mikey hadn't realised reform school meant boarding school, weeks away from home, without seeing his big brother and his boyfriend, he was going to miss his friends too, though he wasn't exactly close to them, they were how he filled up his Saturday nights, Mikey just hoped that reform school parties were as wild as they let out to

Mikey packed a small bag, black tops black jeans he would have to leave behind most of his
favourite band t-shirts, there was no uniform on the exception that students wore all black on
school days, no piercings no tattoos no extreme hair no smoking no phones no knives and no alcohol. Mikey scrunched up his face, as he went through the list no alcohol would be the killer he sighed inwardly and his brother appeared at the door, his hair was messy and his eyes red "Can I come in?"
Mikey smiled and nodded at his big brother "since when do you ask?"
Gerard walked up to Mikey and ruffled his hair before taking back his hand and whipping it on Mikey's top "You hair could do with a wash bro"
Gerard sniffed as Mikey shrugged, "Scrap that I think you could do with a wash, go
take a shower ill finish your packing"
Mikey hugged his brother he was really going to miss him
"Ha-ha whoa there Mikes, don't go all mushy on me! Gerard joked but held Mikey close to him.
"I didn't do it you know Gee"
Mikey was starting to tear up Gerard rubbed the back of Mikey's head "I know Mikes I know"
This only made Mikey cry more "I don't wanna leave you"
Gerard closed his eyes to keep from crying himself, he had to be strong for Mikey "I know, but it wont be for long, Ill come visit when I can"
Mikey pulled away a little and took off his glasses to rub his groggy eyes "And
Mikey said between sniffs Gerard smiled "of coarse, now go take a shower you stink."
Gerard laughed and Mikey pulled completely away and made his way towards the bathroom he turned when he got to the door he opened his mouth to tell Gerard how great he really was but Gerard stopped him
Mikey ran out before Gerard had time to throw something at him.
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