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First Impressions

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First Impressions

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First Impressions

"Mr. Proton, Mr. Proton," some fifteen year old rookie called out while raising his hand as if this was some kind of classroom. The old warehouse didn't resemble a classroom at all.

Comet grinned, he was the youngest person there at the age of thirteen, but he was definitely not a rookie, these new guys, mostly teenagers, were rookies. They were the kind of rookies that were painfully obvious rookies.

"What?" Proton snapped, not at all happy with the mission he was given to train some of the new recruits. The other squads were full and though he had more important, higher ranked, business to tend to he had to fill in. It looked like he got all the rejects. "I told you that if you have any questions you should ask him!" He pointed at Comet with irritation. At the last minute he decided to drag Luke's kid along for the mission in hopes of dumping the rookies on him, because Proton definitely had better things to do than deal with a bunch of criminal wanna-be teenagers that had no idea what they were getting into. It was indeed a pity that all the other instructors got to choose their recruits before he was stuck filling in as the trainer of the poser squad.

"But Mr. Proton," the boy frowned. "He's younger than me." He was trying to sound tough and dangerously offended, but he just sounded like a whiner.

"Look, brat, this brat," he pointed at Comet again, "is higher ranked then any of you rookie brats. He's been around for a few years," more like all his life, "so take your business to him and quit interrupting me." Proton turned his attention back to the official business displayed on his laptop. He had some plans to discuss which was becoming impossible while he was stuck in a warehouse in Cinnabar Island babysitting a bunch of annoying teenagers.

The rookie tried to look tough and glared at Comet, "hey boy," he growled sounding like a Growlithe whose tail had been stepped on by a Golem. "There's an old drain pipe down in the basement. The pipe was used to dump stuff outside the warehouse when it was active. I was from Cinnabar Island so I should know; I know a lot about the local criminal activities. Anyway, the covers were loose and the slowpoke that were locked up down there escaped."

"What?!" Proton screamed at the top of his lungs, "I told you and the others to guard those slowpoke, they'll be here to pick them up soon!" If he messed up such a painfully basic mission he would be the jester of the executive branch.

"Rookie," Comet emphasized the word because he knew it bothered the other boy. "You and the others come with me. I know were the pipe leads, we'll get the slowpoke back."

The fifteen year old glared, "I'm not going to be bossed around by some carrot top boy-band faced kid that's younger than me!" All it took was one punch from that same carrot top boy-band faced younger kid to silence him for the next few hours.

With Proton barking orders, insults and threats, and the inept rookies trying their best, which ranged from insignificant to counterproductive, a few minutes and several black eyes later, Comet managed to round up most of the slowpoke, except one. Proton decided that it would be his fault if the slowpoke didn't turn up, which left Comet to glare defiantly like any average thirteen year old boy would do when facing a challenge and declare that he would bring back the last missing slowpoke before the shippers came to pick up the merchandise.

With that mission waiting him, Comet ran through the streets of Cinnabar Island disguised as a civilian. It was the after school hour for those who attended the local schools and the streets were crowded with adolescents. There was some kid walking an Arcanine, or more like and Arcanine walking a kid. There was a group of five in skate boards. There were some surfers heading towards the beach. There were some girls giggling behind ice-cream while they pointed at him as if the ice-cream made them invisible. There was a girl with a backpack on her shoulders and a few books in her arms, dark hair, big glasses, a real geek. There were no slowpokes anywhere to be seen.

Comet continued his search and fifteen minutes later, he still had not found the missing slowpoke. He was running out of time. He walked past a house, rounded a corner and headed for the next street. He peeked into the yards just in case the missing slowpoke was hiding there. In one yard there was a lazy Persian napping in the shade of a tree. In another yard there was a Vileplume enjoying the sunshine and dancing for no apparent reason. In the next yard there was that geeky girl again, muttering something about annoying chores while she checked to see if the laundry that hung in the breeze outside was dry. She was perhaps fifteen, with long black hair with a few blue strands and a lack of suntan that made her seem out of place for a local of Cinnabar Island. Then he saw it, the missing slowpoke, or at least a slowpoke, which was close enough.

The slowpoke dashed out of the bushes next to the fence and towards the girl. "Slowpoke!" The pokemon cried out in fright as it ran right into her. The girl was taken by surprise and knocked to the ground. The pile of clothes she was carrying was thrown all over the ground and her glasses fell with a sickening crack.

"You stupid pink blob!" She probably couldn't even tell the difference between a ditto and a slowpoke without her glasses. This was his chance; Comet would jump over the fence, recover the get away stolen slowpoke and scare the living daylights out of some cootie filled geek while he was at it. Not that he still believed in cooties, but his self proclaimed big sister, Laiki, left room for doubt. Cooties or not it was time to take action, but something made Comet pause. Earlier that day he had heard the rookies discussing the so called sinister qualities of the color black. Sure, it was convenient to sneak around at night, and yes it was a classic color for a villain's wardrobe, although some would say it's the good guys that dress in black, but only rookies made such a big fuss about their new uniform. Maybe this was what it meant for black to be sinister.

The girl's eyes were black and glaring fiercely. She pulled herself to her feet and kicked the slowpoke. "Idiot! Now I'll have to get those clothes cleaned up again and you broke my glasses, do you know how much my prescription costs? Useless pink blob, you'll be even more deformed than you look by the time I'm done with you." Okay, so maybe she wasn't such a geek after all, Comet realized, she had too much of a mean streak to be completely geeky. Besides, now that her thick glasses were off and he got a chance to look at her enraged face, she was kind of cute...

About ten minutes later, a bloody pink pulp was literally thrown out of the yard by the angry girl. She went to pick up the remains of her glasses and laundry, once again giving the mistaken impression of being a harmless creature that anyone could pick on. The pink blob, which now actually looked like a blob even to those with perfect vision, landed out on the street, where Comet picked it up and rushed back to the warehouse. He made it back just in time.

As the shipment was sent away and the rookies recovered from their beating, Proton shook his head in mild amusement. "Sheesh, brat, you're certainly in a violent mood today, and I thought I was cruel at that age."

Comet considered pointing out that he only punched the rookies because they were hindering the progress of the mission and that he wasn't the one who put that slowpoke in such a pitiful state, but he didn't. Like any other overconfident thirteen year old boy, he nodded and accepted all charges as being true.


Disclaimer, I don't own Pokemon... but Comet and Pixel are totally mine. :P Yes, the girl was Pixel in her civilian days. She later fixes her eyes with laser surgery after joining Team Rocket and Laiki takes the opportunity to tease her about being able to see men in high definition. She also starts dying her hair blue soon after Team Rocket erases her past identity and the world takes her for dead. After all, the tech division would work with important info, they wouldn't need a civilian identity because they wouldn't be leaving, ever. All of this takes place chronologically before they are introduced in Don't Give Me Diamonds. It's also a small glimpse at the overconfident days of Comet before the loss of Zangoose taught him to be careful and not underestimate any mission. In the end, Comet never quite linked that girl to Pixel since she already had blue hair and no glasses by the time they met in Team Rocket.
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