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chapter two

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“Too late, it`s ringing.”

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Hey,I`m sorry about the wait, I hope it was worth it. I`m also sorry about the cliffhanger, I just needed to get some sleep, I`ll try to update as soon as I can. Not much too much else say, please, please let me know if you liked the chapter.
Mikey`s pov
“Hey boys,” Mum smiles brightly at us as she sees the two of us making our way up from the basement. I was literally dragging my older, social leper of a brother behind me, threatening to cut off his raven hair if he kept complaining. I wouldn`t really ever do that to him and he knew it, but I would say anything if it meant that he would just step outside for once and join us, he rarely spoke to anyone anymore, even me, and we were all very worried about him.
“Gerard, it is so nice to see you are out of your room for once, are you and Mikey going somewhere nice?” she asks, beaming up at him, trying and failing to hide her happy surprise.
“We`re going to the park,” Gerard mumbles, staring down at the muddy, what was once a white coloured, slightly worn carpet.
“That is great, sweetie!”
“Mmmm…I suppose so…” he says quietly under his breath, I wasn’t really sure if she even heard him. I was stood right next to him and I had to strain my ears.
“Is it just going to be you two, or is Ray, Bob and Frank-“Gerard winces slightly at the mention of his former best friend`s name, he obviously had “forgotten” to tell mum about the fact that they were no longer friends.
“Frank isn’t going to be there, no.” He says, still staring at the ground, now glaring at it bitterly, no emotion whatsoever in his voice. She frowns and raises one eyebrow, something she always does when she was suspicious of something, but our mother was a smart woman so she let it drop and changed the subject.
“Well I hope that you have a nice time, will you be back in time for dinner?”
I glance over at my older brother, his hazel eyes were bloodshot and thick, dark circles surrounded them. His skin was pale, even paler than usual, almost unhealthily so. He meets my eyes, and nods once, his dark, ebony hair that he had pushed behind one of his ears fell forward into his face, partially obscuring his vision. Mum tutted and reached for him, trying to fix it for him by tucking it back behind his ear, but soon gave up on it.
“Oh honey, you really should get something done with that hair of course,” she smiles at him and ruffles it, messing it up even more. “My friend Susan, you know Susan don`t you?” we both nod, but neither really honestly can remember the woman our mother worked with. “Her daughter is a hairdresser, in fact she recently qualified, and she`s single, only a bit older than you," He rolls his eyes, mum still hadn`t given up on trying to set him up with her friend`s and workmate`s daughters, but Gerard just wasn`t interested. "Maybe she would cut it for you.” We both knew that he wouldn’t let anyone take scissors to his hair that nearly reached his shoulders, not in a million fucking years.
“No thanks mum.” Gerard sighs, running a slightly shaking hand through the disaster that was his hair. “I`d rather not let some bitchy, superficial girl fuck my hair up.” She narrows her eyes at him, but for once fails to scold him for his swearing.
“Well, see ya mum, we`ll be back for dinner, okay?” she nods, and waves at us, heading back into the kitchen to prepare dinner.
Frank`s pov.
“Frankie, like did you see that show last night, the one about the vampires and that girl and the thing with the…” bla. Bla. Bla. Faye babbles away, unaware that I wasn’t paying any attention to her. I felt bad, she was a nice girl and all, but I just wasn`t interested.
“Did you?” she asks again, bringing me back to reality. I had been thinking about him again, Gerard, my ex best friend, something I tried to force myself not to do, but it was becoming harder every day.
“Huh?” she sighs, but smiles up at me. That was something; she was even shorter than I was.
“Never mind, shall we sit here for a while?” I nod, not saying a word and we both sit down on the slightly rusted park bench, her far too close for my liking.
Gerard…I miss you. I don’t want to, I know you don’t miss me…I only want to know why, why you hate me now, why you want nothing to do with me…
I don’t know how long we sit there, Faye babbling on about everything and everything, I give a short yes or no, or a grunt now and then to let her know I was listening, even though I wasn’t really.
Back to Mikey`s pov.
“Hey, Mikes, Gerard!” a teenager that slightly resembled a walking tree or possibly even a bush walks towards us, his name was Ray, Ray Toro and was one of my best friends, he used to be Gerard`s as well, before he had stopped going out. Beside him stood a sandy haired guy who was wearing a Black Sabbath shirt.
“Hey Ray, Bob.” Gerard nods once at the two of them, briefly making eye contact.
“What the fuck is wrong with you man? We ain`t gonna bite or nothing!” Bob jokes, grinning widely at him, but his smile soon fades when Gerard doesn`t return it and continues staring defeatedly at his muddy converse.
“Gee, ya can speak to us, tell us what`s wrong, please?” Ray edges closer to him and sits down on the cold, uncomfortable bench next to him, his eyes filled with concern.
“Nothing is wrong with me, will everyone stop asking me that?! I`m fine, perfectly fine.” It was a very unconvincing lie, Gerard used to be the best liar I knew, not anymore. He wasn’t really anything anymore, not since he had broken ties with his best friend Frank. Since then he had been like an empty shell, the beaten, broken remains of what once had been a lively, happy, if not slightly insane human being.
“You miss him, don`t you?” Bob takes a seat on the other side of Gerard and loosely places his right arm around his shoulder, but it is shoved of. Bob looks confused and hurt, very hurt, but he shrugs it off.
“Why are you guys not friends anymore, you never actually told us?”
Gerard shakes his head, ducks his head, his hair creating the perfect, black curtain to hide behind.
“That`s it Gee, we are all worried about you, why can`t you tell us what is bugging you?”
“I-“ he begins to speak, ready to once again deny that there was something wrong, but I cut him off, sick and tired of all his crap. Couldn’t he see we were all worried sick?
“Don’t give us that “I`m fine” crap, we ain`t buying it.”
“Ya know what?” Bob asks, searching his jeans pockets for something. “I`m calling him, this has gone on way too long. Maybe if you guys just sit down and talk you will be able to be mature and sort something out.” He searches through his contacts list, looking for Frank`s number, Gerard`s eyes wide with fear, mixed in with a little shock.
“No, please, he won’t want to see me, he hates my guts!”
“He misses you Gee, we all do.”
“I haven’t gone anywhere.” He mutters, scuffing his feet. He had, the old Gerard wasn`t like this, he wouldn’t dream of ignoring his best friend or hiding things, especially important things from his friends. The old Gerard was gone though, and we all desperately wanted him back, we needed him back.
“Bob, don`t!”He tries to grab it off of him, but Bob jumps out of his way.
“Too late, it`s ringing.” He says smugly, putting on speaker.
From across the park we all can see a blonde and black haired teenage boy picks up his phone. He was sitting on a bench a couple of metres away, next to him was a pretty, red haired girl. We were close enough that we could have heard what he was saying without the phone.
“Hello, who is it?” Frank asks, his chocolate eyes going wide with shock as Bob tells him.
“Bob?” he asks in a shaky voice, where are you?”
“Bob, who is that?” the girl next to him asks, taking hold of his free hand, tucking her long, wavy hair behind one ear, smiling up at him.
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