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The Box

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Ghoul and Heart's team has doubled, but will it stay at 4 for long?

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Where we needed to be was a small iron cube. There was a small hatch on the side. It looked like the only way in.
"We cant fit through that!" Heart was right. I banged on the box. There was a scream. Then another.
"Kobra, is that you?" I shouted
"Yes!" Came the reply.
"Ghoul?! Thank God" It was another voice. A voice I recognised. Jet. It didnt make any sense, but we needed to get them out of there.
"Theres a window on the roof, go open it. We can climb out then!" Kobra instructed after I had clarified it was me.
Jet looked around a bit. "We should run"
"Why?" Heart pondered
"What do you think?" I grabbed her arm as the rest of us were sprinting
"...So basiclly, the others have gone off with a clone." Kobra and Jet had been explaining the whole double Jet Star thing.
We ran for ages, but were now taking a break.
"Weve got to find and tell them then"I said.
"Which way did Electric go?" Kobra asked.
"We'll have to go South West to find her" I told him.
So we set off again. But this time, there was something in our path...
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