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The Torture

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Terrible torture, but who has been suffering it?

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Kobras P.O.V
It was a very familiar voice. "This isnt the worst it gets. This is the best bit. Yesterday, they filled the room up with water for two hours. There are 3 holes in the side of this cubicle that you can breathe through. The thing thats holding you down, thats a boulder. A huge massive boulder. We are only wearing one now but they put more on. Maximum Ive had so far is 6.
"They give you a slice of bread through the hatch on the east wall. And water, but not enough.
"They turn the lights on too. No ordinary lights, blinding white ones that burn your eyes. Its worse than the darkness
'Soon, someone will lead you into a big cage thing. They do weird things to you. Take blood, tounge and finger prints, DNA swabs. The tests go on for hours. Then they take you back in here.
"We cant do much. Just talk"
I knew who it was. But it made no sense...but it had to be..."Jet, is that you?"
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