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The Map

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Yet another secret is revealed, and Ghoul finds the route to his kidnapped friend...s

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It was Jet. But he was set free. I saw it. It made no sense. "B-but how can it be you?" I stammered.
"I dont really know what happens but after these tests were done, I saw myself as I was led out. But there werent any mirrors and my other self was sat down, I was standing. Does this help?"
Then I knew what it was. "A clone! Those tests were to make a clone!" I announced. My friends, they had gone away with a copy
"Im tired" Heart complained. We had been walking for 6 hours non-stop.
"We'll be back soon"
"I just hope we find Kobra" She sighed.
"Look! People!" I pointed into the distance. I grabbed my gun (I stole them back from Korse). It couldnt be the others, they were going different ways. It had to be Draculoids. I gave Heart her weapon. We were prepared.
Luckily, we got rid of them. But it was close. I saw by one of the draculoids bodys was a map. I picked it up. It showed us exactly where we needed to go...back the other way
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